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Manage your leads in less time and amplify productivity with enhanced lead distribution.

With NeoDove, distribute your leads right by assigning them to your team without wasting a minute.

Why does lead distribution matter?

A lot of time is spent assigning leads one by one and it is also possible to lose an opportunity if the prospect is not contacted in time. The deal-closing stage will only be reached when leads are distributed efficiently in the first place. Using NeoDove, you can make sure that no time is wasted in assigning leads to team members, no follow-ups are missed, and your team is focused on achieving their targets rather than completing mundane tasks.

Reduce the chances of manual errors

Through NeoDove’s integrated lead management system, save time and effort with seamless lead distribution and reduce the chances of missed opportunities and manual errors.

Improve lead management

Consolidating all your leads in one place and assigning them promptly will help you manage your leads more efficiently.

Enhance efficiency

Rather than assigning leads individually, you can distribute them in bulk, saving time and increasing efficiency.

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Bulk reassignment of leads

Lead tags & states

Bulk reassignment of leads

Streamline your lead management process

Frequently asked questions

Lead distribution is the process of assigning leads to your sales representatives. Lead distribution’s primary objective is to shorten lead response time and allocate leads to the right representatives.
The biggest factor in lead management efficiency is knowing your data and your processes, bringing your sales team together, and improving both processes and results in order to generate the highest return for the company.
NeoDove’s integrated lead management system allows you to sync all your leads in one place and enables you to assign them quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, you can assign leads to your representatives either randomly or in accordance with predetermined conditions.

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