Team Monitoring and Productivity

NeoDove enables you to actively monitor the functioning of your team members, allowing for timely interventions to enhance their productivity in an efficient manner. With NeoDove, not only will you be able to eliminate wasteful activities but will also be able to enhance the efficiency of your operations manifolds.

Multilingual interface

NeoDove allows you to capture and record data in multiple languages with a dynamic multilingual interface, allowing you the flexibility to expand your operations across multiple geographical locations in a hassle-free manner. It also empowers your agents to work with a language they are comfortable with. This also cuts off the slacking time to understand a language unfamiliar to them.

Multilingual Interface

Customizable script

Allowing you the benefit of creating your own fields and questions, our customizable script feature enables you to get the entire information desired from your clients. So, now your team only has to focus on the script, eliminating the chance for the conversation to go haywire. With unlimited revision option, you can customize the script as and when required to understand what script is able to increase the business conversion rate.

Pre Populated Templates

Pre-populated templates

NeoDove allows you access to a vast range of pre-populated templates to help choose and design the script that meets your business requirements and helps customers understand your business

Predictive Dialler

With our unique predictive dialler, eliminate the time wasted and errors  in manual dialling. The calls are automatically connected without the need for a  manual dial.

Predictive Dialler
Routing leads

Routing leads as per efficiency

Give a boost to your lead conversion efforts with the help of NeoDove’s proprietary algorithm allowing you to route the leads as per the efficiency, efficacy, and spare capacity of your team members.

Access to Team Insights

NeoDove allows you to have real-time access to key insights break time, login time, geotagging to keep a tab of your team members and plan your activities accordingly.

Team Insights
Whatsapp Support

Send SMS and Whatsapp from the app

NeoDove allows you to send whatsapp and SMS directly from the app without the need for the user to manually add them in contacts. We understand the need for your employees to multi task and hence have a webportal of the App as well so that your employees can make the calls directly from the desktop instead of mobile and send quotations, invoices directly from the portal.

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