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Manage your leads effectively with customizable lead tags

Manage all your leads on a single platform and systematically segregate them under customizable tags and states.

Why separate your leads under different tags?

The leads you upload or sync from other platforms are all different, so in order to make managing them more convenient, you should separate them under different tags and states. Using NeoDove’s comprehensive lead management system, you can consolidate, segregate and manage leads under customizable tags, as well as track them effectively.

Systematically sort leads under customizable lead tags and states

Segregate, filter, and conveniently manage all your leads using customizable lead tags and states.

Efficient lead tracking

With your leads sorted under different tags, it becomes easier for you to prioritize them and manage them even more effectively

Better lead filtering

Filter out the leads based on geography, demographics, or any other criteria you require and sort them as qualified or unqualified.

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Frequently asked questions

To manage your leads effectively, gather information about them, segregate them under different lead tags, rank them and nurture them accordingly.
Through lead segmentation, you can sort your collection of leads into smaller lists by filtering them out using customized lead tags. As a result, you can also tailor your communication to nurture them more effectively.
Tracking leads gives businesses the information they need to figure out how to improve ROI by improving campaigns and personalizing efforts. It also provides sales teams with information about each lead’s pain points so that they can close the deal effectively.
Lead tags will ensure that you understand the lead prioritization process and engage with highly interested leads. This in turn results in higher conversion rates.
Yes! As you know which leads are tagged under which segment and you have the leverage to interact with them knowing that it will be a deal to close or at least you can push them further down the sales funnel.

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