Real Estate Industry

NeoDove is a unique contact management platform that can help you close the real estate deals in an effortless manner.

Enjoy a seamless communication experience with your clients

If any industry requires ongoing communication with the clients, then that is the real estate industry. Here customers not only want your advice for deciding but also want you to be their advisors throughout the buying process. Deliver an engaging customer satisfaction experience to your clients, every time, with NeoDove, the leading cloud-based communication management platform for realtors across the world.

Deliver a stellar performance every time

While investing in a property, commercial or residential, customers desire real-time tangible information to help make a decision. NeoDove empowers your team to surpass the expectations of your customers effortlessly.

Stellar performance
Nurture clients

Retain and nurture existing clients

Investment decisions in the real estate industry largely depend on the relationship you have with the client. We enable your team to enjoy meaningful conversations with your clients, which build upon the existing relationship and take it up a notch. With the NeoDove platform, your agent will be able to directly share information through WhatsApp /SMS without having to add the contact number.

Break the language barrier

There is no doubt that customers prefer to interact in their preferred language. With NeoDove, your team can communicate with the customers in the language they speak and close the deals faster. NeoDove has a multi-lingual interface inbuilt in its app. With a click, the entire interface will be translated in a language that you prefer, thus providing ease of communication to both the agent and customer

No language barriers
No missed calls

No missed calls

Nothing can go more wrong than forgetting to follow- up with a warm lead. NeoDove allows you to schedule calls and follow up calls at your prospect’s convenience to help you manage better. Losing track of customers, skipping connections with prospects can be now tackled through the portal efficiently.

Meet customer expectations

NeoDove offers you real-time access to important customer information. This feature enables you to formulate your strategy according to the present needs of the customers and thus engage them meaningfully by meeting their expectations.

Customer experience
Real-time Insights

Unparalleled Flexibility

Whether you are working from home or are on the move, use our intuitive mobile app to access essential client details and communicate with them as per their preferences. After all, clients come first.

Customization for enhanced customer experience

NeoDove’s innovative and customized option for script building can be edited an infinite number of times before talking to the client. The Inbuilt script templates help you mold your script in any manner you want – for a sales pitch, conducting surveys, taking feedback, etc.

Reminders for service
All leads in one place

All Leads in One place

Get all your leads in one place.NeoDove has integration with 99acres, Magic Bricks, Housing online, Just Dial, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Google sheet .No more manual intervention required. All leads can be directly pushed to the system. When you lessen the manual work on the team and automate it, you can utilize them for better purposes such as “closing sales”

Reach out to more customers

NeoDove not only filters out the junk data, but re-routes all switched off ,unavailable and busy numbers  based on pere determined criteria .The progressive dialers ensure the leads are connected automatically to enable your team to reach out to more customers in less time.

Reach more customers

Incorporating the latest technological innovations like Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Functionality, NeoDove is the answer to all your customer communication management worries. Power-up your customer acquisition and retention activities with NeoDove. Contact us now for any queries that you may have.

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