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Expressions Increases Lead Conversion By 17% Using NeoDove

About Expressions

Expressions provides learners with a unique communicative English program. What makes the program the first of its kind is that it is built on conceptually robust linguistic principles of trans-coding and code-transfer that enable the students to ‘think in English’ and develop stronger English-speaking skills.

Challenges faced by Expressions

Expressions faced a number of challenges, including tracking and managing every lead, monitoring the tele-calling team’s performance, keeping tabs on the total calls and follow-ups made, and most importantly, meeting call and lead generation targets.

The lack of an effective lead and sales management system led to numerous other challenges internally, which ultimately resulted in lower conversions. 

How NeoDove Helped

The NeoDove web portal served as a centralized platform that helped accumulate leads in one place and allocate them to executives on time.

Real-time reporting provided accurate performance status of each executive, regardless of whether they worked from home or at the office.

With automated and progressive dialling through the NeoDove mobile app, the telesales team was able to meet its call and lead generation targets.

A phone call was not the only way to communicate with a customer. The executives communicated with leads, prospects and customers using WhatsApp, SMS, and email as well.

The Expressions team was able to adapt quickly to NeoDove, and constant and immediate support was provided to them at all times.

Results achieved using NeoDove

NeoDove’s successful implementation at Expressions led to:
increase in lead conversion


increase in total efficiency


increase in multiple touchpoints


Mr. Sumant Chinchwadkar

Co-founder & CEO

“We’ve been using NeoDove to manage our leads and telesales for some time now and I must say, it’s a great platform that has been seamlessly adopted by our team. A major plus is the quick and comprehensive support available from Neodove”

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