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Some of the best cold calling tips you must know in 2022

Published on November 26, 2021
Last modified on March 11, 2022
Some Of The Best Cold Calling Tips You Must Know In 2021

Cold calling has been used for over a decade now, and its potential is yet to be exhausted. It remains relevant and successful in discovering new leads and sales opportunities. No two sales calls are the same, which makes this marketing technique unique and dynamic. And at times frightening as well. Our cold calling tips could help boost your confidence and enhance the quality of your calls.

You wouldn’t be the first to feel overwhelmed with cold calls. Many callers like you have to take a deep breath before the call connects. It is a genuinely tasking job that tests the social skills of even the most extrovert callers. But don’t let cold calling give you cold feet. Here are some cold calling tips that are fresh and unique for 2021. Successfully incorporate them into your marketing program to achieve your goals.


What is cold calling?

Let’s start with the basics of what is cold calling. Cold calling refers to the act of reaching out to the customers or clients randomly over a call. The term cold hints that the customers have not yet shown any interest in the product or services that you are offering them. This is what makes the task all the more daunting.

Today, cold calling has involved a step further. Usually, companies have a compiled list of numbers that may have searched for a similar service or product. Or fits the description of a possible client. Thus, this type of cold calling is not cold but targeted. This might help improve the chances of the cold call, but the real work is performed by the caller in this scenario as well.

Even when targeting the right prospects, you have to introduce your offerings so that it appears as the perfect solution for the pain points faced by the client. To improve the chances of the call further, here are some cold calling tips for you.

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Prep up for the cold call

Let’s start with the ways you could prep for the call. This involves the back end process and the efforts that go into planning the perfect call. So, just follow along with these excellent tips:


1. Research your best

Make this your pre-call ritual. Never go into a call not knowing anything about the client, your product, the pain points, the price points, and everything that is to know. Researching ensures that you are going into the call prepared, which improves your chances and boosts your confidence.


2. Have an intro script ready

Write up a quick script for your introduction, something that would last for 30 seconds. Prepare a strong opening for the call, as the first ten seconds are the most crucial. You should focus on making the intro worth listening to and adding a personal touch, so it represents you and your company.

But be careful here. Remember, we are just asking you to write up the script for only 30 seconds or the first part of the call that would introduce you and the company. However, do not depend solely on the script. Sticking strictly to the script would make the call too mechanic and stale. After all, no two cold calls should be the same. You should be able to read the customers, their mood, and other variables and structure the call similarly.


3. Right time, right calls!!

Now the timing is of crucial importance. Imagine you have prepared the best scripts, researched the clients, have your lines well versed, but you call when the customer is busy. Well, that would be a total letdown.

So pay heed to the timing of your calls as well as their durations. Set the pace right from the opening line. But you cannot get the time right with every call just on your own. For this, you need adequate software help that would let you the time blocks when your clients are likely to be busy.


Remember these cold calling techniques before your dial-up

Now that the preparation is done, be mindful of these cold calling techniques to make the call process easier.

1. Include triggering points well:

We know this might not sound right, but everything is fair in love and war, and the marketing war is on. Just kidding, don’t be so pepped up yet. All we imply is to be sure to reach your client when they are yet to close the deal with your competitor. Or they have been all too acutely aware of the pain points that your products or services can solve for them.

Rub such facts so that your offerings appear in glorious light and can be readily accepted by the client. Just a reminder: this plan might seem good to go on paper, but you need to put in the ample research hours to pull this off.


2. Set the mood:

Start with a melodious and positive voice that set not just you but your listener at ease. Forget that you are too nervous and in fits. Remember the famous motto: “fake it till you make it”. It only takes a few seconds to set a positive mood, and after some practice, you are good to go.


3. Rejection is part of the journey:

Rejection is a part of the lesson, and it teaches you that you cannot win every war and every client. Every great achiever had to start somewhere. But rather than winning a successful sale, you should focus on winning a connection. You have found a permanent client lead in your books if you can win over the client with a pleasant call. You can call them every time you have something new and one day you will achieve a successful deal.

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Follow these cold calling sales tips to make your calls more valuable and rich in information. Plus, don’t forget you are setting the first impression for your company as well.

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