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How To Write A Healthcare Insurance Sales Pitch

Published on September 2, 2022
Last modified on September 18, 2023
How To Write A Healthcare Insurance Sales Pitch - NeoDove

Do you want to make your healthcare insurance sales more effective? 

No matter the industry, the realm of insurance sales can be extremely competitive. This is especially true in healthcare insurance sales. 

With so many competitors, it can be quite challenging for your business to capture the attention of leads. As such, specific sales pitches can be used by your sales reps to make the sales process more effective.

In this article, we will understand more about healthcare insurance sales pitches. Alongside this, we will also examine some of the most popular sales pitch examples.


What is a Sales Pitch?

A sales pitch is a quick sales presentation wherein a sales rep talks about their business and its benefits. Generally, your salesperson will have around 1-2 minutes to explain how your product will benefit your prospect. 

Sales pitches are commonly known as ‘elevator’ pitches. This is because they should be able to convey relevant product information in the time span of an elevator ride.


Why is your sales pitch important?

In today’s tech-enhanced world, the attention span of people is shrinking. As such, salespeople must adapt their sales pitch accordingly. Furthermore, people no longer have time to spare to listen to long sales pitches. 

Why is your sales pitch important - NeoDove


An ideal sales pitch should be able to convey your required product message in a convincing way. If your sales pitch is effective, your business can make a lot of profitable sales. 

Remember, the first few moments of a business conversation can affect the direction your following interactions will go. Hence, you should optimally use your sales pitch to convince your prospects about your product/ service. 

Moreover, if you’re selling a particular product, your sales pitch should create trust in prospects. It is the perfect opportunity to reassure them that they will greatly benefit from purchasing from your business. 


Health Insurance Sales Pitch Examples

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at a few insurance sales pitch examples:

1) The Elevator Pitch

You use this health insurance sales script when you have limited time to explain and pitch your product. Try to touch on your prospect’s pain points to ensure a successful cold call. In the field of insurance, it’s typically about saving money wherever you can.

Hi [First Name],

My name is [Your First Name]. I’m calling from XYZ healthcare insurance company. Actually, we happen to be expanding our insurance coverage to your location.

Can you spare some time for me to tell you about what services we offer? I believe that our company can help you save quite a bit of money on insurance premiums.

Every year we have saved our customers around [X $] per year on their healthcare insurance. Moreover, we have several five star reviews from our customers and clients. If you would like it, I can send you a custom quote via email.

Our plans allow you to combine [ Feature A] with [ Feature B ] to give you [ Benefit C ]. In fact, we’re the only insurance provider that offers these specific savings and policy combinations.

If I could have your email address, I could also send across more details. Can I call you tomorrow to go over our insurance policies and how our company helps you save money?

Great, thank you [First Name]!

2) The Value Pitch

With this insurance pitch, you put forward all the various benefits your organization’s healthcare insurance plans have to offer.

Hello [First Name],

My name is [Your First Name]. I’m from XYZ healthcare insurance company. You may be aware that we cannot match Company B’s insurance rates. However, we do not actually want to.

At XYZ, our customers value our constant support and willingness to take quick measures regarding any of their concerns. In addition to this, we also handle:

Benefit A
Benefit B
Benefit C

We truly focus on providing you with the best possible service . If you’d like, I could send across an email detailing our insurance plans?

Wonderful, thank you [First Name].

3) The Website-generated Lead Pitch

It’s a fact that many insurance companies use CRM to get leads from various sources. These systems allow for leads along with their complete information regarding prospects to be distributed.

Thus, you don’t need to collect the details again. Just simply verify that the details are correct.

Hi [First Name],

My name is [Your First Name] and I’m from XYZ healthcare insurance company. How have you been doing?

Great! I’m calling you based on a request made online regarding healthcare insurance information. Based on the information you submitted, I see that you’re interested in Plan A for [X] years. Is this correct?

