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What is after call work and why is it important?

Published on December 17, 2021
Last modified on March 8, 2022
after call work

Many companies and groups outsource their sales call needs from external call centers. In this way, they can rely on experts to do such crucial tasks on their behalf and complete each sale call successfully. And one task that such experts are efficient at doing after each sales call is doing all the after call work properly to ensure that the contents of the call are properly recorded and filed.

After call work is an important process that ensures that the customers receive superior service and end the call after a positive experience. And while it is crucial, not many know why it is so and what comprises the task of after call work. So, keep reading to learn more about this crucial step in the calling process and how you can become more efficient at it.


What is after call work (ACW)?

The after call work meaning becomes quite clear from the name itself. It stands for certain tasks that the call centre representative has to perform after they have ended the call with a customer. It is also known as post-call work or post-call processing. ACW makes sure that the call agents deliver appropriate service of standard quality to the customer. 


What are the important after call work tasks?

Here is a list of the tasks that are included in after call work:

  • Sending follow-up emails and messages to the customer or appropriate departments to commence with the customer’s requests. 
  • Updating the CRM (customer relationship management) database
  • Scheduling further follow-up calls, contacts, or actions. 
  • Logging down the details about the call. This would include the reason for the call, the outcome of the call, and the further steps that have been taken. 
  • Write call notes for the kind of service the caller needs to be prepared for the next call.


Why is it crucial to track after call work time as per industry standards?

After call work is a great way to record information that would help when the customer calls again. Furthermore, it adds to the metrics by tracking various measurable outcomes. It is essential for maintaining the quality of any outsourced customer service program for an organisation.


Quality assurance:

It is easy to plan what needs to be done to fulfil the customer’s needs. All the necessary actions are immediately taken and not left for later. After call work processes also include enquiring the managers or supervisors about anything noteworthy. This way, they can also remain informed and take necessary actions promptly.


Facilitates CRM processes:

Including call work into the workflow ensures that the company has enough data on managing relationships with customers. This data can be used for development and training purposes and help deliver customised services where a call agent can reference information from the previous call. 


Highlights any operational issue:

Post-call work successfully highlights any issues or problems that the call agents are facing. It also identifies any skill or knowledge gap among the callers so they can be given the necessary training. 


Improves agent performance:

After call work gives agents the time and opportunity to ponder their last call and go over what they can do for the customer. This builds their confidence, and they are more likely to deliver a positive experience over the next call. 


How is after call work time calculated?

The after call work calculation process requires measuring the total time spent by an individual team or a department for call work. To get the total time, you will have to record the time required for each call and add them together. Record get the total number of calls made within the timeframe. Now you have the two variables for after call work calculation. Divide the total work hours by the total number of calls to get the average call work time. 

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Best tips on how you can minimise your after call work

Despite the significant benefits of ACW, it could be tedious and time-consuming for the call agents. However, it is a necessary evil that needs to be done. Rather than focusing on getting rid of ACW, think of ways to reduce the work time. The ACW full form is after call work, and here are some of the best tips for reducing after call work time.


Effective training:

Include after call work in training and clearly mention what is to be done. Also, explain the importance of these actions and how they would benefit the agents themselves despite taking up their time.  


Assign calls effectively:

Make use of effective routing software to distinguish between the calls and send them to a suitable agent. This would limit the post-call work time, and the agent will also be able to manage the caller’s needs. 


Measure the average after call work times:

Measure the average after call work time and find out agents who cannot work within the set times. Use this as an opportunity to understand why they are failing and train them. 


Make use of AI:

Automating your after call work will put the agents at ease and reduce the wait times, wrap-up, and handle times for the callers. It reduces the work for the agents so that they can prepare/ focus on the next call. 



After call work is a method to improve customer experience and ensure that they are satisfied. Measuring relevant statistics and training agents about how to conduct after call work will ensure that they outperform themselves.

Motivated and productive agents serve as a competitive advantage for every call centre organisation. Even then, post-call work is a tedious process for the agents. Automating the process by depending on AI software for after call work can speed up the process and reduce wait times.

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