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The Ultimate Telecalling CRM for Small Business

Published on May 11, 2023
Last modified on May 25, 2023
Telecalling CRM for Small Business l NeoDove

Effectively manage leads, enhance customer experience and supercharge your sales!

What is a Telecalling CRM?

A Telecalling CRM is essentially a CRM platform that is tailored specifically for the telecalling process. In this type of CRM, only the most important features relating to telecalling are present. As such, a telecalling CRM is very easy-to-use and effective as well.

The Role of Telecalling CRM in Small Business

For Small Business, telecalling has become a major component. Generally, businesses with telecalling teams tend to rely on manual processes or use a combination of various different tools. However, neither of these options help them achieve optimal results.

Moreover, telecalling involves so much more than just making calls throughout the day. Telecalling is a whole world that involves effective lead management, customer engagement, performance monitoring and so much more. All of these processes cannot be done manually as manual tasks can lead to human errors.

A telecalling CRM offers an effective all-in-one solution to this problem. With it, you can automate all of the above mentioned tasks and boost business efficiency and productivity. 

The Key Features of Telecalling CRM for Small Business

1) Auto Dialer

Increase call attempts for Small Business by up to 200% with an automated calling process. Choose your preferred calling option, increase calling efficiency and eliminate manual dialling.

 2) Integrations

Benefit from a real-time, no code integration process. Effortlessly connect your account with your preferred platform or service provider.

3) Customer Engagement

Make the most of multichannel customer engagement and connect with your leads and prospects on various social media platforms. Build customizable scripts to help enhance customer service.

4) Real-time Reporting

Know what and how your team is doing through real-time reporting. Get call analytics, drive higher levels of productivity and optimize your work day.

5) Lead Management

From lead allocation to setting lead priority to accessing lead history, ensure 360-degree lead management with a telecalling CRM. Stay in control of your leads all from a single platform!

6) Task Management

Easy task creation and assignment. Get notified about upcoming tasks and never miss a task follow-up. 

The Benefits of Telecalling CRM for Small Business

1) Highly Scalable

For Small Business, a telecalling CRM brings every telecaller the flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time.

2) Easy to set up

With a telecalling CRM, you don’t need any hardware and your telecallers can get started instantly.

3) Increases Revenue

A telecalling CRM enables your telecallers to generate more leads, save costs, and boost productivity and conversions effectively.

4) Saves Time

By eliminating manual tasks, telecalling CRM reduces the workload of users and significantly increases efficiency Small Business.

5) Improves productivity

Eliminate manual telecalling, automate lead management and boost customer engagement to enhance team productivity with a telecalling CRM.

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Who can use telecalling CRM in Small Business?

1)  Sales and Marketing

Create separate sales and marketing campaigns for Small Business. Consolidate all your leads for Small Business on one platform, and track the journey of each lead and your teams’ performance in real-time.

2) Support or Service

Stay on top of all your calls and make sure your support is top-notch. Customize your support and gain insight into the progress of your leads based on lead history.

3) Lead Generation

Manage all your leads for Small Business from multiple sources on one centralized platform. Launch specific campaigns based on your requirements and create campaign reports to see how they’re progressing.

4) Feedback and Survey

Effectively manage your feedback campaigns and surveys for Small Business all in real-time. Get CSV reports with collective campaign responses, so you don’t have to do it all over again!

5) Recovery

Determine which leads require follow-ups with lead history and intuitive dashboards. Execute follow-up campaigns and effectively monitor leads for Small Business based on real-time performance analytics.

6)  Call Center

Effortlessly assign leads for Small Business to your telecallers or sales agents in real-time. Ensure leads are connected as soon as possible and receive hourly, weekly, and monthly reports on your agent’s progress with the leads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How does a telecalling CRM work for Small Business?

For Small Business, a telecalling CRM makes your telecalling process seamless by increasing productivity and boosting your sales. It also helps you in consolidating and automating manual tasks. Moreover, it also provides you with real-time agent reports to monitor your agents’ performance.

  • How is a telecalling CRM different from a normal CRM?

A normal CRM does not specifically target your telecalling team’s activities. Its main aim is to make your business workflow more organized. In comparison, a telecalling CRM particularly helps your telecalling agents to have a hassle-free calling experience, improves their productivity, and provides your customers with the best experience.

  • Why do we need a telecalling CRM for Small Business?

If your business requires your agents to speak to your prospects or customers directly, a Telecalling CRM would be the best solution to reduce your manual efforts and increase agent productivity.

  • Does my business need a telecalling CRM?

Yes, definitely! If your business needs a one-stop solution for handling leads effectively and improving customer engagement and experience, and improving sales then it’s definitely worth considering adopting a telecalling CRM.


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