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Average Call Value

An Average Call Value is a key metric used by call centers for the telecallers.

Automatic/Auto Dialer

An autodialer is a software or precisely a predictive dialer software that automatically dials numbers from a contact list.

ATT – Average Talk Time

ATT stands for the average talk time of an agent. It’s the amount of time he/she spends on handling prospect/customer calls. It could be to pitch a product/service or to resolve their queries.

Analytical CRM

An analytical CRM is used to maintain records of prospects and customer interactions.

Account Executive

An account executive is responsible for catering to the needs of existing customers and closing new accounts to create more customers.

ADR – Account Development Representative

An Account development representative or ADR is the one who develops strategies, identifies and acquires new customers, and is responsible to implement current market trends in the business strategy.

ABM – Account-Based Marketing

ABM or Account-based marketing is a strategy that companies use to narrow down high-value prospects and create a marketing campaign that caters to that audience.


An account can refer to all the records of customer interactions your team has so far. This can include customer details, preferred business needs, buying history, and transactions with your business.

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