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Warm Call

What is a Warm Call?

A Warm Call is a call made to those contacts who have already shown interest in your company’s product or service.

Tips for Warm Calling

  • Keep it short

Stay focused on the call’s goal if you want to establish rapport within seconds of talking time.

  • Show interest

Make casual conversation while listening to their answer as they talk about themselves without interrupting them.

  • Be genuine

It’s not about what you’re saying but how you say it, and for whom. The better you get to know your target, the easier it will be to make them feel at ease.

  • Be appreciative of their time

Try to always send a follow-up thank you message after the conversation is over.

  • Anticipate objections

For example, if they say they have never used a certain product or service before, show them how they could benefit from using one now. Or, if it is not in their budget at the moment, ask them if they will consider it in the future.

a.   Warm Email

What is a Warm Email?

The term Warm Email refers to an outreach email that is specifically tailored and personalised for each recipient. Warm emails are sent out to those people who have previously engaged with your company.

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