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Easily integrate Google Slides with NeoDove

Discover how you can make the most of NeoDove’s Google Slides integration to optimize lead management!

Why is Google Slides integration important?

With NeoDove’s Google Slides integration, you can create and share dynamic presentations. Moreover, it enables telecallers to access and share slides directly from the CRM, enhancing communication during sales calls.
In this way, it streamlines your pitch process, saves time, and ensures consistent and impactful presentations.

How to set up Google Slides Integration

Learn how to set up Google Slides integration with NeoDove in six easy steps!
Log in to your NeoDove CRM account and find the dashboard.
Look for the “Settings” or “Configuration” option in the CRM menu, usually represented by a gear or wrench icon.
Navigate to “Integrations” or a similar section, and click “Add Integration” for Google Slides.
Follow the prompt to sign in to your Google Account, granting NeoDove permission to access Google Slides.
Customize settings like default slide templates and organization preferences as needed.
Create a test scenario in NeoDove CRM to ensure the integration functions correctly, generating Google Slides presentations.

What you can do with Google Slides Integration


The Perks of Google Slides Integration

Streamlined lead management

Automate lead capture and transfer to NeoDove CRM and eliminate manual data entry. Streamline lead management and ensure lead availability for telecallers to engage with.

Access Anywhere

Seamlessly access and showcase Google Slides directly within the CRM, ensuring on-the-go presentations without switching platforms.

Real-time Updates

Edit slides in real-time and instantly reflect changes during calls, ensuring up-to-date and accurate information delivery.

Streamlined Follow-ups

Attach presentation links to customer records, facilitating post-call follow-ups with relevant materials and insights.

Enhanced lead nurturing

Automate lead capturing and effectively nurture your ChatGPT leads with personalized communication to boost successful conversions.

Improved Customer Experience

Offer dynamic, informative interactions, leaving a positive impression on clients.

Instant Responses

Provide real-time answers to customer queries, enhancing engagement.

Automated Follow-ups

Schedule and manage follow-up calls effortlessly, boosting efficiency.

The Advantages of Google Slides Integration

  • Build strong customer relationships
  • Self-updating data
  • Improve workflow automation
  • Greater lead conversion
  • Convert data into actionable insights

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    Integrating Google Slides with NeoDove CRM lets you create and showcase dynamic presentations directly during calls, making your pitches more engaging.
    Absolutely! With the integration, you can access and present Google Slides seamlessly without switching between platforms.
    Yes, Google Slides integration enables collaborative slide creation and editing within NeoDove CRM, promoting better teamwork and content sharing.
    Yes, edit slides in real-time and the changes will instantly appear during your calls, ensuring up-to-date information delivery.

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      By submitting this form, I give my consent to receive message/email/whatsapp and updates to my number or email address

      By submitting this form, I give my consent to receive message/email/whatsapp and updates to my number or email address