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Have access to different platforms with marketplace partnerships

Get the opportunity to use different applications in one platform with different marketplace partnerships like Exotel, TeleCMI, Proactive, and more.

How does marketplace partnership help your business?

Having partnered with different platforms gives the users the freedom to use different applications in one platform for various sales requirements. Track your telecallers activities properly, run bulk SMS campaigns, and generate leads all in one platform with the help of marketplace partnerships.

Get a unified platform for sales engagement activities

Streamline your sales process with NeoDove’s marketplace partnership. Increase productivity and eliminate the need to juggle between platforms for different sales requirements.

Exotel Partnership

Sort your calling activities with NeoDove’s partnership with Exotel. No need to switch operators and increase manual work for your sales team or telecallers.

TeleCMI Partnership

With NeoDove’s partnership with TeleCMI, your IVR needs will be on track. A cloud phone system provider which provides you with the best voice communication system

Proactive Partnership

Run Bulk SMS campaigns with the help of NeoDove’s partnership with Proactive. Create SMS marketing campaigns for your prospects and existing customers

Sticky agent feature

The sticky agent feature helps your customers to connect with the same agent they had a discussion with before and maintains a high-quality customer experience

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Frequently asked questions

Using different operators for different needs takes a lot of time for your sales team, thereby reducing their productivity. One platform which has a marketplace partnership with the operators you already use can give you the leverage to do your task using one application.
Using NeoDove gives you access to all the partnered platforms, therefore it is easy to implement all the platforms into your sales workflow, whether it’s IVR, Bulk SMS, or any other feature you’re looking for.
Absolutely! All your data is secured in a centralized database and can be accessed by authorized users only.
With the help of marketplace partnership, you don’t have to jump between different platforms to perform your sales functions. This saves you a lot of time and effort, thereby improving your overall sales performance.

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