360-Degree Integrated Lead Management

Automated lead management is the new growth hack for your business. Accelerate your workflow with an integrated lead management software. 

Marketplace Integration

Capture leads automatically from Just Dial, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, MagicBricks, etc. Get them directly on the NeoDove platform without any manual effort. Save time and increase productivity for your business.

Seamless Business Workflow

Capture qualified leads from various portals and customize according to your business workflow. Automate mundane tasks and accelerate the lead journey.

Retain Existing Customers

Build pro-active relationships with your customers to reduce churn and improve your customer experience.

Social Media Integration

Get automatic lead flow from Facebook and Instagram Ads with zero manual effort. Track your leads’ journey through NeoDove.

Google Sheets Integration

Directly import files from Google sheets to NeoDove. Experience automatic integration and hassle-free collaboration within the team. Manage and implement lead execution strategies to increase sales efficiency.

Get Started Now

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