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Obtain actionable insights through campaign reports

Get real-time insight into your team and leads’ performance via campaign reports. Make informed decisions based on that.

What is the purpose of campaign reports?

Managing your sales team’s performance and managing your leads, are two very challenging tasks. However, no matter how challenging the tasks may seem, it’s crucial to know if your team is working in the right direction and to find out the status of your leads. With NeoDove, you can track the performance of each within certain campaigns and make more informed decisions based on the insights you gain.

Make more informed decisions using campaign reports

It is essential to know what returns you are gaining through the campaigns that you run. Using campaign reports, you can keep track of how your leads are progressing as well as how your sales team members are performing.

Clearer Insights

Campaign reports help you gain clearer insights into the performance within a particular campaign – like how many leads have been converted so far, what’s the contribution of each member, etc.

Enhanced Targeting

Campaign reports enable your sales team to target specific leads and improve both lead generation and conversion strategies.

Better Decisions

Making better decisions is easier when you have clearer insights. It will be easier for you to determine what and where the necessary changes need to be made to gain the results that you want.

Improved Productivity

Both productivity and accountability are enhanced when sales representatives are made aware that their performance is being assessed on a daily basis.

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Frequently asked questions

A campaign report compiles all the information associated with a campaign and makes it easy for you to understand progress and setbacks.
Running a successful sales campaign does not end with adding and assigning leads. Keeping track of how leads are progressing down the sales funnel, how the sales team is performing in terms of conversions, etc. is crucial. Campaign reports give you the necessary insights into what needs to be done next.
Sales teams can use campaign reports to identify which leads to pursue and which are a waste of time and resources. Knowing and understanding the patterns of customer acquisition can also help them refine their strategies.
With no regular reporting schedule, the effectiveness of a marketing campaign cannot be proved. Campaign reports can be used by businesses not only to demonstrate campaign performance but also their own performance.
With NeoDove, you have access to comprehensive User Call Reports, Login Reports, and Campaign Reports, which include everything from your total leads to the leads converted to lost. Each report is also available to download in Excel.

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