360-Degree Centralized Lead Management through Integration

An easy interface which allows automated integration of leads is the new growth hack solution in this industry. NeoDove understands how much you hate manually updating your lead list every time.

Automate the Lead Collection Process

Whether your customers are on Justdial, Facebook, Google Ads or MagicBricks, get them directly on your NeoDove platform directly without any manual effort. You can save a hell lot of time and increase your productivity which will be useful for your business.

Automate Lead Collection

Get a boom in your automobile business

Get your customized leads from various automobile portals and other such platforms directly on your NeoDove portal. This allows you to serve your customers in full capabilities without wasting time on those tasks which can be automated.

Real Estate

Get boom in real estate business

Here also you can get your leads from any real estate websites like 99 acres, Home Online, MagicBricks  directly on your NeoDove Portal and start pitching your clients.

Google Spreadsheet

Integration with Google Spreadsheet

Google is convenience. Not utilizing such easy to use google feature for your business can be a drawback.So, we brought dynamics to our software by allowing automatic integration and collaboration within the team. Google spreadsheet – easy to share and access from anywhere allows horizontal and vertical collaboration across departments in your organization. 

Whichever industry you belong- hospitality, healthcare or education, we’ve got your back. So don’t worry, we’re here for you to give you a 360degree lead management with our awesome integrations

Other Integrations

If your prospects run an ad on Instagram or facebook, then get the lead flowing to NeoDove without any manual intervention. When you save your team’s time, you will utilize their time and salary for a better purpose.

Other Integrations

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