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Why NeoDove Is The Best Alternative To TeleCRM

Published on August 16, 2022
Last modified on December 15, 2022
Alternative To TeleCRM l NeoDove

Are you looking for a software that effectively makes your sales process more efficient?

But, are you also looking for a better alternative to using TeleCRM?

Then, consider placing your business in the trustworthy hands of NeoDove!

NeoDove is a leading telecalling CRM in India. With its wonderful array of features, it’s guaranteed to help boost your sales and increase productivity.

In this article, we will examine all the various features of TeleCRM and how NeoDove compares.

What is a CRM system?

What is CRM l NeoDove

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system refers to a tool that helps your business stay connected with your customers. They’re designed to help you with contact and sales management. 

CRM systems play an important role in streamlining your sales process and improving profitability.

TeleCRM Vs. NeoDove

TeleCRM is a SIM-based auto dialer that lets users operate from their own phones. With TeleCRM, your agents utilize the SIM cards on their own phone to make calls.

NeoDove is a telecalling CRM and sales engagement platform that also has a SIM-based auto dialer. However, in addition to this it also features cloud telephony integration. The use of cloud telephony helps you communicate more effectively with your customers over the internet.

Moreover, NeoDove specifically targets your telecalling team’s activities and helps them have hassle-free telecalling experiences. In addition to this, it also boosts their productivity and provides your customers with the best experience.

What features do they offer your business?

Both TeleCRM and NeoDoe come with many useful features. These features are vital in optimizing your business’ sales processes.

Let’s examine the various features TeleCRM and NeoDove have to offer:   

1) Dialer

TeleCRM has an auto dialer-based CRM system. This dialer lets your business make many calls and increases sales.

In comparison, NeoDove offers a progresive automated dialer. NeoDove’s auto dialer helps boost your business’ efficiency and enhances your overall telecalling experience.

You no longer need to waste manual effort in dialing endless lists of numbers. Instead, NeoDove’s auto dialer enables you to dial maximum phone numbers in minimum time. Not only this, but its click-to-dial option helps your agents more easily connect with customers. 

With NeoDove, you can say goodbye to excessive wait times and hello to improved operational efficiency.

2) Lead Tracking and Capturing

Lead Tracking and Capturing l NeoDove

TeleCRM allows your business to automatically capture incoming leads from various different sources. It then allows you to assign these leads amongst your team.

NeoDove enables you to automatically capture leads from multiple sources as well. Alongside this, it also lets you organize and act on leads based on priority.

Using filter options like lead tags and states, you can even filter out active and inactive leads. As such, the process of assigning leads to your telecalling team becomes so much simpler.

In fact, NeoDove allows you to better manage leads and assign them to the right people. It eliminates the need for inputting data manually and allows you to get custom properties and track lead progress. You can even assign certain tags to leads based on their status – hot, cold, already purchased, etc.

Furthermore, NeoDove closes your leads automatically, helping focus on active leads. Additionally, auto closure of leads also helps you ensure that your sales efforts aren’t wasted.

With NeoDove’s lead management, you can increase your business’ efficiency and create a smoother workflow.

3) Campaign Management and Reports

TeleCRM allows businesses to schedule campaigns as well as follow-up messages and calls. In this way, it helps your business manage communication with customers better. However, TeleCRM still leaves much to be desired.

Meanwhile, NeoDove enables your business to gain real-time insights into your leads’ and team’s performance through reports. As such, you’re able to make better and more informed decisions.

Additionally, NeoDove’s campaign reports provide you with much clearer insights into how a particular campaign is performing. Furthermore, with enhanced targeting, you’re able to improve conversions by targeting specific leads.

Managing your leads and sales team’s performance can be difficult at times. However, with NeoDove it becomes so much easier.

4) Real Time Analytics

Real time Analytics l NeoDove

With TeleCRM, you’re able to view how many calls are being made as well as the number of sales closed.

Likewise, with NeoDove you can effortlessly monitor your sales team to boost productivity. Having access to and being able to analyze your team’s KPIs truly helps your business make informed decisions.

NeoDove provides you with a real-time visualization of how your team is performing. Moreover, its automated dashboard enables you to analyze your team’s dialed calls, meetings attended, break times, etc. In this way, you can know whenever your employees are sitting idle and not making calls.

By knowing your team’s KPIs, NeoDove helps you increase your business’ efficiency by taking required steps where needed. This plays a vital role in ensuring you achieve your short and long term goals.

5) Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring l NeoDove

TeleCRM uses detailed automatic employee tracking and reporting to help you control your business from anywhere. With this monitoring, you can also keep an eye on their productivity.

In comparison, NeoDove provides you with detailed user reports. These reports are very useful to analyze how your team’s performing. Based on these reports, you can even see what further steps can be taken to boost their performance.

In addition to this, NeoDove also allows you to record calls via its call recording feature. Call recording helps keep track of user-customer conversations and improves productivity of employees.

NeoDove also comes equipped with an hourly reporting feature. This allows you to know exactly how your employees are spending their working hours. By knowing how they’re using their working hours, you can plan and organize your team’s tasks efficiently.

