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Top most effective lead generation strategies you must know

Published on December 4, 2021
Last modified on May 17, 2022
lead generation strategies

Lead generation has become the central marketing approach of many budding and well-established businesses around the globe. It is an essential process required to ensure that your business grows over the years and has more customers. 

If we were to tell you about the lead generation process, in brief, it could be said that a lead is an individual who has demonstrated an interest in your brand or products but is yet to buy anything from it. A lead is someone who has either attended a webinar, dropped their email for a free pdf or newsletter or regularly interacts with your posts on social media. 


Best Lead Generation Strategies

Since a lead has shown some interest in your brand, you are free to drop them a message and involve them in your marketing plan to encourage them to buy something. Subsequently, lead generation is simply the process in which you take an individual who is unaware of and turn them successfully into customers. 

Another process to look over is lead conversion. The lead conversion ensures that all the leads who are regularly engaged with and respond to your approaches yet continue to sit on the fence. It tries to understand what every fence sitter requires and what they are looking for. 

So let’s get into the nitty gritties of lead generation strategies and some of the best B2B lead generation strategies you can implement:


1. Create irresistible opportunities

Create irresistible opportunities for the audience to interact with your brand more and more. You should not just stop with one or two incentivised schemes but continue interacting with them regularly. This could be through free webinars, pdfs, testimonials, case study requests, survey and blog posts etc. 

All you need from your audience is their contact information and their opinions about your brand. For this, you could make an opt-in box or pop-up in the sidebar. It is easier to ignore or say no to an opportunity when it is just mentioned in an email or a post. But when it pop-up right up on the website, it is difficult to say no. 


2. Test everything before applying

There are many tips and pieces of advice floating around on the internet, and some of them are likely to do wonders. Getting advice is great, but it is dangerous to depend on them blindly. Always consider the type of product you are selling and the brand image that you have created.

Run a pilot test by sending the post or a split test before launching a new feature, even when you don’t feel the need to. It is better to test it out with a few customers because there is no way to take it all back when you have officially launched. 


3. Take your landing page very seriously

Your landing page is the face of your business. So make sure it represents the vibe and values that you want people to associate with your brand. It has to be easy to use with accessibly placed buttons and unique at the same time. 

In today’s world, it is all about creating a mark and being innovative in design. Using tried and tested landing page templates will not create the desired impact on the people. So, collaborate with a designer, copywriter and software engineer to create an effective landing page. 


4. Give your all to the ads

Now ads are everywhere, and it is quite easy to get lost in the black and white. Most ads are boring and no different from each other. So give your all to the ads and make them stand out against the rest. 

Think from the point of view of a searcher and what would catch their attention amidst all the junk. The aim is to ensure that your ad stands out from the rest. Take up an ad writing course or hire a professional copywriter to make ad content for you. 


5. Better offers for marketing

A creative way to win over leads is by giving great offers. Ensure that the offers and discounts that you give truly hold value for the users. It should just be a marketing gimmick that is an offer only in name. 

Now don’t make a show out of it – just give them something that will be of use to them. Do not think about how you have to cut off from the profit percentage. But focus on how to drive the sale numbers and give a chance for the customers to see what quality products you deliver. 

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Effective lead conversion strategies

The lead conversion ensures that your fence-sitters are forced to make a purchase. Now the process isn’t easy, but you have to strive through while following these steps.


1. Quality content first

It is not just about attractive pictures or catchy captions. It is about the whole content that you put up on your website. Have robust, engaging, informative and streamlined content that sets the tone for your business. The content you put up is comparable to your sales pitch and should focus on persuading the viewers to associate with your brand. 


2. Focus on an SEO strategy

A successful SEO strategy makes sure that the viewers can see the content. It is likely to generate more leads to your business and is worth investing in. You should focus on five main SEO elements of the page title, page URL, internal links, page content and page header. Also, be updated by Google’s algorithms and how it ranks up content on the search page. 


3. Keep a close watch on lead conversion rate

Use the lead conversion rate formula to calculate the lead conversion rate. It measures the percentage of your leads that end up as your customers. You either take professional help to convert the numbers or do it yourself. 

Take up the number of leads you have, divide by the number of visitors on your website, and multiply the quotient by 100 to come with the final percentage.



Create consolidated lead generation strategies while keeping the points mentioned in this article to generate more leads and convert them to loyal customers. Make you nourish and nurture the people who associate or respond to your brand in any way. Change your strategy along the way so that it fits your brand better while remaining fresh and unique.

And if you are confused about where to start, the strategies we have listed are some of the best lead generation strategies for startups. So, let that be your starting point and then customise them to your needs accordingly!


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