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How Integrating IVR with CRM can Enhance Your Business

Published on March 10, 2022
Last modified on July 28, 2022
ivr integration with crm

Have you ever felt you could make your customers happier?

Like, there was just something more you could do to enhance their experience interacting with your organization?

Well, wonder no further. You might want to look into IVR integration with CRM

With the combined use of simple technology like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, you can immensely improve your customers’ satisfaction.


How does IVR integration with CRM work?

When IVR is integrated with CRM, callers receive calls on a predefined IVR number. Then, the system plays personalized messages based on available CRM details. These messages are based on what options customers select on the keypad of their device. 

It then guides the caller to take a desired action or get the required information. This means that a caller is able to find all the information they need regarding sales forecasting, scheduling, reporting, and much more.

Basically, it gathers information and routes it to the appropriate customer. As such, this solution can provide a much more engaging service to clients. Additionally, it can also help them obtain their desired results.

Next, we’ll examine how this type of integration works with our telecalling CRM – NeoDove.


IVR integration with NeoDove

Through partnering with Exotel and TeleCMI, NeoDove provides a multi-purpose IVR solution. 

NeoDove’s IVR solution comes equipped with a variety of features. These include auto-dialing, call monitoring, anytime access to call details, campaign segregation and so much more.

In addition to these, there is also the sticky agent feature. It allows the system to assign all interactions with a particular lead to an agent who has already spoken with them. This way, the agent knows what the issue is and can resolve it much more quickly.

Furthermore, the campaign segregation feature allows for the separation of leads into ‘picked’ and ‘missed’ calls campaigns. This is extremely useful as you can get a clear distinction between the two types and be able to prioritize accordingly.

Overall, NeoDove’s IVR integration alongside its core features is sure to help your business run more efficiently. As well as this, it will also immensely improve the quality of your customer service.


Benefits of IVR integration with CRM

Now that you have a clear understanding of how it works, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of IVR integration with CRM. They include:

Improved conversion rate

The more leads your reps call, the greater the potential to convert them. However, calls aren’t enough, your team also requires additional information.

Having the relevant information at your fingertips can play a big role in securing a lead. In fact, the more relevant information a sales rep has, the better they can customize services to convince prospective customers. 

In this way, the sales rep is likely to be able to eventually convert them to a customer.

Ability to reach more prospective leads

Securing leads is a major priority for any good sales team. The more prospects you gain, the greater opportunities you create to generate revenue for the business.

Technology can prove to be very helpful in this situation. Factually, manual dialing will slow your sales team down significantly. However, an integrated CRM and IVR system can easily resolve this issue.

Features like auto-dialing can be used to place calls automatically. This allows for your sales team to work more efficiently. 

They can connect with more prospective customers and make outbound calls much faster.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

One of the highly important metrics for customers is time. Statistically, poor responses alongside long wait times are the main reasons customers may feel disappointed. 

Most businesses tend to prioritize customer service in order to satisfy customers.

An integrated IVR and CRM solution provides customers with various options to save their time. Firstly, it routes calls to the correct departments in a single attempt. 

Secondly, in some cases, there is also the option of self-service offered to callers.

Callers are able to perform a variety of tasks after being given instructions with minimal human interaction. All of this is helpful in enhancing customer service. Moreover, it presents many opportunities to generate revenue for your business.

Increased agent productivity

As IVR can identify and route calls, agents don’t have to spend time on transferring calls between departments. 

Additionally, since they have access to all caller details, they don’t have to waste time asking about them. This enables them to address and solve customer issues much faster. 

Furthermore, you can easily monitor calls as well as provide feedback to agents based on their performance. This plays a role in reducing call duration as well as improving quality.

Overall, increased use of your CRM

Many times, salespeople fail to log calls due to a lack of time. But, this limited data can prove to be quite an issue later on.

Integrating CRM with IVR makes your contact numbers clickable. In addition to this, every time your sales team uses the auto dialer features, the system logs it in. 

Then, these logs can later be used to conduct in-depth sales reviews. Further, you can also track calls to identify quality improvement areas. They can even be utilized for training reasons.



At the end of the day, every customer wants to feel special. They’d like for their voices to be heard and their views are taken into account. 

Your business can fulfill this with the right use of data. You will be able to design attractive offers. In addition to this, you can reach customers at the right time and the right place at the right price.

By integrating IVR with CRM, you will be able to make your business stand out in a very competitive market. Taking advantage of this will greatly benefit your business.

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