In this testimonial video, watch Mr. Vinayak Pandey, Founder of Depute, talk about his company, the challenges they faced prior to implementing NeoDove and their experience with NeoDove.

About Depute Depute empowers businesses to scale effectively by providing on-demand work completion and removing overhead costs of recruiting, training and managing a taskforce. This way, businesses just have to pay for the work completed, without having to worry about deploying taskforces!

How NeoDove Made a Difference As their team worked remotely, there was a lack of clarity regarding how the team was performing, the progress they were making, and the number of breaks they were taking. Furthermore, their teams made calls only using Excel sheets, which resulted in lower productivity.

Using NeoDove, they noticed a significant improvement in their team’s performance. They received prompt and unmatched support from our Customer Success Team, and NeoDove’s assorted features helped them close deals more effectively.