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Best Proven B2B Sales Activities You Must Know in 2022

Published on October 20, 2021
Last modified on January 6, 2022
b2b sales

Have you been to a mall? Got what you needed?

But also grabbed a bunch of things you absolutely didn’t need but in fact, wanted?

It’s in our nature. 

Steve Jobs said – “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them”

A B2B business is no different. It is important to know every aspect of B2B sales techniques for the growth of your business. 

Here in this article, we are going to provide in-depth knowledge about B2B selling activities that a business must follow to ensure a profitable return. 


What is B2B Sales? 

what is b2b sales

B2B is all about business-to-business sales, it shows a relationship between one business entity with another. 

A B2B company is one that sells its products and services to another business. For example, a digital marketing company selling their services to another business for the growth of their business online. 

When we talk about B2B sales, it is a sales model that defines every aspect of products or services sold by one business to another. The sales cycle of B2B includes higher complex points, better price processes, and more, so it is important for a B2B business to maintain a highly skilled team of sales representatives and professionals to drive more revenue. 


Who is a B2B sales representative? 

b2b sales

A highly skilled B2B sales representative is a person who uses strategic techniques and methods to sell services and products to corporate buyers. 

One must know that corporate buyers are well informed about the services they are willing to buy from your company, so it is necessary for a B2B sales representative to have in-depth knowledge about the service they are selling. 

A B2B sales representative is responsible for making sales calls, generating sales and customer satisfaction, the complete sales cycle from generating leads to closing the deals, B2B sales representative has to take care of every step. 


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B2B sales process 

Here we are going to explain every step of B2B sales activities in detail: 

Since B2B is a complex organization, it requires well-designed sales strategies to succeed in increasing sales. A wide range of sales techniques is required in B2B sales.  

Just like B2C, B2B also comes with 5 important steps of the sales cycle, they are: 

Researching → Prospecting  → Sales Pitch  → Negotiating  → Closing the deal 


B2B Sales Funnel 

The sales funnel is a great visualization of buyers’ and sellers’ perspectives in regards to the services and products offered by the seller. Usually, the B2B sales funnel includes 8 steps, here as follows: 

Awareness about the product  → Showing interest  → Making the final decision  → Buying the service or product  → Evaluating  → Appreciation or dissatisfaction  → Giving feedback  → Repurchasing 


B2B sales activities 

There are many B2B sales methodologies that a company gets to choose from. All of them are effective, but somehow not all are as effective as others, which vary from business to business. A business needs to choose the best activities in regards to the field and industry of the business. 

Here are five common sales activities that most B2B businesses incorporate in their sales cycle. 

Read the B2B Sales Techniques in the below points: 

Solution Selling 

Solution selling is an effective and well-established sales activity that is important to know every perspective of buyer’s interest and helps in focusing more on the buyer’s journey. The activity helps in building high-impact solutions for delivering the right solutions to buyers. 

When it is about this sales technique, a seller focuses more on deep conversation and engagement of customers. Probing conversations to know and understand the pain of buyers and then to establish the right solution to meet the standards of the customer’s expectations. 

Solution selling includes meeting prospects to know their pain and requirements and develop unique solutions to meet the needs of the buyers. 


The challenger sales 

It is a perfect fit for the B2B sales process. The challenger sales require the equal engagement of shareholders of the company and ensure an effective long-term decision process. The technique challenges and educates the practitioners to take industry risks and market opportunities for effective sales. 

The sales representative is responsible for teaching prospects about the industry in general, instead of asking about their problems or needs. 

In this process, the seller has to customize their communication with each shareholder. Then every shareholder has to take control over the conversation to drive sales. 


Account-based sales 

It is a sales activity that focuses on premium customers. It is all about personalized customer experiences. 

Account-based sales activity is based on aiming to nurture high-value clients, and they are considered as long-term and independent revenue sources. The sales technique includes many teams simultaneously engaging single perspectives. 

Account-based sales is also known as the account-based marketing technique, where engagement tactics are well established with the right behavioral patterns that have to be used at the right time. This technique is responsible for promoting customer loyalty and post-sales business with great brand rapport. 


Value-based selling 

Value-based selling activity is also known as the value selling framework. It is all about focusing on establishing and reinforcing the values of business or values a business offers to qualified leads. Business value has to be measurable like return on investment and is presented in many ways like the cost of savings, revenue added, or productivity. 

Value-based selling sales activity is a known favored method of explaining product price to qualified leads. If the technique is done right, there are fewer chances of pushing back the price. The key to this activity is qualifying leads. 


Sandler selling system 

The Sandler selling system in B2B sales methodology is all about understanding human psychology and buyer’s mind in terms of purchasing power. 

This method is responsible for reframing the relationship between customers and the business. In realistic terms, it ensures both entities, business, and a customer have full trust on each other. 

The three common perspectives of the Sandler selling system are building relationships, qualifying the leads, and closing the deal. 


Final verdict 

When it comes to incorporating any of the above B2B sales activity for the growth of your business, you need the right platform to boost your sales cycle. There are complex processes involved when you want your B2B business to succeed. 

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