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7 Ways To Boost Your Sales With Sales Dialer Software in 2022

Published on June 23, 2022
Last modified on December 15, 2022
Dialer Software

Do you want to get the most out of your dialer software?

If so, you should consider the benefits of integrating CRM with your dialer software. In this article, we will explore this subject in greater detail alongside its many benefits.


What is Dialer Software?

what is dialer software

A dialer refers to a type of software typically used in call centers. It is an automated system that is used to call customer numbers and capture the outcome of these calls.

Moreover, dialers can also be used for broadcasting recorded messages. This is carried out through IVR, SMS as well as push notifications. 

Based on if a customer answers a call, a dialer system can then route them to a live agent. Depending on the scenario, it could also play a message, use voice bots for automated collection, or move onto the next number.


Why are Dialers Useful?

Dialers can be an especially useful asset for all businesses. Automated dialers in particular, can greatly improve efficiency. They allow customers to be connected directly to agents as soon as they’re free. 

In this way, agents don’t unnecessarily waste time physically dialing customer numbers. As a result, agents can instead spend more time actually talking to your customers and properly addressing their concerns.


The Integration of CRM with Dialer Software

Currently, dialers are for the most part integrated with various business processes. There are two main ways of integrating dialers into other channels and systems.

The first utilizes packaged dialers, they have pre-built integrations for commonly used tools, like CRM systems. This approach to dialer integration is effective for small teams alongside simple use cases.

However, the second approach enables components of certain dialer software and the surrounding system to integrate freely with other systems. 

As such, this method is preferred whenever teams require more flexibility or handle complex processes needing ongoing optimization.

It is to be noted that the dialer itself is just one part of the communication process in any business. In reality, it’s the CRM integration and process automation centered around the dialer that also plays a vital role. 

A powerful auto dialer can be quite a strong front-end for any CRM. You can enjoy the advantages of your current CRM alongside effective and faster call handling. Not only this but also better call monitoring as well as detailed interaction data.

Together, they allow businesses to effectively carry out sales and customer service.


NeoDove’s Auto Dialer with CRM Integration

crm dialer

NeoDove’s auto dialer is well-equipped with the best technology to provide ready-to-use calling efficiency. 

It also features an auto-dial and click-to-dial option. Both of these features enable customers to effectively connect with agents over the phone. 

Not only this, but you’re even able to effectively measure KPIs with the use of call analytics. Furthermore, with the CRM integration, relevant leads are automatically routed to them (or can also be assigned individually).

The CRM integration allows you to communicate more efficiently with your customers. It also helps your agents prioritize leads and complete tasks in time.

With NeoDove, you’ll always have customer information close at hand and can simplify your workflow using various features. Its CRM auto dialer technology greatly improves customer experience and saves time that’d be otherwise wasted in manual calling. 

Additionally, it allows for a remote-work experience where employees can manage calls and sales meetings from anywhere.

Overall, NeoDove’s auto dialer software truly allows for seamless customer engagement alongside enhanced sales management through multichannel communication (like one-touch WhatsApp, SMS and email).

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7 Ways a CRM Dialer can Boost Your Sales

Integrating a dialer alongside your CRM system can save a lot of valuable time and resources. Moreover, it provides your managers and agents with real-time intelligence regarding your customers.

In fact, this technology can really give your business an edge over your competition in various ways. These include:

1. Increased Lead Conversion Ratio

Having up-to-date information about your consumers always helps agents know how to act with their customers. They can then personalize their conversations which makes it much easier to convert leads into customers.

CRM really helps build and nurture strong customer-sales representative relationships. It manages consumer information in order to help convert them into leads.


2. Improved Operational Efficiency

The dialing system, particularly an automated dialer, is far superior to the traditional manual system. The software used greatly reduces call drops, misdialing, excessive time waste and more.

As such, when connected to more calls, your productivity increases and so does the efficiency of operation. It allows you to have a 360-degree overview of the collective interaction of your consumer with your company. 


3. Automated Messaging

With this feature, your agents can receive reminders to help them stay focused on their tasks. A dialer CRM allows for the streamlining of notifications through emails, calendars and even SMS. As such, agents can also receive notifications via CRM systems.

Automated messages can also help ensure agents meet sales targets. In addition to this, they can notify agents about issues like long call queues, technical issues, etc.


4. Reduced Idle Time of Agents

When you have many leads in your CRM, you can speedily contact them using the right dialer software. With an auto dialer, not only do you guarantee error-free results, but also reduce time wasted in manual dialling. 

Furthermore, not only can CRM software save time for your agents, but it also organizes all your customer data.


5. Improved Customer Experience

A good customer experience is perhaps considered one of the most important features of good communication. This is because customers who encounter pleasant experiences with your business are likely to talk about your services to others. 

Moreover, they may even give recommendations, write positive reviews or make future purchases as a result. However, unpleasant customer experiences can instead lead to negative feedback and complaints.

A CRM helps agents better engage with customers over the phone. 

With the ease of access to the latest information, agents can build strong meaningful relationships with your customers. These relationships only become more long-lasting as they move through the sales and marketing pipelines.


6. Real-Time Monitoring Based Response

A CRM dialer system fosters a real-time monitoring system that can greatly help management make the right decisions quickly. Furthermore, this can also improve the managing decision making policy.

Call recordings also further help them identify issues and how to engage more leads.


7. Advanced Routing and Priority Traffic

With CRM dialers, inbound calls and emails are checked for matches in the CRM system. Then, they are then routed according to predefined rules.

Routing is done on the basis of agent skills, language or even geography. However, priority is given depending on different leads or customer types. As such, this system greatly increases customer satisfaction and the efficiency of your business.



Overall, dialer software as a whole can be extremely useful to all types of businesses. It helps save time and other resources and greatly increases productivity.

However, dialer software with CRM can be even more effective in enhancing your business’ customer service experience and increasing efficiency. 

You now know the various benefits of integrating CRM with your dialer software. Keeping this in mind, it’s up to you to choose the perfect dialer software for you and your business.

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