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Runo Alternative: Why You Should Choose NeoDove For Your Business

Published on August 16, 2022
Last modified on December 15, 2022
Alternative to Runo l NeoDove

Are you looking for a way to boost your business and drive more sales?

If yes, consider using NeoDove – one of the best telecalling CRM and auto dialer solution across India.

When compared with Runo, another CRM application, NeoDove has so much more to offer you. NeoDove is an affordable tool guaranteed to improve your customers’ experience and increase your business’ efficiency.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why NeoDove is a better alternative to Runo.

Runo Vs. NeoDove: What are they?

Runo Logo l NeoDove

Runo is a ready-to-setup CRM application that aims to help businesses manage telecalling and the outbound sales process. It is a sim-based system that has various features to make telesales easier.

But, is Runo really the best choice for your business?

Tele Calling CRM NeoDove Logo l NeoDove



NeoDove is a complete telecalling system that comes with an auto dialer and CRM capabilities. It aims to provide you with the flexibility of a CRM, without really using one. NeoDove is suitable for helping small and medium businesses alike manage their telesales activities.

Moreover, a telecalling CRM like NeoDove would be highly useful in reducing your manual efforts and increasing agent efficiency.

How Neodove Can Help Your Business?

When you think of any CRM, the main aim is to help your business achieve a more organized workflow. Although Runo does fulfill this criteria, NeoDove, as a telecalling CRM, can do so much more.

As a telecalling CRM, NeoDove strives to help your telecalling agents have a hassle-free calling experience. As such, not only does NeoDove boost your productivity, it also provides your customers with the best experiences.

Let’s take a look at some of Runo’s main features and how they compare with those of NeoDove:

Features of Runo Vs. Features of NeoDove

1) Calling medium

Runo is a SIM-based call management application. Being a primarily SIM-based CRM, you require a sim card on your mobile device to place outbound calls.

In comparison, NeoDove is also a SIM-based telecalling CRM. However, NeoDove also uses cloud telephony to help your business better connect with customers through the internet. 

Furthermore, cloud calling enables your agents to easily make and take calls via their handsets and desktops. Additionally, you can even pick and choose which features you need and can access them at your convenience.

With NeoDove, you get an exemplary SIM-based telecalling experience. Not only this, but you also get to take your business to the next level with cloud telephony software. 

2) Dialer

Runo utilizes an auto dialer alongside a Click-to-dial option. You can even listen to the calls of your team conducted via their mobile phones. This is done through call recording. 

In a similar way, NeoDove too uses an automated dialer equipped with a Click-to-dial option. Its auto dialer increases your business’ productivity by allowing you to dial more phone numbers in less time. Moreover, the click-to-dial option enables agents to connect to customers quickly and efficiently.

What makes NeoDove special is that it enables both customers and users to have a smooth telecalling experience. With its dialer, customers experience quality service while telecallers receive multiple contact channels in a centralized location.

Alongside increasing your operational efficiency, NeoDove’s dialer also helps you gather high value leads. Furthermore, its system allows for smart automatic call rescheduling. Not only this, but you can also prioritize calls based on their lead status and activity. 

It even lets you track and manage call analytics to better understand your team’s performance. Truly, NeoDove bids goodbye to manual efforts and hello to increased productivity!

3) Real Time Performance Analytics

Runo allows you to get real time analytics of your teams’ performance. Alongside this, it also provides you with KPI reporting to help make your calling process more easy.

NeoDove also allows you to record and track your telecallers’ performance. Using professional call analytics software, you can increase your employee productivity and improve sales growth.

Moreover, NeoDove too provides you with a real-time view of your sales teams’ performance via real-time KPI reporting. By accessing team members’ past and detailed user reports, you can also analyze productivity and access success indicators. With this feature, you’re able to keep a constant eye on how your employees are performing.

You can even analyze and act upon KPIs to improve your team’s performance and increase efficiency. Additionally, NeoDove’s automated dashboard allows you to analyze team break times, meetings attended, etc. Not only this, but it even gives you break notifications regarding extended breaks taken by employees.

4) Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement l NeoDove

Runo’s performance is rather standard when it comes to customer engagement. Your business is given a 360-degree view of customers alongside their call history.

However, NeoDove can provide you with great customer engagement and more via multi-channel engagement. Its in-built communication system allows users to multitask seamlessly. You can manage all your voice calls and assign tasks to team members, all from one platform.

In addition to this, it helps your business reduce response time by letting you take immediate action. Furthermore, you’re even able to build customized pre-defined scripts and templates. In fact, with SMS and WhatsApp automation, you can send instant messages without saving any contact information.

