Sales reps often find themselves hung up while speaking to customers over the phone. They often become quite boring or bland over the phone while having a conversation and more so when one is trying to sell a service like renewal insurance. 

Although telecalling plays an important role in lead generation for renewal insurance but more often than not sales reps shy away from it.

Therefore, it is important for salespeople to follow certain methods, such as using sales scripts, having an improvisation session to see where they are going wrong, and so on.


Telecalling in Renewal Insurance

insurance telecalling script

As a telecaller, you know how difficult calling leads can be. You may feel awkward or even nervous at the prospect of having to talk about your company and its services with a complete stranger.

However, when done correctly telecalling can produce huge rewards for your business. Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of this tactic for selling renewal insurance:

insurance telecalling script

Think One Step Ahead

Make sure you completely understand your sales telecalling pitch before making the call to the customer. Have answers to questions like why his insurance agency stands above the others. What is that he has for the customer or how is he different from his competitor. Think if you have any particular customer persona in mind, analyze the kind of objections someone could have, and so on.

Write an Outline for the Renewal Insurance Script

Do not focus on creating the telecalling conversation in your head. Rather create an outline or write exactly how you will persuade your customer to renew his insurance, the kind of questions you will be asking, and so on. However, remember that you cannot rely on it for the entire call.

“Hello! How are you? I‘m Akash from {company Name}. Do you have a few minutes to discuss Insurance with me?”

“I’m calling because your policy name is coming up for renewal and we wanted to make sure we have all the most up-to-date information for your protection and to maximize your discounts. We know this is a difficult time so we wanted to connect with you to check in on you and your family.”

“Before I ask you a few questions I want to let you know how much we appreciate your business. We know you have insurance choices, so if you ever need anything be sure to call us first so we can take care of you. It’s our job to serve you better”.

Communicate on Customer’s Level to Build Trust

You need to ensure that you use only those terms that your customer will understand, that is there should be no jargon such as hardcore insurance and finance-related terms that a customer might not be aware of.

You can be personable, and professional at the same time. As you move along the conversation, try your level best to understand their wants and needs, and shape your pitch around them.

NeoDove is a great tool when it comes to managing and making scripts. Irrespective of your business nature, you can use the automated app to generate, create, and customize insurance renewal and insurance-related sales scripts.

It will be a great help for the insurance agents as they can now have a better picture as to what to exactly obtain from the customer that will help to persuade the customer to renew their insurance.

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Best Telecalling Practices For Insurance Agents

telecalling script for insurance sales

Staying Focused

It is very important for you to remain focused whenever you are interacting with a prospect while persuading them to renew their insurance. It does seem like common sense, but still, it is not unusual for insurance agents to not be fully engrossed in the sales calls they are making.

This is especially when they are afraid of being rejected. Furthermore, you can assist your insurance agents to keep their minds in one place by creating a weeklong calendar of one-hour blocks of time that are exclusively for telecalling.

Moreover, during each block of time, the goal for every agent should be to attempt between 20 and 40 telecalls. Make sure your team views each assigned block of time as a business appointment that they simply cannot afford to miss.

Get in Possession of Required Information

The most beneficial telecalling scripts are the ones that let insurance agents get to know their customers very well on the other end of the telephone line. This is because they probably do not know anything about the person who just answered their call, it is important for you to give your insurance agents the freedom to ask probing questions about the individual’s current situation.

There will be two outcomes of this. First, it will make prospects feel like your insurance agents genuinely care about their needs. Second, it will give your insurance agents the chance to identify and study additional areas where they may benefit your prospects.

“Before I ask you a few questions I want to let you know how much we appreciate your business. I completely understand, it’s a very difficult time. Electricity, cell phone bills; it feels like everything is going up.  If you ever need anything be sure to call us first so we can take care of you.  It’s our job as your insurance partner.”

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Tips for Using Insurance Renewal Script

Rehearse Your Insurance Renewal Script

You need to sound confident and comfortable while reading your script. It should not make you sound blunt and unappealing to the customer. Therefore you need to practice your script in the posture and location where you’ll be doing your telecalling for insurance renewal.

insurance telecalling script

Stay active, keep your energy up, and be prepared to face a few rejections from your customers. Stay on the same page as your customer. It will translate to helping the customer on the other end of the line to stay on the same page as well, which will make them more receptive and likely get persuaded to renew their insurance.

Know When to Call

Make sure you call your customers only during business hours (9 AM – 5 PM). If you want your customer to renew their insurance using your insurance agency, then you need to present yourself as a professional who has the decency to connect with them during suitable hours.

Do not give them early mornings or late night calls as it is considered highly unethical and a breach of their privacy. 

You can also pre-plan a time after speaking to your customer as to when he is comfortable to speak and so on. So make sure you do make a note of these things as it will affect the final outcome of your telecalling.

Do’s of Telecalling in Renewal Insurance

Make sure you are well versed in all the insurance renewal policy terms before telling your customer about it. Do thorough research at your end about the same and then speak to the customer.

Write the renewal insurance telecalling script and keep customizing it on the basis of ideas you get while practicing it. Do not simply read it. Understand it and apply it accordingly when speaking to the customer.

Gather knowledge about your customer’s history of previous insurance, and everything related to it. It will help you to understand what are his or her preferences when it comes to choosing or renewing insurance policies. 


There is no point in calling your customer repeatedly. It will only hamper your image as an insurance agent. Make sure you only gather insurance-related information of the customer and not go cross the ethical boundary of interfering in your customer’s personal purchasing decisions.

Do not call them during unethical times and be desperate to get done with the job. You are showing that you care for them and therefore they should renew their insurance so do not keep on sending them reminders. Rather use a telecalling CRM like NeoDove to keep a track of follow-up reminders.


Telecalling can be one of the most effective tools in your sales and marketing arsenal. An hour or two of telecalling can lead to a lot more closed business than you ever would have gotten had your approach been rigid. In fact, calls result in quick responses and better conversations than emailing or online messaging alone.

Stay top of your insurance game by using the tips and following the dos and don’ts mentioned in this article!