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Top 5 Features of a Mobile CRM Software (You Must know)

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mobile crm software

Do you know an average internet user checks the phone at least 58 times a day? 

And that’s just the average statistics we’re talking about. Some people check their phones multiple times a day, especially GenZ and Millennials. 

That gives you the ultimate leverage to sell your product or service. But also, gives your sales team the flexibility to interact with the prospects on the go. 

Mobile sales tools can be your best bet when it comes to taking your business to next level. 


What are mobile sales tools?

Mobile sales tools are made to provide the sales agents with the flexibility to work from anywhere. In short, a mobile application that enables you to manage your sales process from a smartphone or tablet.

Surprisingly, a sales agent spends only one-third of his time on actual sales activities the rest is always eaten up with administrative work, manual lead segregation, remembering countless prospect information, saving their information, and a heap load of other activities that hamper their sales productivity

These are basically mobile CRM apps that are a dialled-down version of a sales productivity tool. Not as functional but highly flexible. A good mobile CRM will effectively scale up your way of doing things, giving you prospect information, reminding you of meetings, and streamlining your entire sales process. 


Top features of a mobile CRM software

Before choosing a mobile sales tool for your business, it’s important to understand what features your on-the-go sales team would require. 

Let’s analyze some of the features to understand how a mobile CRM app can help you in enhancing your sales process. 

mobile crm software

  • User-friendly interface

First and foremost, you should always look for a user-friendly interface in your mobile sales tool. It ensures that your sales team don’t face any problems while navigating through the application and also decreases the learning time for them.

It should be easy to understand, scalable, and versatile enough to accelerate your team’s functions. A mobile CRM that is not interactive and easy to use can greatly affect the performance of your sales team. 


  • Integrated tool

As simple as it should be, a mobile CRM should also be able to have good integration features. Meaning, it should be able to integrate other communication tools, popular sales, and productivity tools easily. 

As our sales team would be using their smartphones to call the prospects and customers, it’s important that the mobile CRM has the feature to integrate autodialer and have access to information beforehand. 


  • Centralized database 

It’s crucial that your mobile CRM keeps your lead data centralized and gives your sales team the freedom to operate from anywhere without having to worry about where to find the sales data. 

A platform like NeoDove with its intuitive mobile CRM software gives you just that. Your sales team get the freedom to store customer information in a centralized manner and interact with them through their smartphones without having to open their laptop and access every piece of information from scratch.


  • Best in class privacy

There’s more probability to lose your phone than your laptop and with so much information lying around, you might think it’s not really a good idea to use it for day to day activities, but with good app security/encryption, your data will be safe and there won’t be any breach of information.


  • Real-time reports

It’s easier to monitor your sales team through a smartphone now. Get all your sales agents’ data available to you on the dashboard. 

Track the number of calls dialled, break time, extended break time, customer interactions, and more all in one place, your smartphone. 


Final verdict

Mobile sales tools play a vital role in improving your sales teams’ performance and increasing the overall ROI of your business. 

Implement a high-performing mobile sales tool like NeoDove to keep your seamlessly managing your sales process from anywhere. 

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