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Free Internet Calls 101: Everything You Should Know

Published on April 8, 2022
Last modified on January 27, 2023
Everything You Need to Know About Free Internet Calls l NeoDove

Were you aware that businesses that use VoIP save 40% on local calls and upto 90% on international calls?

What if we told you that there was a way to make free internet calls? And that all this is possible from the comfort of your computer…

Although it may sound absurd at first, after all why use a computer when you have your smartphone? However, it does come with its own benefits.

In this article, we will take a look at what a free call is and how they work. We will also learn about how free calls from PCs are made alongside their benefits and limitations.

What is a Free Call?

A free call refers to calls made over an internet network, that are carried out free of charge. Free call services utilize a technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). 

What is a Free Call l NeoDove

VoIP allows you to call over the internet, i.e. cellular as well broadband connection. You can carry out these calls via consumer-level applications or specific software.

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 How do they work?

With free calling applications, you use the latest VoIP technology to send video alongside telecommunications over the internet. This is highly useful in place of using satellite technology or expensive undersea cables.

As this technology is free to use, companies can offer free calls. However, this is only provided your caller and the person answering both use the same technology.

Free calls from PC and mobile phones

Have you heard of the term ‘VoIP softphones’?

The apps that allow you to make a phone call over the internet are examples of VoIP softphones

Free calls from PC and mobile phones l NeoDove

They basically enable you to turn your computers into “real phones”. You can then use them to place calls from phone to PC, PC to phone, and between VoIP-enabled devices. 

Most softphones often have mobile app versions. These apps allow you to make a free internet call by using mobile devices like VoIP phones.

 Benefits Of Making Free Calls From PC

Placing calls from a computer comes with many benefits. Some of them are:

     1. It can act like your second phone

Life is full of unfortunate circumstances. What if your phone battery died but you have an important call to take in a few minutes? Or what if you left your phone at home and realized only after arriving at work?

In all these stressful moments, your computer can really come to your rescue.

You can easily route incoming calls straight to your own computer. With the help of VoIP software, you can make and receive calls. Moreover, you can also centralize all your work processes to a single device.

    2. Helps keep work-life separate

You can also purchase a virtual phone number for business-related matters. This would enable you to receive and make free calls online via the internet. 

Additionally, you can keep your personal number private while giving your clients an easy way to contact you. In this way, using a computer can help maintain your work-life balance and keep them separate.

    3. Can be a more affordable option

If you frequently make calls to international clients and prospects, you can accumulate high phone bills. This is due to high international call fees.

Fortunately, this issue can be taken care of by making calls from your computer instead. Some software offers limited international calling via the internet for free. 

In this way, you won’t have to worry about costs when calling clients from overseas.

In addition to these, some allow you to make calls at a discounted rate. They also allow you to fix the amount spent monthly by pre-purchasing calling credits or monthly subscriptions.

     4. Offers a wide range of call features

A mobile phone only allows you to use the common ‘reject’, ‘mute’ and ‘hold’ options. 

But, if you were to use computer software, you could easily access a wider range of useful features. These would greatly enhance your calling experience.

For personal use, these could include transcripted voicemails, call forwarding, SMS messaging and cross-device notifications. 

In terms of business, you could integrate your software with CRM tools or an IVR system. This would immensely help in automating data collection. 

Furthermore, you can also create group conference calls with your team and clients. This allows for simultaneous communication across different locations.

Drawbacks of Consumer-level Free Internet Calls

One of the biggest selling points of free calls is that it greatly saves on call expenses. This is especially true since most VoIP-based apps can be downloaded for free.

However, with anything that is free, there can be a few disadvantages:

1. These apps only work when everyone on call is using them

Take an example where the app you’re using is Skype. When calling someone, the other person needs to also have a Skype account.

Moreover, you can’t make phone calls directly. Apps like Skype and Viber allow you to do this but you need to have/ buy credits.

2. They are completely dependent on the availability of a strong internet connection

All VoIP services need to work properly is a strong internet connection. 

