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Qualified lead

The process of converting a potential customer into a qualified lead can be daunting. A qualified lead has made a conscious decision to buy from you and is ready to make an immediate purchase. This is different than a purchased lead, which means that the person has already purchased something from you.

1.There are three different ways to classify qualified leads. These are:

2. Leads generated from a website (or any form of online marketing)

3. Leads generated from a direct mailing

There are three types of leads: SQLs, MQLs, and PQLs. SQLs are sales-qualified leads that have already shown interest in buying your product or service. MQLs are marketing qualified leads who have not yet purchased but are interested in learning more about your products and services. PQLs are product-qualified leads who are ready to purchase.

When you run an account-based marketing campaign, you can fast track the new leads from the target list as an SQL. This is why it is important to build up the target list, and also to get to know the people on the list so that you can nurture them and engage them. It is important to have a plan in place for the SQLs that you get.

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