[You can then quickly ask for more details and briefly explain the insurance buying process. Try to obtain other details that you need in order to close the sale]

Thank You!

4) The Promotional Pitch

Many times, insurance companies can release new rates with large discounts offered for new sign-ups. These clients are relatively easy to handle and objections tend to be less. This is because many clients want to save on their premiums. 

Hello [First Name],

This is [Your First Name] from XYZ healthcare insurance company. I’m calling as XYZ company has just released new rates. These new rates could help you save upto 40% on your healthcare insurance premiums. May I explain in greater detail?

[Detailed explanation of promotional offer + attempt a closure]

[If your client is busy, then ask for their email address]

You’re currently busy? No problem, can we send you the relevant information through email?

Great! May I call you tomorrow to go over our different insurance plans and the new premiums?

Perfect, thank you.

How To Make The Perfect Healthcare Insurance Sales Pitch

A great sales pitch is the first step to selling more healthcare insurance. That being the case, it’s important to learn what makes your sales pitch more effective. You should also know how to use this information to make the best sales presentation to your prospects.

How To Make The Perfect Healthcare Insurance Sales Pitch - NeoDove


Although making an effective healthcare insurance sales pitch can seem a bit challenging, it’s a vital step. That is why, here are some key points to help you make the perfect health insurance sales pitch:

1) Know Your Client

Take some time to better understand your client’s needs, concerns and goals. In this way, you’re able to present the most suitable healthcare insurance options . Alongside this, you’re also able to foster a deeper relationship that’ll likely help in making them a long-term client.

2) Use visuals whenever you can

Research shows that salespeople who use visuals when presenting are more likely to persuade clients than those who don’t. When pitching to your clients, using visuals of relevant data makes it easy to understand.

3) Try to personalize your presentation

Creating a personalized presentation values your clients’ specific needs and goals into consideration. 

Additionally, it also shows that you actually care about what option is most suitable for them.  And, that you don’t want to just make a quick sale. Thus, establishing trust with your client. 

Trust is an especially important factor when it comes to health insurance sales. As such, anything done to build more of it with your clients is valuable.

4) Convert objections into sales opportunities

If your client comes up with objections to what you’ve presented, ask them to better explain their concerns. By getting more of an understanding about your client’s needs, you can suggest suitable solutions.

Furthermore, this allows you to select the best healthcare insurance options to address their specific concerns.

5) Conduct a needs analysis

Prior to presenting your options to your client, you should conduct a needs analysis. This allows you to find out exactly what they want to achieve.

Moreover, this helps you select the best health insurance options for your client. In addition, you can also showcase why it’s the best choice for satisfying their specific needs. 

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    6) Help clients solve a problem

    In place of directly selling your product, approach your sale as if you’re selling a solution. Accordingly, you can see which options are most suitable for your client. Then, you can help them find which insurance option meets and satisfies all their needs.

    7) Incorporate your competitors

    Don’t hesitate to compare your product with those offered by your competitors. In fact, you can use your competitor’s products to show how they cannot compare with your recommendations.

    In this way, you’re showing your clients that they have options. But, you’re also conveying that you will help them find the best option for them.

    8) Highlight the benefits of using your product

    When you are conducting your sales presentation, you should clearly outline the benefits of each insurance option. 

    Doing this lets your client know why you’re recommending certain options to them. Furthermore, it also helps address any concerns or objections they may have.

    9) Create reports for your clients

    Most times, your client may require additional time to think over their options. They use this time to carefully consider each one before they make a final decision.

    By creating a personalized presentation, your clients are able to take your suggested options with them. Make sure to include a method of getting in touch with you should they need any more information.

    10) Remember to follow up after the presentation

    After your sales pitch, it’s also important to reach out to your client. Through follow-ups, you can answer any more questions they might have while providing them with additional information.

    Most importantly, maintaining open communication greatly increases your chances of closing a sale.


    6 Tips For Making The Perfect Healthcare Insurance Sales Pitch

    Crafting an effective healthcare insurance sales pitch is essential in today’s competitive market. 

