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A good telesales team helps your business to increase conversion rates and create more prospecting opportunities.
With a good telesales tool, your chances of getting good customers increases, which also helps to lower costs for your business.
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3X telesales efficiency with an automated sales software

What makes telesales 3X effective? It’s the combination of telemarketing, best practices followed by your telecalling agents, and a sales software that helps your teams stay on track.
A telephonic conversation with your prospects lowers the costs of your business, making room for important investments.

What is telesales and how it can help your business?

Telesales is when you sell your product or service via a telephone. Sounds easy? Well, if you make it that simple, it actually is. It involves a lot of customer interactions, prospecting and encouraging them to make a purchase.
It’s a combination of your agent’s communication and sales skills and the understanding of customer service. It could also be classified into two categories, i.e. inbound and outbound.
In case of inbound, agents take calls from potential customers and existing customers, whereas, in outbound, agents call the prospects to try and generate a sale.
So, how does it help your business?
A professionally trained telesales team helps you increase your conversion rate and decreases your overall cost.
If you know how to attract potential customers, but it becomes difficult to convert all those into actual paying customers, telesales is the way to go. –
what is telesales

5 important reasons why you’ll love telesales for your business

telesales importance
Telesales has been underrated for a long time, for all the wrong reasons. However, with the right strategies and planning, you’ll start loving how telesales can change your entire business game. There are tons of benefits of telesales, and here are some that you might find helpful.

In this day and age, where everything is computerized, even voices and chats, we all want to have a connection with an actual human who would understand our problem, instead of telling us to type unnecessary numbers to access our situation.
When someone is talking directly to a prospect or customer there’s a high chance that they are involved in the conversation. This gives your business a voice and a brand value. You’ll be able to answer questions and clear any other doubts in a jiffy that keeps your prospects’ or customers’ mind at ease.

Telesales requires just two things. People who are willing to talk to people and consistency. It is flexible for any business and changes suit according to your business needs.
You’ll get to explore new possibilities while promoting your product or service to your prospects and customers. This will not only increase your chances of conversion and retention but also give your business brand value.

When you eliminate the middleman or in this case, the steps to reach your potential customer, it saves you and your team a ton of time.
Given the fact that you acquire leads from different sources and run sales and marketing campaigns just to get their attention, telesales is a much easier and direct approach to communicate with them. It’s biggest perk is that you can directly have a conversation with your potential customer.
This goes without saying. It’s the most versatile strategy you can apply in your sales methodology. People want to buy from a brand that knows what they’re doing and is able to understand the customer pain points to give them a solution that works.
By keeping real people the voice of your brand, you restore the faith in customers to buy from you.
With your telesales team, it becomes easy for you to provide uninterrupted customer support to your customers. And truth be told, customers love a brand who can clear their doubts and attend to their queries as soon as possible.
These are also the customers who would refer your business to other people saying that you have excellent customer support. Telesales ensures that your customers are happy.

How can small and medium businesses implement telesales strategies?

telesales strategies
In these changing times, SMBs should definitely ramp up their sales and marketing strategies. A brand should be able to proactively acquire and retain customers to sustain business growth.
Telesales is the most used and most popular form of telemarketing, and is used by big brands to acquire and retain customers. However, in the recent times, the scope of telesales has expanded.
Small businesses are embracing this strategy to collect feedback, spread messages about their product or services, and more.
Some of the best ways small and medium businesses leverage telesales are –
lean generation
Close sales deals
Share information
Share customer surveys
sales support

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Skills required for a telesales agent

Being a job with a lot of communication, a telesales agent needs to be patient. Here are some skills that you need for this job.
telesales agents
You need to have exceptional communication and phone skills while also having typing experience and the ability to thrive in an office environment. Being on the phone all day, you need to be patient and have to be best at your communication skills that would increase the chance of your customer to stay on the call.
Asking questions to engage customers and keep the conversation going will help you to achieve this easily. Having a patient mind and a good personality is also a plus.
You also need to have some knowledge relevant to computer programs (e.g. CRM software) and telephone systems. You need to learn and excel at the art of using a computer all day while being patient enough to solve all the customer’s queries.
The customer might have problems with the software your company provides, so you need extensive knowledge about the products your company sells.
The ability to learn about products and services and describe/explain them to prospects is an important skill to excel.
Also, outstanding negotiation skills with the ability to resolve issues and address complaints is a must. He/She should be cool-tempered and able to handle rejection because not everyone is ready to listen to you.
Being a job that is time consuming and requires you to be on the call for long hours, the agent should have a patient mind and interest to listen and understand easily.
Sometimes it can be difficult to understand your prospects’ point of view so you need to have good listening skills to perceive the customer better so that you can resolve the problem easier.
It’s important for a sales agent to know about your target audience. It’s beneficial as you might face less rejections as the customers would be knowledgeable about the services your company would provide them with. So the key is to learn about your audience beforehand and have the upper hand.
It doesn’t always work out and you will face rejection many times. The ability to handle and deflect objections that will inevitably come up from budget holders/decision-makers and gatekeepers should be prioritized.
The willingness and dogged determination to have a go and to keep going in the face of rejection will keep you going. People saying no doesn’t matter, as long as a given percentage say yes.

The future of telesales and B2B

In recent years, the sales profession has seen an evolution or boom to be precise. As the digital landscape serves up increased access to data and improved insights, the B2B digital commerce, which is already accelerated by the pandemic, is now top of mind for most sales organizations.
Over the next five years, an even greater rise in digital interactions between buyers and suppliers will break traditional sales models for sure.
Everyone knows that buyers today expect more than ever. To meet demand, minimize disruption, and create opportunities for growth, B2B companies must strive to support a digitally enabled customer experience.
The best way for B2B companies to improve customer retention is to move away from legacy operations and dig in deep with each customer digitally through calls and emails. It’s
important for a B2B company to understand the needs of customers rather than following the trends.
Determining what to change and designing new processes or solutions requires input from your customers. Too often, companies sit down and map out what they think customers would like, without inviting them to weigh in. “Ask your customers” to find out what they want next.
Customer feedback is really important for telesales teams. Do they find your ads annoying? Do they find your help effective? Asking questions always work on improving.

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Ans – Telesales is when you directly connect with your customers to market your products or services via telephone. It can also be referred to as inside sales.
Ans – Sales can vary depending on the way you are interacting with your prospect. Telesales involves talking to your prospects on telephone and encouring them to make a purchase.
Ans – As a telesales executive you reach out to potential and existing customers via telephone to encourage them to make a purchase or inform existing customers of an offer. You should be ready to tackle questions and rejections on your way. Be proactive with your approach to meet your sales goals.
Ans – Telesales is a good strategy to improve your sales but you need to have a structure in place, know how to handle customers, and have a call script ready to answer any brand questions coming your way. Using a sales tool will increase your productivity, thereby making the whole telesales process more effective.
Ans – Telesales gives your prospects and customers a human connection, a person who they can rely on to share their thoughts and challenges. As there’s no middle-man involved, this process can be highly effective in improving your sales. It works because you’re the one talking to your prospects and customers directly.

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