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10 Call Center Problems and Solutions You Must Know

Published on May 24, 2022
Last modified on September 18, 2023
10 Call Center Problems and Solutions You Must Know l NeoDove

In 2021, many customers reported about poor customer service. Hence, call centers and companies increased their personalization efforts by 73%.

Call centers can be tricky to manage and you may face many call center challenges. Nevertheless, to ensure that your agents are working efficiently, take the time to examine and evaluate the present situation. You must identify any call center problems that are hindering or may hinder your business’ progress.

In this article, we’ll examine the most common call center problems and solutions to successfully overcome them. But before we get to that, let’s understand why call centers are important.

The Importance of Call Centers

As a customer, have you been in contact with a contact or call center? Then, you probably understand the importance of getting your question answered without any hassle.

The Importance of Call Centers l NeoDove

You probably also relate to the delight of learning about just the solution you were looking for.

The importance of a call center varies, depending on the industry and the company. In most instances, a business with a call center will have a certain number of reasons for its existence. But, they all boil down to two main concepts: customer satisfaction and revenue generation. 

Now, let’s look at 6 common call center problems and discuss ways to overcome them.

Top 10 Call Center Problems and Solutions

Some call center problems are simple and easy to fix; others require considerable effort and time to resolve. Among the most common challenges are attracting and retaining talent, managing risk, and staying compliant with current requirements. 

Top 10 Call Center Problems and Solutions l NeoDove

Here are some common call center problems and the call center solutions used to address them:

1) Underutilised technology – Call center problems and solution

Today’s call centers are brimming with the latest technology. These include predictive dialers and CRM systems to sales management tools and IVR solutions. Utilizing the right tools efficiently is key to a thriving call center.

Call Center Problem #1

Businesses often have trouble keeping up with the technologies available. Ultimately, they end up using such technology poorly or inefficiently. Their growth and profits suffer as a result.

How To Fix This Call Center Problem

There is one great way to solve this call center problem. The key is to choose a call center solution that offers the features that your business requires. This solution must also be able to integrate with platforms or channels valuable to your business.

2) Multiple tools – Call center problems and solution

The previous point stated that call centers end up struggling for growth by underutilizing the technology available to them. However, there are also many instances where the availability of multiple tools is what impedes growth.

Call Center Problem #2

Setting up multiple tools will leave your team juggling multiple tasks and that will eat up their valuable time. Now time is something no department can afford to lose.

How To Fix This Call Center Problem

Implementing a single tool that enables a seamless transition from one application to another is what is needed. 

With the necessary integrations, your team will be more productive. Moreover, there will be a reduction in manual processes and your business can scale better.

3) Low customer satisfaction – Call center problems and solution

Good customer service is a deceptively simple yet powerful thing. It can mean the difference between mediocre and outstanding in many instances. It can even set the bar between an average and a fantastic business.

Call Center Problem #3

Unfortunately, low customer satisfaction is one of the gravest challenges in the call center industry. And despite being compensated for their bad experience, it takes seven positive experiences on average to offset one bad experience. 

How To Fix This Call Center Problem

Root-cause analysis is a good way to fix this call center problem. This approach calls you to understand the reasons why customers contact you. Then, you use that information to fix the problems. 

Another approach would be to maintain a repository of common objections with appropriate responses. So no matter what type of call, your telecalling team has at least a basic structure of what to answer.

4) Unclear expectations – Call center problems and solution

In a call center, telecallers receive and make a wide variety of calls. These range from sales calls to service calls to feedback calls and more.

Call Center Problem #4

Problems arise when the responsibilities of your telecalling team are not clearly defined and assigned.

How To Fix This Call Center Problem

Assign roles depending on the strengths of your telecallers. Establish clear targets and priorities. When any changes occur, make sure that everyone is aware of them in advance.

5) Frequent absenteeism – Call center problems and solution

Absenteeism is one of the biggest call center challenges in the industry. The absence of telecallers on a regular basis has negative effects on a business that greatly relies on them.

Call Center Problem #5

High absenteeism frustrates customers as well. This is because they must as a result remain on hold for a longer period of time. As fewer agents are available, calls are abandoned more often, and the workload is heavier for everyone. 

How To Fix This Call Center Problem

Companies must enforce a strong policy regarding absenteeism, as well as evaluate the reasons for the frequent absences. 

There are a variety of call center solutions that can be implemented based on the conditions. For example, say the absentee has ongoing health issues. Then, they could be offered a period of leave until they are fit to return to work.

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6) Rising agent attrition – Call center problems and solution

It is undeniably true that the work environment at a call center can be stressful. This is especially true with the absence of support from colleagues. Moreover, the various kinds of prospects and customers telecallers have to deal with every day can be challenging.

Call Center Problem #6

In such cases, their productivity will dramatically decrease and it will be increasingly difficult to retain them. So, it is very important that their mental wellbeing is taken into consideration. 

