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Leveraging AI in the Telesales Industry

Published on May 21, 2020
Last modified on March 10, 2022
AI in telesales

What Artificial Intelligence is, is no longer seen as something futuristic in the telesales industry. In fact, leveraging artificial intelligence to reinforce the digital workflow is common across all industries. It enables salespeople to gather big and find patterns in them, automate decisions, monitor outcomes, and provide feedback to drive revenue.

And apart from the hypothetical scenario that someday AI will replace human beings in various industries, we believe that nothing can replace the human intuition and personality of a sales rep to engage with a prospect and build a long term relationship.

AI is considered across various industries for sales reps because most of the time they are swamped with a lot of administrative tasks such as prospecting, leads analysis, data entry, taking notes, etc., while they should be spending more time engaging with prospects to convert them into customers. So its role is to liberate sales agents from these tasks and to give them more time for selling and  lead generation.

Now, let’s take a look at how AI can further contribute to the telesales industry.

AI gathers data from customer interactions

Businesses heavily rely on metrics and data for customer interaction. They want to know and understand what are the customer insights how are the customers feeling, what are they reading and interacting with, in order to initiate a meaningful conversation with them, or to predict their next move, or to get them to buy their product or service. All of this information/data can be generated through a speech recognition system or machine learning, where the AI can capture the data throughout the interaction with customers. And later on, this data can later be converted into analytics that helps the telesales agents to optimize the contact process with customers and help in lead generation.

AI manages big data and converts it into useful insights

Telesales agents are hit with waves upon waves of data every day. Contact centres accumulate huge amounts of customer data-driven from various platforms and methods such as the company website, social media, inbound calls, landing pages, Google Ads, and so one.

This data ranges from information about consumer habits to their activities, personal preferences, demography, geography, socio graphics, psychology,their likes and dislikes, and so on. All of which can be insightful data to any business. And the good thing is that big data and artificial intelligence complement each other. And the bigger the data, the smarter the AI, and the better the generated analytics. Big data simply helps companies understand their customers better. And frankly, big data would be completely useless without software to analyse it. Humans will not be able to do it efficiently, plus it is time and money consuming.

Another way, how AI helps, is by eliminating redundant employees and customers efforts – of repeating the same questions and information over and over again – and that is through capturing customer related information, analysing it, cross-referencing it across various platforms, and sharing it with the telesales agent, without letting him be intrusive. Thus, enhancing customer experience and elevating the agent’s performance.

AI optimizes sales communication

Using AI helps to optimize the sales communication process. It drives the dialogue between the customer and telesales agent though surfacing relevant data needed to close the sale. Agents can also record the conversation in real-time to compare it later on with the notes he created.

AI makes the customer service quicker and more efficient

In a world full of digital platforms,having digital marketing , the customer journey has become more complex. The rate of customer interaction is increasing and the traditional model of sales and purchase funnel has become less relevant. And with customers taking different paths and various approaches to purchase, the mapping and managing the customer journey experience has become more complicated.

So automating at least part of the contact and selling process has its advantages. For example, an AI-enhanced platform can automate the time consuming and the energy-draining task of initiating contact with leads, qualifying them, and then following up with them.

AI monitors the performance of the telesales agents

AI-enhanced platforms provide real-time feedback to managers, team leaders, and the quality assurance team, about the efficiency of a call, through analysing the telesales agent and customer conversation about what was being said and how it was being said. This helps in monitoring the speech clarity and script adherence of the call in progress and allows managers to accurately assess the performance of the telesales agent.

AI increases the telesales agent’s productivity

AI can be used as a virtual assistant to take care of the small yet time-consuming tasks. Such as bringing up relevant information about customers during calls based on past interactions. This will help in making the call more relevant, focused and tailored for the individual customer. This guarantees a more fluid experience and a happier customer.

AI automates the training processes

An AI-enhanced platform analyses every conversation conducted, records it and analyses it, picking out patterns and recognizing speech behaviour that can determine the benchmark of an efficient or a successful sales call.

Automated technologies like NeoDove which is an end-to-end tech-enabled platform for communication and leads management, is leveraging AI to help agents improve the process of contacting prospects. And that is through recording calls, gathering big data, and eliminating the junk ones. The platform can be integrated with various platforms, allowing a seamless flow of leads and saving the telesales agent’s time. The merged artificial intelligence can identify buyers’ sentiment and notice any deviations during the call and report it to the agent accordingly. And this helps with enhancing the customer journey experience.

NeoDove also helps in increasing the agent’s productivity through automating the process of initiating contact with the prospect, maintaining follow-ups, and feeding them with the needed date to close the deal. The platform basically helps with prospecting, closing, re-engaging, and retaining leads. It offers other solutions for outbound calling, inbound marketing, data management, and reengagement.

Artificial Intelligence simply helps at every stage of the sales cycle and the advantage of using it is apparent at every stage of the customer journey. And if you are looking for a communication and leads management platform which is integrated with AI yet not so complicated and intuitive, why don’t you give NeoDove a try? Sign up now and start a free trial or reach us out for a personalized demo.

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