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Increase Productivity With Sticky Agents

Customer support can be enhanced with sophisticated sticky agent technology. Customers won’t have to re-explain the same inquiry over and over again to telecallers.

What is a Sticky Agent?

Thanks to the sticky agent, customers may reconnect automatically with the same agent to whom they previously spoke. It saves time by eliminating the need for customers to retell their inquiries with different agents, which lowers lead mismanagement.

Route Calls To The Right Agents With Sticky Agent Feature

Streamline your calling process with NeoDove’s sticky agent feature. Improve the call flow management and avoid long on-hold time.

Query Gets Solved Easily

With sticky agents, customers’ queries will get resolved quickly in one go. The right agent will pick up the call and address the problem.

Efficient Call Flow Management

Shuffling the calls from one rep to another creates confusion; a sticky agent helps smooth call flow management by connecting the call to a familiar agent.

Minimum Holds During Calls

Customers find on-hold calls frustrating. A sticky agent helps avoid this issue by reducing the hold time and connects directly with the concerned agent.

Improve KPIs

Sticky agent helps to improve various KPIs like transfer rate, wrap-up time, and call handling time.

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Make Your Customers Comfortable With Sticky Agents Feature

NeoDove’s sticky agent allows customers to connect with the same agent whenever they call again. Our powerful platform saves time for you and your customer.

Frequently asked questions

A sticky agent helps telecallers in relationship building and trust with the customers. It can improve the conversion rate as well as resolution time to solve different problems.
The sticky agent feature offers a faster point of resolution with advanced technology. All in all, it offers better management of the call flow.
NeoDove has inbuilt cloud features that help telecallers achieve the target seamlessly. In addition, with sticky agent features, building relationships with customers becomes much more accessible. So, yes, a sticky agent is worth it.
Yes, all your calls need not be diverted to sticky agents. You can set the feature for specific call types or skill groups.
Sticky agent in IVR allows customers to reach the same agent they had interacted earlier. The call routing feature allows the sticky agent to function properly.

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