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SMS Marketing: The Magic Potion For Your Growing Business

Published on September 25, 2021
Last modified on March 22, 2022
SMS Marketing

With the dawn of digital marketing, it is often the old yet effective methods that are overlooked. Short Message Services, commonly known as SMS is an excellent tool to scale up your SaaS business. 

SMS is a text messaging service that uses telephonic communication lines for end-to-end communications, without the use of the internet. Many believe that with the exponential development of smart options the SMS marketing is soon going out of the picture. 

However, they cannot be more wrong. SMS for SaaS is still in. Let’s explore a little more about the importance of SMS for your business.


Why SMS Marketing? 

Being under-utilized and overlooked by many businesses, when taking up close range marketing tactics, SMS marketing has a lot of untapped potentials that you can use for your business.

Here are some reasons why SMS marketing is a strategy every business should consider:


No internet connection required

As it does not require an internet connection, it can reach people even if they are not online. A person’s screen is flooded with notifications when he or she connects to the internet, making it hard to pay attention to a particular message. SMS bypasses all these as it doesn’t require the internet. 


No spam filters and ad-blockers

Do you remember the last time when your business email ended up in the spam folder of your receiver? Turns out SMS has a solution for it. As it uses telephonic lines, it always bypasses the spam filters and ad-blockers on the internet and, making your messages certainly reach your potential customers. 

Without the hassle of spam filters you can market your products freely without having to worry about the messages getting dumped into any spam folder. 


Simple and direct channel

Return on Investment (ROI) analysis reveals that more than 90% of SMS gets opened, compared to 20% of emails sent. This is because people usually feel more at ease to use SMS, rather than emails.

SMS marketing, when combined with other marketing strategies, generates a huge ROI for your business. 


Shortcodes for feedback

SMS marketing makes the gathering of customer feedback easier with simple text codes instead of typing an entire email. It also comes with an easy unsubscribing option in case the customer is unwilling to receive further messages. 

Rather than typing an entire email, this method allows customers to convey their message quickly and easily. A brand’s aim is not only to increase its visibility but also to retain its existing customers. 



Very few methods of marketing are as cost-effective as text marketing campaigns. It is cheaper than using internet services and can reach a large number of people at the same time, unlike outbound calling. SMS Marketing helps to tighten your budget and reap equally effective results.


How does SMS marketing work? 

SMS marketing has seen a rise following the digital explosion, according to a report published by the Economic Times. This is because there is a steep rise in app-to-person messaging like sending OTPs, discount coupon codes among many others. With a simple algorithm based on keywords and shortcodes, this can be easily accomplished. 

When a customer texts a particular message, the system on the other side scans it for specific keywords. If present, a particular service related to that keyword activates. The same thing happens with shortcodes but the customer has to type less. 

The system and customer interaction create a profile of the customer’s likes and dislikes, which makes it possible to send more personalized messages. This process continues with a positive feedback mechanism. 


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What is the purpose of SMS marketing?

The primary purpose of SMS messaging is marketing and building relationships with customers. They also serve to collect valuable data about the choices and preferences of the customers. 

New products can be cost-effectively advertised using SMS marketing. Small appraisal gifts to the old customers can also be sent in the form of coupon codes or discounts through bulk SMS features as the benefits of bulk SMS marketing are also immense. 

As per the GSM standards, the SMS text is limited to 160 characters, making it a short but effective way to communicate as no one wants to read long paragraphs, whatever the topic may be. 

SMS messaging stands out from the rest of the notifications as it can be sent even when the internet is not available. Studies have shown that people consider text messages a lot more intimate and tend to remember them for a longer time. 

Some companies like Amazon even design interactive texts to engage the customers. The sole purpose of text messages is to make the customers feel at home with your company. They must feel that the company takes customer services and retention very seriously.


Importance of SMS marketing

SMS marketing serves as a game-changer for all the parties involved in it. Very few Strategies offer such a win-win situation for all.

The customer can interact better with the enterprise

Customers are the biggest concern of an enterprise. If the company has a good relationship with them, the business flourishes. SMS marketing serves to bless especially this aspect. Armed with customization, SMS becomes the ‘big guns’ in the marketing arsenal of a company. 


The company can advertise and expand its customer base

On a minuscule amount of expenditure, the company can reach a large amount of customer base. The penetrance of telephonic connectivity is far more than the internet in developing countries like India. SMS marketing can serve to negate this disadvantage. 


Serves as a source of income for telecom companies

A little mentioned third-party in the play are the telecom companies. According to the Economic Times, the rate of messaging is meagre of 10 paise in India and a rupee for international messages. Considering the vast number of companies opting for SMS for marketing each year, their SMS services don’t run dry of profit. 



SMS marketing has by far won every argument required to validate its use in your business. Results from real-life companies have shown that SMS marketing, encapsulated with other digital marketing tools and techniques yields the maximum possible results. 

If your business already implements digital marketing tools it would be a wise decision to implement SMS marketing alongside. Only then you can have an effective Integrated Marketing Strategy to maximize your revenues.

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