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Empower your business with NeoDove!

Now Experience India's Leading Telecalling CRM on iOS

What Do Sales Roles Refer To?

Sales Roles refer to the role or position that salespeople play within an organization, or more specifically, in a Sales Team. Each type of sales role has its own unique types of responsibilities, which are typically determined by the industry they’re in and the company they work for.

The Different Types of Sales Roles

Inside Sales

The responsibility of an inside sales representative is to maintain existing client relationships. As a company’s primary point of contact, they are responsible for retaining customers and building strong business relationships.

Outside Sales

As a traditional sales approach, outside sales relies heavily on face-to-face interactions with customers, primarily outside of the office. Sales reps usually spend a lot of time in customers’ offices rather than their own.

Business Development Managers

A Business Development Manager brings new customers to a company using various approaches, including making cold calls or going door to door. Most often, they conduct their sales in person.

Lead Generation/Development

The role of lead generation/development is to conduct research, and network to find new business partners. Their responsibilities also include determining if the connection with a certain lead is viable, forecasting potential results and deciding whether or not it’s worth pursuing.

Account Managers

Existing accounts are managed by Account Managers. A good account manager is not only committed to meeting the needs of their clients but also finding innovative ways to continue marketing their company.

Sales Support

Sales support works primarily behind the scenes to assist reps in closing more deals faster. This is a dynamic position responsible for reducing company costs and time.

Client Services

Client services representatives are responsible for ensuring the needs of the customers are met, and for nurturing a solid business relationship. Their primary purpose is to increase a company’s growth by ensuring customer satisfaction.

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