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10 Key Benefits of Having a Mobile Call Center Software

Published on October 10, 2021
Last modified on March 9, 2022
mobile call center

Can artificial intelligence (AI) replicate human emotions? Will AI take all our jobs? Will AI replace mankind?!

These are just three among the many questions that people seek answers to and honestly, this is a very interesting topic to venture into. Just not in this article. We brought up these questions as a pretext for what we will talk about in this article. 

As with any technological advancement, many questions arise in our minds when we are looking for a software to streamline our business processes. Compared to years past, processes today have changed greatly, bringing with them their own challenges.

Among the business processes that have evolved tremendously over time is customer engagement in a call center. Various platforms have changed how telecallers engage their prospects and clients. What has also gained momentum, especially after the pandemic, is a mobile call center.

So, what is a mobile call center exactly?


Mobile call center – what is it?

Drastic shifts in the working patterns of telecallers due to the pandemic demanded solutions that would make it easier for them to connect and stay connected with their prospects and clients. 

A mobile call center is just that – a solution to the problems faced by telecallers while working remotely or on the field. It is a platform that allows telecallers to focus on what is essential to get more business whilst reducing the amount of manual work they have to do.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top benefits that a mobile call center software can provide for your company.


Why do you need a mobile call center software?

Business practices today have undergone a paradigm shift. Companies are expanding globally, and the number of remote workers is increasing. The global internet traffic for mobile devices has rocketed and this has been possible through the use of cloud CRMs, that streamline all activities and sync information from numerous devices in real-time.

In an era of increasing flexibility in workplaces, it is better not to cling to older work practices. Besides, a mobile CRM does not increase your workload, but rather makes your life easier. As you’ll see in the following paragraphs, such solutions ease your workload and increase your business growth.

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The 10 benefits of having a mobile call center software


Cost efficiency

Let’s begin with the elephant in the room – the price. There is nothing uncommon about thinking you will be better off without something if you must pay for it. Most of us think that, but when the question is about the efficiency of your business processes, is it really the right thing to do? 

Would it be a great idea to let your conversions decline because implementing a solution seemed to be time-consuming and expensive? Fortunately, a mobile CRM doesn’t cost you a fortune. Many are economically priced and will quickly pay for themselves through the results you get using them.

A mobile CRM is cost-effective not only in terms of its price but also when it comes to reducing costs on things like infrastructure, training, etc. It is essentially an investment in growing your business.


Rise in sales

In situations where your team can reach out to a larger number of leads and customers every day, when every follow up is completed on time, when you and your team have easier access to customer data from anywhere and other such similar scenarios, what do you think the results will be?

When your process is streamlined and the efforts of your team maximised, the result is an increase in your business’ sales (definitely the best of the best!). A mobile call center software makes it possible for your business to achieve such marks and set your outreach and engagement processes on the right track. Ultimately increasing your business growth.


Real-time reporting

Nowhere is real-time reporting more advantageous than when your call center executives are working remotely. It is natural to wonder what your team’s performance looks like in a day and it is equally important for the agents as well to know what their day looks like.

Agents are generally expected to submit their daily reports, and if they have to manually key in every piece of data, you know how long that will take. Furthermore, real-time reporting allows you to see how they are doing right at the moment you check their status. 


Strengthened security

When customer data is maintained manually on Excel sheets, notebooks or even on single pages, the risk of losing them is high. But with a mobile CRM, the risk is eliminated as your data is backed on the cloud. That is, not only can you access it from anywhere, but there’s also no risk of losing it.

Customer data security is of the highest priority for every business, no matter what sector they are in and it is for this reason that relying on manual alternatives is not feasible for your business in today’s environment.


Actionable insights

People have the misconception that if they see something right in front of them, then they have control over it. Although this is true in some cases (or many), not all that we see with our bare eyes is accurate. 

Today, data reigns as king, data that gives us insight into what actions we might take next. A mobile call center software helps in a similar way. It offers insights into how your leads are performing, how your agents are performing, what are the loopholes, etc. Such information helps you decide on the course you should take next.


Convenient collaboration

It has never been so easy to work virtually together. Virtual meeting platforms and other such alternatives have become increasingly popular since the outbreak of the pandemic. And this has worked well for businesses for sure.

A mobile CRM today comes with features like instant messaging that make exchanging information across the team easier. In addition to providing easy access to everything in one place, a central location facilitates smoother communication.


Increased productivity

An increase in productivity is one of the most profound benefits that a mobile call center software has to offer. Rather than spending a lot of time on mundane tasks, it lets your agents focus on what really demands their attention.

A mobile CRM makes tasks like dialing numbers, following up on leads, managing customer information, and so on much easier. 


Improved time management

Continuing from the previous point. When your agents can devote their full attention to tasks that require it, they will finish their work on time. Time-sensitive issues require a calling software.

The mobile CRM is what your agents need if you want them to spend their time as efficiently as possible. 


No geographical limitations

As the word “mobile” suggests, your agents are not limited to a certain place when they have to make or receive calls or engage prospects or clients on other platforms. Rather than being restricted by a location or a system, they can continue to work wherever they are.


Enhanced customer engagement

Another impressive benefit of using mobile call center software is enhanced customer engagement. Communicating with our prospects and clients on different channels is extremely important, and the right software will provide you with multiple options to do so.

Not only that, but you’ll never miss an opportunity with a mobile CRM since you’ll be able to set appointments and meetings and make sure you’re present at the right time. 


What are your thoughts now?

There are many benefits to implementing mobile call center software in addition to the ten listed above. This is only the tip of the iceberg and they are changing the shape of things for the better, making it easier for teams to collaborate and perform better.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Are you confident that such a software will benefit your business or the opposite? Let us know what you think! 🙂

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