To put it briefly, NeoDove allows you to create multiple customer touch points via different channels. Thus, strengthening your customer relationships.

5) SMS Automation and Bulk Messaging

NeoDove enables you to easily set up automated text campaigns. With SMS automation, your business can capture multiple customer conversations and automatically route responses. Most importantly, you no longer need extra employees to answer phone calls.

Not only this, NeoDove also helps you identify potential campaign targets. Moreover, sending reminders or surveys to your customers would be much less time consuming with SMS automation. It’s a cost effective and scalable solution that lets you send messages without sacrificing any functionality.

6) Lead Management

Although helpful in call management, Runo does not put much focus on overall management of leads.

In comparison, NeoDove really helps your business streamline your lead management process. From top-tier lead allocation to setting lead priority when you’re accessing lead history, it really ensures 360-degree lead management.

NeoDove comes equipped with an auto-closure feature that automatically closes leads after closing a deal. In this way, it saves you valuable time and makes your sales process more efficient. Furthermore, you can always reassign leads to your team in bulk, to improve productivity.

Additionally, you can also systematically segregate your leads based on various factors. For example, target audience, geographical location, etc. Then, based on this segmentation, you can sort them as either qualified or unqualified.

With NeoDove, you can stay on top of managing your leads all from one single platform.

7) Integrations

Runo allows you to integrate everyday work applications into your system to make communication easier. For example, applications like Google Calendar, email providers, WhatsApp, JustDial, lead sources, etc.

Meanwhile, NeoDove also allows seamless multi-platform integrations to improve your sales productivity and scalability, moreover webhooks enable more than a hundred integrations. Alongside this, it also allows for specific types of integrations – custom and criteria-based integrations.

Additionally, NeoDove enables you to automatically capture leads from web forms via auto lead capture. Your business enjoys the benefits of capturing leads from lead generation sites like 99acres, IndiaMart, JustDial and more. This allows you to manage the lead capturing process seamlessly. 

With certain integrations like Google Sheets, you can directly import data from your existing lead data sheet. In this way, you can boost your business’ sales efficiency.

Furthermore, adding lead data to NeoDove’s centralized database helps ensure zero lead leakage. Not only this, you also get easy access to real-time lead data via these platform integrations.

8) User Interface

On one hand, Runo presents a rather straightforward and simple user interface. It has a layout that lets you easily view Caller ID, call recordings and the live status of your teams.

Telecalling CRM NeoDove Dashboard l NeoDove

On the other hand, NeoDove also has an easy-to-use interface but it’s much more dynamic. You can easily access information from various platforms all from one centralized place.

Moreover, it is also multilingual in nature. As such, your employees can feel at ease and work in the language they’re most comfortable with. It even allows you to record and capture data in various different languages. 

In this way, you have a greater ability to expand your business across geographical locations. Furthermore, you can even customize scripts to better understand and talk to prospects.

What Additional Value Does NeoDove Offer Our Customers?

NeoDove is a telecalling CRM software that lets you easily implement outbound calling campaigns alongside managing other telesales activities. Moreover, it also functions as the ultimate sales engagement tool to engage with customers and prospects across various channels.

1) Data Security

Data Security l NeoDove

NeoDove does not require any capital investment and has absolutely no lead leakage. When it comes to data security, it is an AWS, encrypted and highly secure cloud-based platform. It is easily scalable and does not require any backup for its data.

2) Increases Productivity

NeoDove enables you to boost your business by optimizing lead and contact management, customer interactions and more. You’re even able to streamline your workflow with the use of automation and multi-platform integrations.

3) NeoDove’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Last but not least, NeoDove’s IVR system enables your business to upgrade to domestic VoIP calling to better connect with customers. With this automated calling solution, you can interact with customers even when agents are unavailable.

After calling your business, your customers will receive a personalized greeting. Alongside this, they also hear a list of queries to choose from so that your agents can efficiently assist them. The IVR system also uses a sticky agent feature to serve your customers more effectively.

Through advanced call routing, NeoDove’s IVR answers calls automatically and directly connects customers with agents to reduce wait time. Most importantly, the IVR ensures that your business is available 24×7 for its customers.


As a whole, NeoDove is a telecalling CRM and sales engagement platform that has a lot to offer any business.

Although Runo has its charm, NeoDove is a more affordable alternative with many additional benefits. No matter the size, it has a multitude of features guaranteed to help your business run more efficiently.

Truly, NeoDove is a mobile CRM that lets you take charge of on-the-go sales engagement and elevate your business.

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