6) SMS Automation

TeleCRM enables your business to send automatic intro messages to help keep customers engaged.

Similarly, NeoDove allows you to send bulk messages and reach customers’ devices without any difficulty. Bulk SMS campaigns are an effective way to save costs as well as boost your brand awareness.

NeoDove helps bulk SMS messages reach customers instantly. Furthermore, text messages have a high readability rate and greatly improve efficiency. Due to their high readability rate, this also leads to a higher conversion rate.

Most importantly, Bulk SMS has a high ROI and is an ideal sustainable option compared to other marketing methods. This goes a long way in broadening your business’ reach and engagement.

7) Integrations

Integration l NeoDove

TeleCRM enables your business to integrate with and capture leads from several portals. For example, FB Ads, JustDial, WhatsApp, to name a few.

In a similar way, NeoDove also allows for a multi-platform integration with various portals. Its seamless integration allows for great scalability and boosts productivity. Based on your business needs, you can even explore more custom integrations. Moreover, over a hundred integrations are made available on NeoDove through webhooks.

Furthermore, you can easily automate your lead capturing process with marketplace integration. Integration with portals like JustDial, IndiaMART, WhatsApp, 99acres, etc. allow you to capture all your leads in one place. Alongside this, you’ll never miss the opportunity to convert new leads into potential customers.

With social media integration, NeoDove lets you get leads directly from Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. As such, you can save a lot of time and effort with easy one-click integration.

You can even easily integrate with third-party applications to create a smoother workflow. For example, platforms like Zapier, Integromat, Zoho, IFTTT, HubSpot, etc. Moreover, API details of other integrations can be quickly shared and the data can get integrated.

8) User Interface

TeleCRM has a rather basic interface design. It’s visually simple yet easy to understand.

NeoDove CRM User Interface

NeoDove, however, offers a user interface that is easy-to-use yet dynamic in nature. On its dashboard, you can easily view lead and campaign status along with any updates. For example, active vs. inactive users, number of campaigns created, connected, not connected or closed leads, etc.

Furthermore, with its multilingual interface, your team members can use NeoDove in the language they’re comfortable with. Alongside this, you can also show customers you care by speaking their language.

NeoDove’s multilingual interface approach lets you communicate better with your customers and boosts loyalty. In fact, it can also help improve conversion rates as more people are likely to buy from you.

Additional Features

Alongside mutual common features, NeoDove does have some of its own perks to offer your business.

1) Bulk Reassignment of Leads

With this feature, you can ensure timely assignment of leads to your sales representatives. NeoDove enables you to assign multiple leads to one sales rep all in one shot. Not only does this help save time, but it also improves business efficiency.

Prompt assignment of leads helps you better manage your team, makes their job easier and can boost engagement.

2) NeoDove’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

NeoDove IVR System

Partnering with TeleCMI and Exotel, NeoDove comes equipped with a highly useful IVR system and cloud telephony setup. IVR acts as an automated calling solution for your business that helps your business connect with customers easily.

With this system, NeoDove allows you to interact with customers even when no agents are available. It has in-build multilingual support to offer feedback in various languages. Alongside this, it uses advanced call routing to reduce overall wait times.

Most importantly, the IVR system ensures that your customers can always reach you 24×7. And, that your business is always available to help them.

3) Call Number Masking

NeoDove utilizes number masking to assign users virtual numbers via cloud telephony. This means that your agent’s phone number will not be visible to customers when they make or receive calls.

4) Sticky Agent

With this unique feature, NeoDove enables you to enhance your level of customer support. Using this, customers can automatically reconnect with agents they’ve previously spoken to.

This is extremely helpful as they won’t need to repeatedly explain their queries and can receive assistance immediately. Thus, making call flow management so much more efficient.

What additional value do you gain by using NeoDove?

NeoDove Happy Customers

Aside from the range of helpful features NeoDove offers, NeoDove helps your business broaden its horizons. From the automobile industry to real estate, healthcare, education and finance, NeoDove is well equipped to boost your business.

NeoDove allows for specialized lead distribution. With this, you can optimally distribute your leads amongst your team members based on various factors. For example, tags, geographical location, equal distribution or even a sequential order (1-to-1 lead distribution).

Moreover, NeoDove allows you to customize your campaigns and templates. There are also several base options to choose from like sales, service, feedback, etc. You can even move leads from one campaign to another if needed.

NeoDove provides you with various calling options when contacting customers. It could be priority-based, click-to-dial or even campaign-based. All these various options paired with automatic calling help reduce wait times.


Overall, NeoDove goes above and beyond to make your business’ workflow more organized. It’s mobile CRM application helps you tackle working on-the-go seamlessly.

Although TeleCRM is useful, it doesn’t have the little perks that NeoDove uses to make your telesales activities hassle-free.

NeoDove not only improves your employee productivity but it also strives to enhance your customers’ experience. As such, through activities like campaigns, SMS automation and multi-platform engagement, it greatly improves your sales process.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your demo today!

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