How to smart manage your Business Communication Remotely

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In a time where the world is switching towards and popularizing technology to operate, connect and develop, and with a personal computer, good internet connection, a mobile phone, self-motivation, discipline, and a routine, the friction caused because of the sudden shift towards remote working is diminishing day by day.

Thankfully, before the pandemic, companies’ offshoring part of their business operations have raised the demand for more and more communication, management and performance tools to be developed to cater to the need of remote working. Now, deploying these new technologies into a new business paradigm to achieve a stagnant business performance has never been easier.

Of course, we still encounter many communication and sales challenges while working remotely, for example, the data dilemma, or selecting the right caller for the campaign, reporting, integration, prospecting, discovering clients’ needs and creating value during the conversation, consistency in keeping track of employees performance and progress, broken process, missing leads, and not to miss out the fact that we are never aligned with other departments. But still, incorporating the right technology benefits the businesses’ communication and sales process.

Let’s explore how smart solutions help manage your business communication remotely.

1. For cross-functional collaboration,  communication, sharing experience, and tackling issues

2. Monitoring performance, tracking progress and providing feedback

3. Gaining real-time insights

4. Accountability and reporting

5. Project management

6. Cloud storage and 24/7 accessibility

Let’s explore further!


  • Communication Tool

A business with remote workers needs a good communication platform to support its employees. If you manage a big sales team, try a tool like NeoDove, which is an agile sales automation, communication, and leads management platform. The platform brings your sales team operations online on a live dashboard and offers full control and complete transparency over the communication process.

During the past couple of weeks, the platform developers have worked on metamorphosing NeoDove and integrated new features to provide better user experience and help businesses improve their performance, productivity and maintain revenue amid these uncertain times.


  • It offers data management solutions, for example, recording customer’s data in real-time, allowing quicker monitoring and analysis. You can also download and upload leads related data to know the status of each of your existing leads.
  • It offers better service to your customers where you can research and record information related to the prospect which will help you in creating value during the conversation. Check out the new “populate last form response”  feature.
  • It maximizes the calling output, allows scheduling and reassigning leads to other users.
  • It tracks and measures the performance of your sales team through the in-built user report feature.
  • It integrates with social media and listing platforms.
  • It is customizable and can be used by businesses of various scales and sizes.
  • It is both mobile and web-based, so it offers 24/7 accessibility from any location at any given time.

NeoDove is trusted by many Indian businesses and has helped dealers of OEMs like TATA, Bajaj, and companies like Bajaj Finserv and Platinum Group, manage their employees and customer relations successfully.


  • Conferencing Tools

The most common issue which led to some great downfalls was a miscommunication. So during remote working, employee engagement is extremely sensitive, yet essential for a company to succeed. Using the right tools to communicate offers something more interactive and it impacts how well your employees perform.

One of the most popularized tools available is Zoom. The platform is a cloud-based communication tool for virtual business meetings and remote teams. It is considered as the best substitute for face-to-face interaction.


  • Video meetings + in-meeting chat
  • Voice calls
  • Messaging
  •  Webinars
  • File sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Call recording


  • Project Management

When teams are virtually connected, you will need a project management tool to create a project, issue guidelines and requirements, organize documents, assign tasks to the right people, and track the progress. Platforms like Basecamp makes it possible to carry out all of the above and share information. It is exemplary for both small teams and large teams with a lot of ongoing projects.


  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • File sharing and document management
  • Milestone tracking

The capabilities of this platform are useful for remote working, as it makes both the remote team and team managers make sure that everyone is working in sync.


  • File Storage and Management

Moving your business to the virtual world means you create, store, share and collaborate on files on the cloud. So it is important that you find a platform which will:

  • Provide you with the optimal needed security to protect your assets from external threats.
  • Allow real-time collaboration on documents, where teams can easily access any word document, spreadsheets, and presentations, edit them and it will get automatically updated to reflect the latest edits.
  • Give you full control over the accessibility of the shared documents, where you can choose who has access to files and whether they make changes to these files or not.

For our choice of tool, we don’t really need to say much because the answer to this is definitely, Google’s flagship file storage service with more than 1 billion active users, Google Drive.


  • Time Tracking and Team Monitoring

There are smart solutions with a key focus, which is to manage and increase the productivity of remote employees, it is called a time tracking and team monitoring software. A helpful tool like Time Doctor records the hours your workers spend working from home. The platform helps you fairly assess their performance and also manages their privacy to some extent.


  • It calculates the tasks each employee is working on
  • The time spent on each task
  •  It does poor usage monitoring where it tracks the websites employees are visiting during working hours
  •  Attendance report and other time tracking reports

Nowadays, these smart solutions are very important for every business because it is the only thing your business is relying on to maintain its productivity and growth – so make sure you choose the right ones.


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