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Close leads automatically for smoother sales workflow

Have the option to close leads that are open for more than 60 days or when you close a deal. Utilize sales automation to manage your leads properly.

What is auto lead closure?

Sales require planned efforts to drive ROI to your business. Following a lead through closure is a crucial step in ensuring that your sales efforts are not wasted. Auto lead closure can help you to focus on active leads and prioritize your lead flow. With NeoDove you can have the freedom to close a lead when it’s inactive or when a sale is done.

Streamline your lead management through auto closure of leads

With NeoDove’s auto closure of leads feature you’ll be able to increase your sales productivity and have a holistic view of your lead flow.

Lead nurturing

Nurture your leads and guide them through the sales funnel. Close leads automatically when a sale is done or a lead is inactive for more than 60 days.

Lead prioritization

Prioritize your leads based on their activity and prioritize them by status and campaign-wise.

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Frequently asked questions

Lead closure gives you an idea of which leads to focus on and which ones to discard. It also provides you the clarity of which ones are converted.
It does but in a good way. Your sales process gets the touch of automation with auto lead closure that lets your salesperson focus on important leads.
When a lead is not converted and is in the system for more than 60 days it is automatically closed.
You can filter all the leads by lead tags and states and go to the closed leads section to find all of your closed leads.
Absolutely not. Only those leads are auto closed that are left unattended for at least 60 days.

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