How To Fix This Call Center Problem

It is crucial that businesses address the call center problems their telecalling teams face. Furthermore, they should proactively organize engaging activities to relax them. 

Small group sessions once a fortnight can help immensely. Also, one-on-one sessions with the supervisor are highly recommended. 

7) Uneven workload – Call center problems and solution

In the bustling world of call centers, the uneven distribution of calls among agents can create chaos, stress, and inefficiencies. Thus, affecting both customer experience and agent performance.

Call Center Problem #7

Call centers often face the challenge of an uneven workload, where some agents may be overwhelmed with calls while others have relatively lighter shifts. This can lead to inefficiencies, burnout, and a poor customer experience. The solution lies in effective agent workload management.

How To Fix This Call Center Problem

Uneven workloads can be addressed through intelligent scheduling, where calls are distributed evenly among available agents. 

A well-designed system can prioritize and allocate calls based on agent availability and skills. This not only reduces stress on individual agents but also ensures that customers receive timely assistance.

8) Losing contact at crucial time – Call center problems and solution

Picture this: a lead is interested in your service, but just as you’re about to seal the deal, the connection drops. These hiccups can cost you valuable opportunities.

Call Center Problem #8

In the fast-paced world of call centers, losing contact with a lead or customer at a crucial moment can be a significant challenge. It may result in missed opportunities and customer dissatisfaction.

How To Fix This Call Center Problem

The critical call center solution here is to implement a comprehensive system that allows for real-time tracking of call progress. Supervisors and agents can monitor where each call is in the process, ensuring that no leads are dropped prematurely.

By tracking call and lead progress, call centers can prevent disconnections during critical interactions. This not only enhances the customer experience but also improves overall sales and service outcomes.

9) Limited sources of leads – Call center problems and solution

In the whirlwind of call center operations, ensuring timely follow-ups often proves difficult. Agents may inadvertently miss these crucial interactions, resulting in lost prospects and dissatisfied customers.

Call Center Problem #9

Keeping track of follow-up calls can be a daunting task. Oftentimes, agents may forget or overlook them, resulting in missed opportunities and frustrated customers.

How To Fix This Call Center Problem

Implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, like NeoDove can be a game-changer. It allows call center agents to input customer information and set automatic reminders for follow-up calls. 

As a result, this ensures that no customer slips through the cracks, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing sales.

10) Missed Follow-ups – Call center problems and solution

Call centers frequently find themselves with limited options for finding potential customers. Relying solely on one approach can hinder growth. Fortunately, there are practical solutions to tackle these challenges head-on.

Call Center Problem #10

Another challenge faced by call centers is a limited pool of leads. Relying on a single source can hinder growth and outreach efforts.

How To Fix This Call Center Problem

To overcome this limitation, call centers can integrate multiple lead generation platforms. 

By casting a wider net across various channels such as social media, email marketing, and partnerships, call centers can diversify their lead sources. This not only expands the potential customer base but also reduces the risk of relying too heavily on a single channel.

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Why Handling Call Center Problems Should be a Top Priority

In the realm of call centers, addressing problems swiftly and effectively should be a top priority. Whether it’s keeping your employees engaged or ensuring your customers receive top-notch service, tackling call center challenges head-on is essential. 

Why Handling Call Center Problems Should be a Top Priority l NeoDove

Now, let’s explore 2 critical aspects of why solving call center problems matters:

1) Employee Satisfaction

Happy employees are the backbone of a successful call center. When your team feels supported and empowered to tackle challenges, they perform better, leading to improved customer experiences. 

Call center problems can take a toll on employee morale. Long hours, repetitive tasks, and constant pressure to meet targets can lead to burnout and high turnover rates.

Addressing these problems is not just an option; it’s a necessity. Invest in training, create a positive work environment, and provide tools and technologies that streamline tasks. When employees feel valued and equipped to handle issues efficiently, they are more likely to stay engaged and motivated.

2) Customer satisfaction

If you don’t focus on building a strong and effective contact base, your chances of survival will only decrease. Therefore, it’s important to examine every problem at your contact center since they’re the frontline of your business.

The size of your call center or whether you’re running remote call centers or on-premise doesn’t matter. What matters is how good an experience you provide to your customers. Businesses are nothing without happy customers. 

Therefore, prioritizing solving problems is itself a priority. By prioritizing the resolution of call center problems, you can enhance the overall customer experience. 

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In a call center, representatives are constantly in contact with customers, and with challenges, too. The challenges they face may seem normal at first glance. But if not handled well, they could have drastic consequences.

Whether it’s a technical issue or a customer service matter, these call center challenges should be fixed in a timely manner. 

Despite the insight into common call center problems and solutions, there may be other problems you may face. But whatever they are, methodical call center solutions can help solve them for sure!

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