With paid internet calling services, alongside paying for them, your VoIP provider will conduct a broadband and speed test. This is done to ensure your network can handle internet calls.

If your calls need to be reliable, then this is probably the way to go.

3. They do not provide a means to make calls to and from landline phones

You won’t be able to make calls from a landline phone to the app, or vice versa, of course. 

Some applications are capable of assigning you a temporary number from different countries. But, you would have to pay extra for that.

How to make free calls online as a business

VoIP services for enterprises usually come with a subscription cost, based on what plan you select. As for what all these plans include, you definitely get what you pay for.

There are companies out there that offer free versions of their calling service. But, you must remember that something that’s free typically isn’t good enough for the average business. They often lack or possess only limited features.

Some options that allow you to make free calls online are:

1. PopTox

It is a browser-based VoIP software that can be used to make free app-to-phone calls. It does not need the installation of any application. As such, you can access a limited amount of free calls each day.

This software enables users to make a phone call for free (a limited amount). They bear the costs of connecting to traditional phones. This is possible as they are supported by subscribers who support them on a monthly basis.

 2. Google Voice

Google Voice offers free app-to-phone calls, but only with the US and Canada. You can use your computer’s browser to place and receive calls via Voice.

In fact, you can even stay connected on your call while on-the-go using Voice. Once you’ve completed linking your devices to your Voice account, you’re all set. You can then freely switch over to them even while on call.

 3. Skype

Skype is a video calling service. It offers app-to-phone calls on both web browsers as well as via their desktop application.

If you have an Office 365 subscription, you will have access to 60 minutes of free calls every month.

 4. FaceTime

Apple’s FaceTime allows you to choose between audio-only or video calls when calling from your iMac computer. 

You simply have to select the recipient from your contact list. Or you can call them via their email address/phone number registered with FaceTime.

FaceTime enables users to make group calls and easily add/invite new callers to join your group call. Since FaceTime makes calls over the internet, it also has great international reach. Callers can join from their iPhones and iPads as well.

5. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a text instant messaging platform that provides audio and video calling features.

WhatsApp has reported over 2 billion users worldwide. Through this platform, you can reach and connect with a lot of people. 

The above mentioned options are great choices for personal use, when making calls from a computer.

However, are you looking for an option for your business to make and receive calls from your computer? Then, you should consider NeoDove’s IVR system with integrated telecalling CRM software.

What can NeoDove’s IVR system do l NeoDove

NeoDove’s IVR System

When you avail IVR services through NeoDove, you don’t need to switch between multiple platforms. Everything is centralized in one place. 

Moreover, all call details regarding your clients are visible and easily accessible via the NeoDove platform. This provides your agents with additional context and information. Additionally, this can help them better understand and respond to customer needs. 

Here are some of the ways you will benefit:

  • Lead Collection (Inbound Calling) 

Your leads are added automatically into the system and assigned to the agent who picks it up.

  • Outbound Calling 

Outbound calls can easily be placed to your prospects or customers at the simple press of a button.

  • Auto Dialing 

The software allows agents to automatically dial phone numbers from a pre-given set of information.

  • Call Recording 

With this feature, you can record call details and easily access these details anywhere and at any time.

  • Sticky Agent 

This feature decides if the agent who initially called handles all interactions with that specific lead. The same feature is utilized for both incoming and outcoming calls. 

  • Campaign Segregation 

This feature allows calls to be identified and separated into two categories i.e. picked or missed. Based on its classification, you can then prioritize which calls need to be followed up on.

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Overall, having the convenient option of being able to make free calls from your PC is really great. These are especially useful when you need to make domestic or international calls.

With the help of VoIP technology-enabled apps and services, it is immensely easy to make free calls online. 

You just have to keep in mind that certain applications, although free, come with their own limitations.

If you wish to make calls for business purposes, consider investing in a subscription based calling-software/service. 

Not only can you customize them to suit your business, but they also offer a wide range of features. With their help, your business is sure to grow and flourish.

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