As a healthcare professional your role is not over with the patient’s treatment but in fact it is a new journey started. Start engaging and building trust  with your patients through an innovative contact centre solution called NeoDove.

Manage your communication better

Healthcare industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the present time. Whether you are running a hospital nursing clinic, pharma company, a stockist, diagnostic labs or a marketing company, the success of your business depends on the efficacy of your communication channels. Even a slight delay in communication or misinterpretation of the data can pose serious challenges. The necessity of a reliable contact management solution is paramount. 

With NeoDove, you get the benefits of an AI-powered communication management system that lets you maximise the efficiency of your team members and help complete your communication tasks easily.

Enjoy the power of technology

The success in the healthcare industry is highly dependent on conveying the right message to the right person at the right time. This is literally not possible with manual efforts. That is why NeoDove brings you the latest features for a superior call management experience.

Enjoy the technology
Automatic Workflow

Keep track of communication

When you are interacting with a customer or a stakeholder, having access to previous communication is extremely useful. With NeoDove, you can easily keep track of your previous conversations and then build-on it during future interactions.

Speak their language

Healthcare businesses often involve interactions with individuals present in different locations, nationally and internationally. NeoDove allows you to interact in the language they speak and helps you record the desired information in the language they prefer.

Speak their language
Access to information

Ready access to information

Whether you are making sales pitch or resolving a grievance of a customer, having information readily available is always a plus point. NeoDove lets you access essential communication details at one place, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the communication.

Never miss a beat

Generating leads is an arduous task, but when you miss out on a lead just because you missed the client details or forgot to send reminders, it is extremely painful. With NeoDove, you can now call your customers or send whatsapp messages and SMS directly from the app without having to add them in the contact book.

Send information

Data driven decisions with reports

Real time analytics and detailed reports to let you know what is not working for you and take corrective actions. The reports are both at User level and at Campaign level.

Communicate the way you want

NeoDove allows you to customise the script and also has a multilingual interface to help you communicate in the language that your patrons understand and also to help you capture the information that you require, helping make policy-level decisions in a better manner.

Communicate efficiently
Customized service

Deliver Convenience and Care

Healthcare systems can be chaotic sometimes with patient appointments, follow-ups and emergencies. NeoDove helps you do all these seamlessly without having to do back and forth.

NeoDove is your one-stop solution for all communication management problems. Treat Patients not only with Best Healthcare Treatment but also with Best Customer Care Experience

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