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Why Do You Need a Call Management Software? (Top 8 Benefits)

Published on May 20, 2022
Last modified on May 20, 2022
call management software

Phone calls are one of the most vital means of communication for a customer, and it is a huge part of a buyer’s journey, especially for companies whose business model is appointment-based. This is the biggest reason why businesses who want to succeed must have efficient tools that can perfectly manage all their customers and phone call communications.

Moreover, call centres nowadays are a challenging and sophisticated environment, so call management services and software applications are essential for any organization.


Call management Definition

The systems and processes each business or organization in almost every sector uses to take care of all the incoming phone calls are called call management. This system helps the organization by ensuring that each customer who requires information on their company receives satisfactory and timely responses to their sales calls.

It tracks callers, and this data is used by the organization to build relationships with its customers. The process is supported by call management software that, through certain set parameters, routes the incoming phone calls through telephone systems.

An efficient call management system is essential for any company that uses call center solutions to track, handle, and collect information from client phone calls. They also need to include a system that efficiently manages phone calls to deliver satisfactory experiences to their customer.

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Best Features of a call management software

call management software

Call management systems have many features that can help any business grow with its communication. Some of the most essential features include:

1. Call Recording

Call recording is a mandatory feature for any business since it can help improve and control the quality of the phone calls made by your staff. This feature allows companies to review the individual phone calls of their agents and give them feedback on their interactions. Call recordings help improve the customer experience and allow companies to re-verify the information the client provides.


2. Real-Time Notification/ Updates

An efficient call management system also keeps track of all the phone calls that require follow-ups or were missed by the agents. These systems can be programmed to provide timely reminders for calls that require follow-ups and missed calls.


3. Remarketing

Reaching potential customers is as important as keeping in touch with existing customers, so remarketing features are an essential part of any call management system. This can help businesses efficiently inform potential and existing clients on various updates about various product updates and services by sending out timely ads through social media, calls, messages, and more.


4. Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response commonly referred to as the IVR, is one of the most important features of any CMS that play a huge role in boosting the communication side of a business. An IVR can help with your route calls to customized messages and ensure your business is available to your customers even after office hours. Allowing customers to access information to prerecorded messages can also help reduce the traffic to your live agent phone calls.  


5. Call Monitoring and Call Tracking

These features ensure that calls are properly managed by the staff and follow-ups are done promptly. Call monitoring features also helps business track their marketing campaign’s ROI for future references.


6. Live Call Transfer

Addressing issues immediately is essential for having a good customer-business relationship, and a Live Call Transfer can improve this process. The features allow an agent to pick up a customer call and transfer the call to the required department without hanging the phone on the customer. This way, the company helps in providing quick services to the customer and enhances their customer service ratings.


7. Call Analytics

The Call Analytics feature can provide a thorough data insight on all calls. Call analytics are essential for a business to optimize its phone calls efficiently. This will provide data on how many calls were made to and from the company, the peak hours during which customer calls are high, the geographical information about potential, existing, and lost customers, and more!


8. CRM Integrated

When businesses, along with phone calls, want to keep track of their customer data, CRM integration becomes an essential feature. This feature allows the businesses to integrate their call management web panel with their existing CRM, helping them record the entire history with customer data, all in one place.


What is a call management server?

A Call Management Server is responsible for call features and call control functionality. These servers can also be used to back up your data; so, if your data ever goes missing, you can always recover the missing from the server.

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Should you have a proper call management system or not?

call management server

A customer demands and expects each company to have exceptional services even when companies have fewer resources. Therefore, an efficient call management system software is mandatory for the customer services part of a company. A proper call management system also provides so many advantages to the company, and these include:

Workforce Optimization:

A proper call management system helps managers keep their agents productive by using the various features a call management software provides.


Customer’s Voice Capturing:

A CMS can also help record a client’s opinion on the web, in person, or through phone calls, which they can later use to modify the way they deliver their services. This can help you have a better advantage over your competition and increase customer loyalty.


Call Volume Reduction:

An IVR included CMS software can help reduce traffic to your customer services while increasing customer satisfaction. A proper CMS provides an efficient skills-based routing that can help you provide the right services to the customers.



Efficient call management software can ensure that your phone calls run smoothly, satisfying your customer’s experience with your company. Therefore, call management software is not just a random addition to your system but is an investment that can allow your company to grow!

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