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10 Best Platforms To Find Telemarketing Jobs

Published on February 6, 2022
Last modified on April 14, 2023
Telemarketing Jobs

Have you been searching for telemarketing jobs? There are a number of different platforms to find them. It can be difficult to find the best places but we have compiled the list of some of the best sites including many well-known ones as well as a few others not so much.

Throughout this article, we will discuss what each site has to offer and how it can work for you.

So let’s get straight into it!


10 Platforms to Find Telemarketing Jobs

Telemarketing Jobs



Indeed.com is a metasearch engine for job listings. In a metasearch engine, job postings are aggregated from thousands of websites and firms, such as recruiting firms and company career pages. 

Due to its ability to aggregate job listings from many sources, it provides a comprehensive collection of job openings, which can be searched by keywords, job titles, industries, or experience levels. Hence, it’s a good option if you are looking for telemarketing online jobs from home.


Craigslist is the most popular ads directory for jobs of all kinds. There are links to job advertisements posted on craigslist by employers, individuals seeking employment, and many others. 

However, this site used to be primarily an online classifieds site but has evolved into an online job directory service. The placement of your ad will depend on the category you select and what you want to target. 

It can be very effective for job seekers who use their local city or local listing in a particular category in a webmaster forum or a popular blog within their area in order to get noticed.


Just Jobs

Designed exclusively for entry-level jobseekers, Just Jobs is a 100% free, fully-featured and user-friendly job board to look for telemarketing online jobs from home. 

There are many brands that trust this platform, including Amazon, Uber, Flipkart, Oyo Rooms, Grofers, Portea, 1MG, Big Basket, Treebo, Zoomcar, Urban Company, Swiggy, Ola, among others. 

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Naukri.com helps job seekers find the right job to suit their aspirations and most of all, it allows free registration. Registered members are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Apply for jobs directly through a mobile device
  • Apply to multiple jobs with just one click
  • Discover unadvertised job openings
  • Receive job alerts on email
  • Keep track of job applications

Here’s an infographic explaining how you can find a job on Naukri.com:

Telemarketing Jobs


Times Jobs

Times Job has one of the largest collections of job openings in the market, so you can find the best opportunities to fulfil your potential whenever and wherever you are. Besides job listings, they offer information and insight through company reviews, salary benchmarking, interview tips, and recommendations based on your profile.



Monster offers online employment solutions for people looking for jobs and businesses seeking employees. Over the past two decades, they have transformed from a “job board” to a global provider of a complete range of job seeking, career management, recruiting, and talent management services.



Among freelancing sites, Upwork is probably the most popular and well-known. It is a convenient place to get started, and it offers an incredible number of job opportunities.

Nonetheless, its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness – every prospective freelancer wants to join, so it takes a long time to be accepted. Especially if your experience is limited. Even after being accepted onto Upwork, it takes a long time to build reviews and increase rates.

In the beginning, Upwork charges 20% of the project costs. After you reach $500 with a client, this drops to 10%. Moreover, Upwork offers payment protection, meaning if a client does not pay or defaults, Upwork pays you and works it out with the client. 



AngelList primarily serves as a connecting point for investors and entrepreneurs seeking seed money for their new startups. 

AngelList does, however, also offer an active job board that contains thousands of job listings at any given point in time. These jobs are usually associated with tech startups. However, you can also find job positions in other fields, too.

Startups also need to fill other positions, such as sales, telemarketing, etc. With AngelList, you can easily search for available jobs, see the salary upfront, and connect directly with the manager of the company.



It might appeal to you to work for a large, profitable business if job security is important to you. As an eCommerce giant, Amazon is undoubtedly the largest and most profitable of them all.

Amazon is one of many companies that employ remote customer service agents. The company hires through its Virtual Locations page; few job positions require specific qualifications or experience.


While this is an excellent opportunity, the job postings aren’t frequent, and some may require foreign language skills. The platform might be worth keeping an eye on if you speak more than two languages.



Using Fiverr, you can start your work at even $5. Joining Fiverr is free, and many people use it for side gigs or to establish a reputation and land more regular contracts. 

There is, however, no limit to the amount you can charge. Although this platform isn’t ideal for substantial telemarketing jobs, it is still a good place to start with. Performing well could lead to repeat business, which can make this a reliable source of income while you search for something more permanent.

It’s a wrap for the platforms. Here’s a little about the skills telemarketing jobs require.

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How do I get a job as a telemarketer?

We’ve gone through where to find telemarketing jobs, but the question now is – How do I get a job as a telemarketer?

On a high level, solid skills are what companies look for when hiring a telemarketer. At any time, an employee who builds a robust customer base and increases sales is a valuable asset.

So, here’s what is required to be a good telemarketer:

  • The ability to adapt to changing situations with a positive attitude
  • A thorough understanding of the products or services that you’re selling
  • Having a good understanding of your target market
  • The ability to converse effectively over the telephone

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If you can answer the phone when it rings, and you know how to make a real connection with consumers, telemarketing jobs are perfect for you. Telemarketing is a great field and doesn’t require a lot of special skills, allowing anyone with a phone or an internet connection to be able to work in the industry

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