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The Ultimate Guide to Dialers – NeoDove

Published on November 1, 2022
Last modified on December 15, 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Dialers l NeoDove

Did you know it takes 18 dials by a call center agent to connect with a potential buyer? 

In such a scenario, imagine how tiresome it can be for your agents to keep dialing numbers. Here, the phone is still the preferred method of communication. 

Thus, your agents would keep dialing numbers for the majority of their work hours. This causes them to lose time they could’ve instead spent talking to prospects and getting conversions.

To automate the dialing process and to save your agents time, auto dialing comes to the rescue. According to research, an auto dialing software can increase the productivity and talk time of agents by 300%. 

As technology has improved, there have been many advancements in the features of auto dialing software. There are now even many different auto dialing software available. 

With all of these options, you can choose the one that best suits your company’s requirements. In this article, we will explore auto-dialers and all they have to offer in greater detail. 

What Are Dialers?

A dialer is a type of software mainly used by call centers. This software helps automate the process of your agents dialing customer phone numbers 

Auto dialing software specifically can also document the outcome of the outbound calls. Businesses can also use this software to broadcast pre-recorded messages via SMS, push notifications and Interactive voice response (IVR).

An auto dialing software can perform several functions. For example, depending on whether your customer picks up the call, the software can decide what happens next. It can either direct the call to a live agent or move on to your next customer phone number.

There are also auto-dialers which use voice bots to play a message or collect data automatically. You can even customize a dialing software to process call data according to the company’s requirements. 

Types Of Dialers for Call Centers

Dialers can be used for several different purposes to help boost efficiency of your business. As such, there are several types of auto dialers that would fit the requirements of a call center. 

Here’s an insight on the different types of auto dialers and their capabilities:

In these types of dialers, the system simultaneously keeps dialing numbers from a list. A live agent is not present in this scenario. The system connects a call to your live agent only when a customer picks up.

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  • Preview Dialer

This dialer gives your agent the chance to preview relevant information about a contact. 

Basically, the relevant customer information is visible to your agent in a screen pop-up before they make the call. The best part about these types of dialers is that agents have the option to skip contacts if those customers are unresponsive.

  • Power Dialer

This is a type of outbound dialer. In these types of dialers, an agent has to activate the calling session and stay active on the line. 

When a customer picks up the call, the agent answers it. Here, no call transfer is involved as the agent is already available throughout the calling session.

5 Features of Auto Dialers

Here are five of the most useful features of an auto dialer that you should consider for your business.

5 Features of Auto Dialers

  • Easy CRM Integration

Any good auto-dialing software should have easy CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration. 

As such, all your leads generated from different sources have their contact information fed into the auto dialer automatically. This allows your agents to contact existing clients or potential leads anytime and anywhere.

  • Detecting unresponsive numbers

When you have a list of contacts to call, there are many customers who won’t respond. An important feature that auto-dialers have is the ability to filter out such unresponsive numbers. 

For example, say a customer doesn’t pick up calls on two occasions or more. Then, the software would perceive them as ‘no show’.

  • Predictive dialing features

Timing is very crucial in marketing. Even a second difference could lead to a sale or a lost opportunity. 

Auto predictive dialers eliminate the manual dialling process and give your agents the opportunity to make calls successively. This reduces the possibility of any lost opportunities for lead conversion.

  • Call Recording

This feature in an auto dialer allows HD recording of outbound calls. Due to this feature, you can analyze the performance of your agents and also spot any efficiencies. 

It can help resolve any customer disputes and allows your business to organize, record and manage all your leads.

  • Scheduling call back

Sometimes your agents are unable to connect with customers on their first call attempt. In these cases, they would need to again call and reconnect with your customers to carry out telemarketing activities.

To solve this issue, auto dialers allow you to schedule callbacks easily to help reconnect with your customers.

Benefits Of Auto Dialers For Your Business

Auto dialing software can totally change the pace of your business for the better. \

Benefits Of Auto Dialers For Your Business l NeoDove

Here are some of the main benefits of using auto dialers for your business:

  • Increased productivity of agents

Without auto dialers, agents would be spending precious time repetitively dialing numbers. The main benefit of an auto dialer is that it takes this workload off of your agents. 

Hence, agents would have higher talk time with your customers. Thus, resulting in better lead nurturing and many more conversions.

  • Improved efficiency of business operations

Following up on the previous point, an auto dialer reduces the number of manual business operations. 

In fact, auto dialers eliminate excessive wait time, call drops, misdialing and other such constraints. As a result, you have improved efficiency of all your business operations.

  • Increased blended campaign productivity

Several call centers handle both inbound and outbound calls simultaneously. If your call center too does this, an auto dialer would be great for your business. 

Auto dialers allow you to correctly classify and segregate your campaigns and leads effortlessly. They deal with both types of calls effectively and thus result in greater agent productivity.

  • Real-time monitoring and reporting

Through dashboards and customizable reports, an auto dialer enables you to see agents’ activities and performance. Thus, you can get an insight on most call center operations. 

You can keep call quality levels high by regularly monitoring the performance of your agents. Not only this, but you can also access these call recordings. For these reasons, real-time monitoring proves to be a useful feature in auto dialing software.

  • Increased lead generation

As the number of manual tasks of agents is reduced by an auto dialer, agents are more productive. They can call up more prospects and spend their time nurturing leads. 

Consequently, you will have better lead generation for your business.

How To Choose the Right Dialer for Your Call Center?

Before you invest in an autodialer, it is important to know the requirements of your call center. 

Every business is different and has different needs and constraints. You must evaluate your business needs and consider the following factors before opting for an autodialer.

How to Choose the Right Auto Dialer for your Call Center l NeoDove

  • Types of processes in the call center

The first thing to do before setting up an auto dialer software is to identify the process you want to automate. For example, you could want agents to nurture and close leads within a specific time period. 

Alternatively, you might want agents to generate leads by outbound calling. You would need to properly evaluate both scenarios as they require different types of auto-dialers.

  • Size of your agent team

The number of agents working in your call center greatly impacts your choice of an auto dialing software. If you have a mid-size to large team and many contacts to call, a predictive dialer would be best. 

However, if you have a small team and limited lines, you should opt for a power dialer.

  • Types of prospects or target customers

This is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing an autodialer. A wrong choice could have a significant negative impact on your business. 

If your prospects need close attention, a predictive dialer would be a bad choice. In comparison, if you have a B2B business, you should go for a power dialer.

  • Type of Lead Source

If you’re generating leads from the web or sources like events, you have to ensure no leads are wasted. In such cases, a dedicated agent should always be on the line to attend to calls. For this reason, a power dialer would be the best suited solution.

Besides these factors, consider opting for a software with features like CRM integration, IVR, lead management, etc.


To sum up, dialers play an important role in modern businesses across various industries. Based on the above, you should have a decent understanding about their importance in call centers as well.

Due to their importance, it’s crucial that you make the right choice when choosing a dialer for your business. For a software that meets all your requirements, you should consider NeoDove – a smart telecalling CRM solution.

Not only does it come with an organized database and auto-dialer, but it meets your every requirement. With NeoDove, you can increase agent efficiency and productivity by up to 30% and supercharge sales.

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