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Top 5 Mobile CRM Apps for Better Sales Management

Published on April 28, 2022
Last modified on April 13, 2023
Top 5 Mobile CRM Apps for Better Sales Management - NeoDove

Did you know that 65% of salespeople achieve their sales quotas when using mobile CRMs? 

Don’t you want your sales representatives to achieve the same results?

With new technology, a professional’s marketing, services, or sales responsibilities are no longer confined to the office. Your employees have to be flexible and dynamic, working on-site and on-road with the clients. 

The only way for businesses to manage so many leads is to take the help of a CRM. If employees have to be on the go while prospecting, further, they would need a mobile CRM as well.

Choosing the best mobile CRM app is vital for employees to access the data, information, and general functions anytime and anywhere. In this article, we will learn all about mobile CRM applications. We’ll also see what mobile CRMs are and how mobile CRM software works.


What are mobile CRM apps ?

Oftentimes, employees need access to CRM data and information through tablet and mobile devices. In these cases, they can use a mobile CRM app. 

What are mobile CRM apps - NeoDove

Mobile CRM apps provide almost all the features present in your traditional CRM system. Any updates or changes made to the CRM on the desktop are immediately and automatically reflected on the mobile CRM

Moreover, officials on the field need flexibility and access to the data at any time. This is when the seamless and unlimited transfer of data with functionality and consistency is possible with a mobile CRM app.

Mobile CRM can provide simple access to updated data, information, contacts, meetings, dashboards, calendars, and more. Thus, a mobile CRM greatly increases the work efficiency of your employees. 

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What are the benefits of Mobile CRM apps?

Almost everybody is using the traditional CRM routinely. For example, they are using the same spreadsheets, calendar apps, client notes, notebooks, or phonebooks.  However, mobile CRM apps are quite advanced and specifically designed to increase sales and manage customer relationships.

The major benefits of using mobile CRM Apps are as follows:

1. Manage and organize data

A mobile CRM assists in managing, organizing, and storing data, and customer information in one place. When working in a team, it becomes beneficial to have a shared platform, reference, and database.

2. Access information anywhere anytime

All the details are at the tips of your fingers. With a mobile CRM app, you can access all the information as and when required.

3. Customers’ profile

The categorization of customers based on their background, interests, needs, and other factors is possible due to the mobile CRM App. This allows you to serve customers better.

4. Boost sales

The mobile CRM allows salespeople to connect with customers easier. This boosts the relationship with the customers and, in turn, improves sales. Additionally, it is very simple to focus on the high-end customers and nurture the others with a mobile CRM app.

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5. Improve productivity

A centralized mobile CRM app assists in automating tasks, streamlining business processes and closing deals. As a result, a lot of energy and time is saved with this handy tool.

6. Identify business opportunities

Analyzing the business using detailed reports generated from the CRM helps predict business growth. With such data from the mobile CRM, you can also analyze the performance of salespeople, or forecast sales. With targeted sales and offerings, better opportunities can be created.

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Top 5 Best Mobile CRM Apps You Should Know

Several mobile CRM apps are available in the market with many functions and features. However, these are the few that are leading the market in mobile CRM software:

1. NeoDove

NeoDove is a very strong contender in the CRM as well as the mobile CRM industry. This “Telecalling CRM and Dialer” application is tailored to the customers’ needs to drive actual sales conversions. With a strong backing in technology-based solutions and value-based services, NeoDove’s mobile CRM app is one of the most mature, practical, and innovative apps to suit your business needs.

NeoDove offers a whole range of features. These include an auto dialer, which helps salespeople connect with customers simultaneously without extra hassle. NeoDove also offers 1000+ integrations and multi-platform integrations with platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Zapier etc. You can also drive upto 3x more conversions with its WhatsApp API feature!

If you want all of these features integrated with your business, request a demo through this link.

2. HubSpot

Functionality such as deals on the go, reminders, creating tasks, detailed activity feed etc. is consolidated in HubSpot’s mobile CRM. The mobile CRM app also supports consistent live chat, a detailed caller ID screen, meeting outreach, and quick email.

The team collaboration also becomes simple with accessible storage, real-time notifications, straightforward task assignment, and many such functions. It is designed to suit all the categories of business and reconciles scalability and power with simplicity in use.

3. Zoho CRM

The Zoho mobile CRM app is an interactive interface organized seamlessly. The excellent features of this app include a location-based feature to identify sales opportunities and nearby customers. Moreover, it also records your visit, logs call details, and many more.

This mobile CRM app is a powerful resource available for dynamic CRM with real-time reports and AI in the mobile application. Zoho CRM is basically designed for the sales department. But, it can be explored and considered for other aspects of the business as well.

4. Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s mobile CRM app is designed for sales-centric businesses. Most industry-based features like meeting prep resources, syncing an email application, contact notes, and many more are included. 

This mobile CRM gives you a win-win situation in individual performance and team performance with many multifaceted functions. Moreover, the sleek, user-friendly interface is like icing on the cake. As such, this is a scalable and well-structured option of CRM for streamlining sales operations.

5. Sugar CRM

The Sugar mobile CRM app is designed for customer service, marketing and sales. Any business organization looking forward to simplicity and structure combined with maintaining functionality can opt for this mobile CRM app.

This mobile CRM app is one of the best rated software with several features. These include service activities, marketing, categorization of sales, pinpoint location services, straightforward summaries, and many more.

The most sought after feature of this mobile CRM app is that it has offline sync capabilities. So, even when there is a network connection issue, the crucial information is still available with the offline structure. Though the prices are high, they can be tailor-made according to the requirements of the business.

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    Mobile CRM apps have their own unique features and strengths. Almost all of them can be tailored to design as per the requirements of businesses and can be affordable.

    Thus, the selection can be very simple with the utility and the preferences of the business. So, according to your business needs you can easily choose one of the 5 mobile CRM apps listed above.

    If your business needs are a smart Telecalling CRM, look no further than NeoDove. It is India’s leading Telecalling CRM after all!


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Mobile CRM is nothing but CRM for mobile apps. It is a customer relationship management system that is designed for use on mobile and tablet devices. It allows employees or officials working remotely to access CRM data and information through their mobile devices.

    Mobile CRM apps provides almost all the features present in the traditional CRM system, allowing for the seamless transfer of data with functionality and consistency.

    Some of the best CRM include NeoDove, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, and Sugar CRM. These platforms offer a range of features.

    You can get deals on the go, reminders, creating tasks, detailed activity feed, team collaboration, location-based features, recording visits, logging call details, syncing email applications, contact notes, and many more.

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