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Ideas For Creating Exceptional Customer Service Experience

Published on July 15, 2020
Last modified on May 17, 2022

Customer service experience is defined as the total number of interactions that your business has with the customers throughout the entire customer journey. It starts from becoming a first contact of the business all the way to becoming a happy and loyal customer.

It has been seen that a customer who has a positive and fruitful experience with the business is more likely to become a frequent and loyal customer.

Importance Of Customer Service Experience

Below are the top reasons why customer service experience is a vital part of every business customer outreach.

  1. Customer Satisfaction Is The Top Priority:

Surprise your customers with extra care and support and have the efficiency and the ability to deliver what you guaranteed to them. According to the HubSpot, a totally satisfied customer will contribute 2.6 times as much revenue as a somewhat satisfied customer and 14 times as much revenue as a somewhat dissatisfied customer.

  1. New Shoppers Are Most Likely To Become Your Loyal Customers:

The way your sales team responds to your customers will determine what they have got to say about your business and its offering in the future. Not every time will you have customers with positive feedback. There will be customers who will have negative feedback for your offerings as well.

Therefore, tell them that you are working on coming up with a solution to their problems. Show that you care for them and are concerned about changing their feedback from a negative to a positive one through your offerings.

  1. Customer Advocacy Has Become More Important Than Adverts:

Word of mouth has become a powerful tool for a company’s promotion lately. According to a survey, around 84% of customers do not trust adverts anymore and would rather prefer to consider feedback from other customers who have been or still are your customers.

  1. Trusted Customer Relationships Are Important:

Customers come across various brands and adverts every day. But how do you develop a relationship with them that they consider you above the rest? 

Use your customer engagement skills to make them feel special and cared for. This way you will have a better chance of creating long lasting trusting relations with them.

Top Ways And Ideas For Creating Exceptional Customer Service Experience

  1. Create A Clear Customer Experience Vision: 

Your business needs to have a clear customer-focused vision that you can communicate with your sales team who will be interacting with the customers.  Have a set of statements that will serve as guidelines for better customer service experience. 

Also, every member of your sales and customer outreach team must be trained in these guidelines that will help them to provide better customer service experience from the point they interact with their customer for the first time and forever since. 

  1. Understand The Nature Of Your Customers:

    Identify the nature of your customers who deal and interact with your customer support team. Having a deep understanding of your customer allows your business to serve them better and identify their real problems and needs.Furthermore, you can segment your customers and create personas. This way your customer support team will be able to recognize who their customers really are and understand them better.
  2. Take A Note Of Customer Feedback In Real-Time:

You need to take real-time feedback from your customers about how they found out the overall customer experience. No tool or technology can tell you this. But asking directly from the customer will help you understand how well or how average you have performed.

After taking the feedback, your sales and customer service team can analyze the same feedback so that they can serve their customers better in the future. Furthermore, you can make outbound calls to customers to gain more insightful feedback from them.

You can use live chat tools to have a real-time conversation with your customers in case calling is not an option at the moment or preferred by the customer. Also, you can send post-interaction surveys in the form of emails to your customer that they can fill and send back. All this will help your sales and customer service team to see their performance from a customer’s point of view.

  1. Use Quality Framework And Assess Performance:

Once you have considered the feedback received from your customers, the next step is to compare what your customer thinks about your customer service experience with the established standards of performance formulated by your business.

Assess which individual of the team requires more training or guidance. Also, compare his previous performance with his future one so that you can show him the results and see if there has been an improvement or not.

At the same time, assess how effectively your team is using a mobile and email communication method to provide customer service experience. Ensure consistent online group training after constant analysis and assessment of their work.

  1. Begin and end every customer interactions with “Thank You”:

Acknowledging the customer for his valuable time and effort is the least that we can do in terms of CX but has great impact. Therefore beginning and ending every customer interaction with a polite “Thank You” emphasizes that you value the customer and acknowledge that he chose you over others.

     6. Employ Effective Social Media Strategies

In today’s digital landscape, social media provides a far greater opportunity to interact with customers than any other platform. One can comment, share and interact with your brand on social media. If you aren’t still using social media to up your CX ,you would be soon left behind. You could use social media for new product ideas, product launch reviews and many more make your customers feel like insiders and close confidants.

How NeoDove Can Help Your Business Provide Excellent Customer Service Experience

NeoDove understands how important it is for a business to provide an excellent customer service experience that will enable them to have loyal retained customers in the future.

NeoDove offers you with a telesales and lead management solution specifically designed to improve sales and customer engagement experience. It allows you to engage with your customers as per their preferences such as voice calls, SMS, WhatsApp and so on.

As a part of customer service and approach experience, NeoDove understands how important it is to determine when the customer wishes to communicate and that the business does not get behind them. To help you in this, NeoDove has an inbuilt scheduled lead feature that ensures you communicate with the customer at their preferred time and do not miss out on any followups.

You can use the solution for not only presales calling purposes but also to take feedback , do surveys and update customers about new features and discounts and deals. The customizable script option and the multilingual interface enables you to communicate with customers in the language that he is comfortable with.

In general, start investing in your customer service experience and it won’t be just an expense any more rather an investment and the real differentiator


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