Do you want to know more about telemarketing? 

Why is it important? Moreover, what are the different types of telemarketing?

In this article, we will tackle all of those questions alongside learning about the 4 main types of telemarketing.


What is Telemarketing?

The use of the telephone in the realm of marketing is called telemarketing. Various business houses employ telemarketing to reach their customers and establish strong business communication.


Why Is Telemarketing Important?

Telemarketing is one of the most powerful and successful business communication methods. In addition to this, it is also an essential money and time-saving tool for any business house. 

Types of Telemarketing

Creating and establishing customer relations may seem to be such a tough term, but telemarketing makes manifolds easier. 

The physical distance between business houses and customers can often be restrained from your business’s proliferation. With telemarketing, you can reduce this apparent distance. 

As such, telemarketing is an approved strategy to reach your business goals and prevent your business’s downfall.


Types of Telemarketing

There are multiple types of telemarketing that you can resort to for the upliftment of your business. We will now take a look at the four types of telemarketing for improving your business. 

types of telemarketing

1. Inbound Telemarketing:-

Inbound telemarketing refers to the address of calls made by customers to the business house. 

In simple terms, suppose any customer becomes interested in a certain product after seeing an advertisement. The potential customer will then initiate an inquiry at the designated place portrayed in the advertisement.

The company will have an expert individual who shall answer this call and entertain the customer’s inquiry. 

The sales of a product and the creation of any company’s brand image are largely dependent on inbound marketing. If one can handle the customer’s call in the best possible way, it is highly beneficial for the company.

Inbound marketing is potentially very useful if one can utilize it properly. The customer is already interested in the product or service, and you need to take them towards the purchasing option. 

Good behaviour and valuable guidance from the company create long-lasting and strong customer relations. This is very important for any company’s development.


2. Outbound Marketing:-

Outbound telemarketing refers to when the company reaches out to the customers. It is like presenting your product or service in front of customers.

This can be a difficult task for multiple reasons. 

Firstly, the person making the call has to be an expert. Moreover, they must have extensive knowledge about the product or service he or she is introducing. 

It is more difficult than inbound marketing, where the customer knows the product or service they’re inquiring about. 

On the contrary, in outbound marketing, the customer has no prior idea about the product or service. Hence, convincing the customer becomes more difficult. The telemarketer has to generate interest in the customer about the product or service. 

Outbound telemarketing is not only aimed at introducing new products and services to the customer. But, it is also an effective process for customer follow-up.


3. B2B Telemarketing:-

B2B refers to Business to Business telemarketing. That means here, the inducer is a business firm, and the responder shall also be a business firm. It is a bondage of communication between two companies. 

This is a big domain thing. Here your customer shall be a company itself with a buying potential of manifolds. 

If you try to simplify the concept, this is a broader version of outbound marketing. You have to raise awareness about your product and service in a company and not a single customer. 

The telemarketer who shall indulge in B2B telemarketing of a business firm must be the ultimate expert. Here, convincing is even more difficult as you have to regularly deal with a business that convinces customers. 

There is going to be an expert panel at the company who will scrutinize the marketing appropriately. But on the brighter side, if a company can make this a success, the scale of sales will be massive.

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4. B2C Telemarketing:-

B2C refers to Business to Customer. Here the customer has already shown interest in the product or service through advertising or social media campaigns. Now it is all up to your company to handle the customer well and provide a high-end solution to the customer’s inquiry.

B2C telemarketing applies to the single-step transaction processes where there is no intermediate element in the buying chain. This is one of the most appreciated strategies to increase your customer base and retain the base. 

B2C is closely related to outbound marketing, where the company will take the proactive step for approaching the customer.

B2C telemarketing is useful for SMEs. It can help in the significant growth and proliferation of any business. The main component of this type of marketing is the strategic marketing of your product or service.

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Overall, these are the most useful types of telemarketing for your business. Telemarketing is an efficient business tool in the recent digitally competitive market.

Furthermore, telemarketing paves the way for reaching consumers directly. There is no better process than that to initiate sales. But, you have to choose the strategy that suits your business needs the best.

If you know the environment your business is operating in, it becomes easier to resort to a single strategy. However, these are the basic strategies that work well for almost all business types. 

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Why are inbound and outbound considered as the main two types of telemarketing? And, where do B2B and B2C fit in?

1. Inbound Telemarketing

Here, the customer initiates the calls and shows their interest in the company and its products. 

2. Outbound Telemarketing

In comparison, here, the telemarketer reaches out to customers directly to talk about their products or services.

While B2B and B2C telemarketing also exist, these are regarded more as sub-categories under outbound telemarketing. This is because B2B and B2C both involve the company reaching out to other businesses/ customers.

As such, people generally regard inbound and outbound telemarketing as the main two types of telemarketing.