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The Key To An Efficient Call Management System

Published on July 31, 2022
Last modified on December 22, 2022
Call Management System

Do you want your calling process to be more organized?

Looking for order in a chaotic mass of calls from both customers and clients?

Then, perhaps you should consider investing in a call management system for your business.

A call management system allows you to manage and track your customer calls much more efficiently. Moreover, it can also have a positive impact on your agents’ productivity.

In this article, we will look at call management systems and why your business may need one.


What is Call Management?

Call management refers to the process businesses use to manage their incoming calls. In fact, it’s quite a common term used in call centers and customer service.


And what is a Call Management System?

A call management system is used by businesses to handle inbound and outbound calls.

This system is responsible for ensuring your customers receive a quick and efficient response. Moreover, it also tracks callers to help develop their prospect customer relationships.

Call management systems come equipped with all sorts of features. These features help provide a detailed view of all business calls. For example, IVR and call queques.

A CMS enables your business to best serve your customer needs. Alongside call tracking and call recording, they also monitor the quality of agent-customer communications. They also play a huge role towards helping your business reach set KPIs.


Why do you need a Call Management System (CMS)?

Call management systems are especially useful in tracking calls and obtaining useful information from them. Furthermore, they also help route specific calls to the correct agents. As such, a CMS is a vital part of any appointment-based firm.

Moreover, wait times can be significantly reduced and thus, customer satisfaction improved. Not only this, but they also balance out your contact center’s workload.

Fallback routing options can be incorporated to manage your customers when agents are unavailable. These could include voicemails, IVR, or even scheduling callbacks.

In addition to this, a CMS enables your business to analyze the behavior of your callers via demographics. As a result, this gives your business an edge over your rival competitors.


Business Call Management

A good call management system can have a significant positive impact on your business. Not only does it improve communication with your customers, it also gives you greater marketing insights.


Some other positive impacts include:

  • Abandoned/ lost calls are eliminated

Effective call routing and recording of contact information ensures that your customers always connect to the right agent.

Moreover, if customers were to somehow get disconnected, your agent can reach out and continue the call. This helps reduce your number of abandoned calls.


  • Better employee performance

A call management system can provide insights into the individual performance of your team members. As such, you can then recognize who’s performing well and who requires assistance.


  • Improved customer service

By routing your customers to the correct agents, you can reduce a great deal of wait time. 

A CMS also enables you to maintain detailed and extremely thorough records of your customers. This allows you to better understand your customers and help resolve any issues. Thus, providing better customer service.


  • Staffing can be optimized

Call data can identify when your staff may experience a high number of calls and slower call periods. Keeping this in mind, you can better prepare by making sure more staff is available during peak hours.


  • Reduced costs

Call management helps you increase efficiency as well as productivity. Furthermore, it helps you reach your goals even with fewer staff or resources.


Small Business Call Management

Any business can benefit from having a call management system, no matter the size. Here are some of the main reasons why small businesses should use a call management system:

  • Maintaining Brand Image

Perhaps one of the main reasons you should have a CMS is for managing your business or brand image. It allows you to promote your business more professionally.

When customers reach out, they don’t know if you’re a big or small business. As such, they come in expecting quality products with great customer service, an overall sense of professionalism.

Call management systems use IVR, wherein your callers are professionally greeted alongside your brand name. Alongside making your business appear more professional, IVRs are also an effective way of handling customer calls.

IVR enables you to carry out department-based segregation. Most importantly, this lets showcase your business as big, even if you aren’t by maintaining various departments.


  • Measuring ROI

When it comes to measuring ROI of your campaigns, call tracking is important. With a CMS, your phone leads can be analyzed by recording and tracking customer calls.

Furthermore, you can gain valuable customer insights with call recording and tracking. These insights can prove to be very useful when examining your product as well as marketing strategies.

The analytics of your customer calls, obtained via call tracking, help analyze the success of your campaigns. In this way, you can make informed marketing investments.


  • Ensuring No Business Calls Are Missed

If you’re just starting out in business, then it is important to never miss a single business call. This is because every missed call is a missed business opportunity. These calls could be from important individuals like investors, customers, etc.

A small business call management system is a wonderful way of preventing this from happening. With it, you can track calls that occur during as well as after office hours. Moreover, you can keep an eye on calls that were picked or missed by your team.

Then, you’re even able to take further action based on your observations. You can follow up with missed calls to improve communication. Thus, improving your conversion rate and boosting your business.


Do You Need A Call Management App?

So, at the end of the day, does your business need a call management app? Here are 3 questions to ask yourself before you make your decision:

  • Does your business follow an appointment-based business model?

An appointment-based model is commonly used in businesses like dentists, auto repair shops, doctors, etc. As such, in these cases, you should consider using some kind of call management app.

Frequent falls by customers regarding appointments can sometimes strain your business. To avoid sending your customers to voicemail, you can make use of a call management application.


  • Do you have a specialized team for handling inbound calls?

If yes, then a call management solution can help your inbound call handling team better handle their workload.

In addition to this, it can also give you more information about incoming calls. This can then help you locate problem areas as well as areas where there’s room for improvement.


  • Does your business have multiple departments that your callers may want to specifically reach?

If your business is segregated into various departments and sub-departments, that has to be taken into consideration. This is because it makes sense for you to use call management software to customize call routing.

In this way, you can avoid call transfer stress. With a CMS, clicking a button on the keypad can transfer customers. Instead of requiring a team member to do the process manually, customers can do it themselves. As such, this helps you minimize and reduce manual work.


Call Management Apps You Should Know 

Some popular call management apps include:


Pulse is a cloud-based call center solution that allows your business to manage calls better. 


NeoDove is an auto dialer and telecalling CRM that optimizes the way your business handles calls and so much more. NeoDove comes equipped with various useful features like an IVR system, an automated dialer, lead management, team monitoring, etc. 

Through multi-channel engagement and various integrations, NeoDove helps your business better connect with your customers.


HubSpot is a CRM system that enables businesses to better track and manage their customer calls. It allows for calls to be recorded as well.


CallRail allows you to track and manage your phone leads. In this way, your business can determine which campaigns are driving quality leads.



As you can see, call management plays an important role in every kind of business.

No matter the size or industry, a call management system helps your business grow. Business call management ensures that clients and customers are attended to in a timely manner.

Moreover, implementing a call management system helps build a strong relationship between you and your customers. This helps you better understand their needs and what they expect for your products and services.

It is important to note that a CMS is only the starting point of delivering a great customer experience. The other half is based on how your business manages the system itself.

So, keeping this in mind, make your choice wisely. And lastly, put in the work to bring out the best in your business.

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