    6 Tips For Making The Perfect Healthcare Insurance Sales Pitch - NeoDove


    Let’s explore key tips to help you create the perfect healthcare insurance sales pitch:

    1) Be clear

    First and foremost, clarity is crucial. Your potential clients should easily understand the key points of your healthcare insurance plan. 


    Avoid jargon and complex terms. Use simple language to explain coverage, premiums, and benefits. 

    When your health insurance sales pitch is clear, it builds trust and confidence in your prospects. Thus, making them more likely to consider your offering.

    2) Define your target audience

    Understanding your audience is fundamental. Before delivering your health insurance sales pitch, research and identify your ideal customers. 


    Tailor your message to their specific needs, preferences, and pain points related to healthcare insurance. 

    Whether you’re speaking to young professionals or retirees, addressing their unique concerns will resonate more effectively.

    3) Paint a picture of what their future would be like with your healthcare insurance plan

    Instead of simply listing features, paint a vivid picture of how your healthcare insurance plan can positively impact your prospect’s life. 


    Describe scenarios where your healthcare coverage brings peace of mind, such as timely medical care, financial security, or access to top-tier healthcare providers. 

    A compelling vision of a secure and healthy future can significantly enhance your healthcare insurance sales pitch’s persuasiveness.

    4) Explain how your product can help satisfy their needs

    Initiate your healthcare insurance sales pitch by empathizing with your audience’s needs. Clearly elucidate how your healthcare insurance plan can meet those needs. 


    Discuss the coverage, benefits, and advantages of your product.

    Utilize relatable examples to illustrate scenarios where your plan can offer peace of mind, financial security, or access to quality healthcare services.

    5) Address the problem your customer is facing

    Recognize the challenges and concerns that potential customers are currently grappling with. 


    Confront their pain points directly. Whether it’s apprehension about escalating medical expenses, gaps in coverage, or uncertainty about the future, empathize with their predicament.

    Position your healthcare insurance plan as the remedy to their issues. Moreover, demonstrate how choosing your product can assuage their concerns and provide a reliable safety net.

    6) Make your pitch brief

    In today’s fast-paced world, brevity is key. Keep your healthcare insurance sales pitch concise and focused. Respect your prospect’s time and attention. 


    Use clear, straightforward language, and avoid jargon or technical terminology that might perplex or discourage potential clients.

    Highlight the most critical aspects of your healthcare insurance plan without overwhelming them with excessive details. A succinct yet impactful healthcare insurance sales pitch is more likely to engage their interest and leave a lasting impression.

    How NeoDove Will Help While Selling Healthcare Insurance

    In the world of healthcare insurance sales, crafting a compelling pitch is paramount. NeoDove’s Telecalling CRM is your trusted partner in this endeavor, enhancing the efficacy of your sales team.

    One key advantage of NeoDove is its ability to streamline sales pitches. With access to a repository of healthcare insurance sales scripts and insurance pitch examples, your agents can refine their approach, ensuring that they address client needs with precision and relevance.

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      Healthcare insurance is a deeply personal matter, and NeoDove recognizes this. Our CRM allows your team to personalize interactions with each prospect, fostering connections built on trust and understanding.

      Furthermore, it simplifies follow-up tasks, ensuring that no lead slips through the cracks. Effortlessly schedule reminders, send automated messages, and track interactions so that every opportunity is maximized.

      In the competitive healthcare insurance market, NeoDove Telecalling CRM is the tool you need to stay ahead and succeed.



      As you can see, an effective sales pitch is a very important factor in closing healthcare insurance sales. 

      Your sales pitch should be brief yet interesting and informative. Your prospects should feel well-assured and willing to place their trust in your healthcare insurance plans.

      So, for all these reasons, just keep the above tips in mind whenever you’re pitching your product. With a little practice and confidence, you too will be able to make the perfect sales pitch!

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