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Save time and effort with bulk lead assignment

Ensure timely lead assignment to sales representatives with the bulk lead assignment feature.

Why does the timely assignment of leads matter?

The process of assigning leads one by one takes a lot of time. Therefore, there is a risk of losing a lead simply because the lead was not contacted in time. You can assign multiple leads to one representative in one shot with NeoDove. Moreover, you can assign certain leads to specific representatives based on certain conditions.

Get more done with bulk lead assignment

With the bulk lead assignment feature, assign leads to your sales team quickly and ensure prompt engagement.

Increase Efficiency

Instead of assigning leads one by one, you can assign them in bulk and save time and increase efficiency.

Improve Team Management

By assigning leads promptly and utilising your time effectively, you can manage your team more efficiently.

Save Time

Avoid back and forth when assigning leads and ensure effective time management.

Greater Convenience

Make your sales team’s job easier with bulk lead assignment, and ensure prompt engagement.

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Frequently asked questions

The goal of effective lead management is to drive revenue, improve visibility, and improve the perception of potential customers.
To manage leads effectively, salespeople should be consistent, focused, willing to try new methods, work diligently on their pitch and most of all, they should be goal-oriented.
Efficiency in lead management is dependent on knowing your data and your processes, bringing the sales team together, and working with them to improve both the process and the results to get the best return for the team and your business.
According to the type of campaign or the leads you have, NeoDove lets you assign leads to sales representatives either randomly or based on predetermined conditions.

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