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IVR Call Recording: An Essential Feature of Every IVR Solution

Published on March 9, 2022
Last modified on March 17, 2022
IVR call recording

Ever found yourself scrambling for information days after a call, but you just couldn’t remember it?

Or maybe you vaguely remember the conversation, but are missing some of the most important parts? 

If you’ve ever found yourself in this inconvenient situation, IVR call recording may be something that you should seriously consider.

In this article, you will get a deeper insight into IVR call recording as well as an IVR calling system and all of its many uses.


What is IVR call recording?

IVR call recording refers to a particular tool of IVR systems. This feature enables calls to be recorded and examined whenever necessary. 

Being able to record all calls, or even just selected calls can help businesses evaluate an agent’s efficiency. They can also be used to keep records of all the conversations between business and customer.


Uses of IVR Call Recording

IVR call recording has many uses. Some of them include:

Dual Channel Recording

This makes it possible to record participants in a call separately. Moreover, you can use it for assessing the quality of call, speech to text transcription, easier resolution of conflicts and more.

Training and Evaluation

You will be able to listen to every agent’s recording. This will allow you to help you better understand and evaluate their performance.

Dispute Resolution

You can utilize these recorded calls to address and resolve customer complaints more efficiently.

Better Business Decisions

IVR call recording can prove to be a valuable asset for learning more about and improving your product or service. 

NeoDove provides IVR calling services, in which case all your call recordings will be saved automatically to the NeoDove Admin Portal. As a result, you won’t have to switch between platforms to access the call recordings.


Benefits of IVR call recording

IVR call recording can prove to be quite a useful tool when carrying out inbound and outbound calling. Some of these benefits include:

Functioning as a note-taking service

On a call, it is not uncommon to miss some points. But with call recording, you can look back on the collected recordings and take notes based on the conversation.

Enhancing your product or service

By taking recorded conversations into account, you can understand how to make products more useful for customers. This is possible as you can get a better understanding of how they are using your products/services.

Furthermore, you can also get a deeper insight into whatever issues they are facing.

Analyzing the efficiency of your staff

By listening to the recorded calls, you can get a proper understanding of your staff. It can help you find areas where your agents may need improvement when communicating with customers.

A useful tool for reference check

When a call is being forwarded to a new agent, they can always listen to the old recordings. This will enable the new agent to get a firmer grasp and better understanding of the customer’s issue.

Agent attentiveness is improved

As calls are being recorded, they may also be listened back to in team meetings or by their superiors. This acts as an incentive for agents to be more attentive during calls with customers.

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4 ways an IVR calling system can optimize your business

Call recording in your IVR solution can prove to be quite an indispensable feature, especially in today’s customer service. In addition to recording calls for quality and training purposes, it can be immensely helpful in your daily handling of customers.

Here are 4 ways in which an IVR calling system can optimize your business:

You can know what your customers expect from your business

Through listening to customer calls, you can examine the gaps between a customer’s expectations and the actual delivered product. 

In addition to this, listening to the customer’s knowledge in their own words can also be quite useful. It helps give a better idea of their product and service awareness.

After getting a firm understanding of these aspects, you can improve your existing product.

Helps prevent and solve conflicts with customers

With call recording, the clip of the conversation can be heard by both customer and agent. This way you can put a stop to disagreements much before they can escalate.

Through the recording, you can easily determine who is at fault and an appropriate solution can be provided. Apart from preventing escalation, it also makes sure that a justified solution is reached.

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Can help develop agent’s customer service skills

By listening to recordings of calls, managers can examine and evaluate how effectively agents are handling customers. As soon as areas for improvement are identified, agents can be sent for training accordingly.

Furthermore, agents who are in training can listen to these recordings to better understand regular customer behaviour.

Track conversation details

Agents attend to a large volume of calls everyday. Due to this, it can be hard for them to keep track of all the details.

Despite note-making features and the integration of CRM, there are still chances of agents entering incorrect information. With call recording, cross-checking data becomes a lot easier and convenient. 

They can just play the stored recording to fill in any missing information. This makes the process quicker as well as ensures accuracy of information in the system.



Overall, IVR call recording is a highly useful tool for businesses. It helps your business run much more efficiently. Moreover, it is also responsible for maintaining top quality standards when it comes to customer service. 

Conclusively, remember to make the most of the call recording function if you consider investing in an IVR solution.

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