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How Does CRM Enhance Marketing And Sales?

Published on November 1, 2022
Last modified on December 15, 2022
How Does CRM Enhance Marketing And Sale l NeoDove

Did you know that 65% of businesses adopt CRM systems within the first 5 years of their launch?

In modern times, most companies actively use the internet to boost their business and reach more customers. 

The times we live now have changed drastically from the past. It is safe to say, everything is governed by technology. 

Regardless of the industry, it is important for every company to move from physical to digital. Statistics show that it’s crucial to better connect with your audience to expand your customer base.

Since old-school ways of connecting with customers have become ineffective, CRM technology has grown more popular. In this article, we will examine CRM and learn how it can enhance marketing and sales in a company.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is a system that aims to help businesses make lasting relationships with their customers. As the name suggests, you can manage your relationships with your customers through a CRM system. 

A CRM helps streamline all interactions that you have with your customers. In this way, it also enhances the sales process of your business.

In particular, CRM has proved helpful to businesses in these four areas:

  •  Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  •  Accounting and management

In brief, CRM would be any process or strategy used to build, enhance or manage your customer relationships. Thus, CRM acts as an ‘umbrella term’.

What do you mean by CRM software?

When you talk about CRM, you would generally be referring to a system or a software. Now, you must be wondering ‘what does a CRM software actually do?’ 

It is a system through which your customers can interact with your business using various mediums. These can be via a form fill-up, a live chat tool or a phone call.

CRM software allows you to automatically track different business operations and processes. Although, some steps will need to be handled manually by your or the executives of your business. Moreover, this software helps you manage and track inbound leads automatically. 

Consequently, CRM provides a platform for sales and marketing in your business. As a result, you can better understand the impact of these in the context of your business.

In fact, 68% of marketers use CRM software to hold information about their leads. 

Here is a general idea about the kind of data that a CRM would hold:

  • Existing customers of a business and their purchasing history
  • Inbound leads
  • Outbound emails from sales representatives to prospective leads and existing customers

The Role of CRM in Marketing

91% of marketers agree that lead generation is the most important task that to focus on, in any business. 

Thus, you can grasp how important it is for your marketing team to have a CRM as well. 

Here are some of the different roles CRM plays in marketing:

  • Inbound lead management

In most businesses, managers use campaigns, marketing channels and collaterals to bring in new inbound leads. However, managing all these leads could prove to be quite difficult. 

A CRM software keeps track of how many leads you have driven in. It can also compare the data from several months and check whether you’ve generated high quality leads.

  • Data-driven marketing

If you want to understand your audience and what incentivizes them, a CRM software would be your best bet. 

Through CRM software, you can understand which aspect of your marketing strategy helps drive leads. For instance, say your company has released an ebook. You could then check how many of your leads have downloaded it.

  • Planning customer journeys

Tracking leads is an important part of your sales. The one important tool that you need for tracking leads is a CRM. 

You may not be able to track the full customer journey through a CRM. However, you can still get an insight on what your customers like and what they are engaging with. You can then understand if your marketing strategy is working.

  • Identification of new content opportunities

A simple website form asking your customers what problem they want to solve can create new content opportunities. That is because all of the responses will be stored in your database through a CRM. 

These responses would ultimately help you understand your audience’s needs and help in your SEO strategy.

How Does CRM help in Marketing l NeoDove (2)

How does CRM help boost sales?

A CRM software in your business is the main abode of your sales team. This is where they will find information related to current leads, past customers and their purchasing history. 

How does CRM help boost sales

Here are some of the different ways CRM helps boosts sales:

  • Improved lead management

A CRM software is one of the most vital tools that you must use for sales in your company. It will help you immensely in managing your leads

Most CRM software enables you to automatically match processes and functions to sales reps and inbound leads. Moreover, to ensure that your sales team has data about all inbound leads, you will need a CRM.


  • Tracking leads

It is quite hectic when a lead fills up a form on your website. But, with traditional systems, you have to copy this information into a database manually. A CRM software eliminates this process. 

Say a lead fills a form on your website. The CRM software then pulls all the relevant information from that lead and stores it in a database. Thus, your sales team can spend more time in qualifying and attracting more leads.

  • Effective cross-selling and up-selling

Like previously mentioned, CRM software contains all data about every single lead. Your sales team can check a lead’s purchase history and understand their likes and dislikes. 

Thus, they can understand what leads might be looking for and prepare their sales pitch accordingly. This also ensures effective sales conversions as well.

  • Less manual tasks

The best part about CRM is that it reduces the administrative workload of your sales team. The tasks that sales reps might have to perform manually can be easily done through the software. 

Hence, the sales reps of your company can focus more on pursuing new leads and closing deals.


The primary purpose of CRM is to help bring your customers closer to your business. In addition to this, it also fosters data sharing and cooperation. 

Furthermore, managing your relationship with customers is vital when it comes to running an enterprise. As such, CRM is not just confined to enterprises at present; all types of businesses use it.

Thus, you now understand how CRM can help in both marketing and sales. 

For all these reasons, it’s important to consider investing in a CRM, like NeoDove. Optimize your sales and marketing today and book a demo with us!


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