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About Us

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Our Mission

We aim to be the go-to sales and marketing solution for businesses worldwide. With our automated dialer, multichannel engagement and various integrations, we bring an all-in-one platform to optimize telecalling, maximize conversions and help our clients grow.
By focusing on building innovative calling solutions supported with top-tier technology, NeoDove brings a platform that is easy to use and offers quick implementation. Our team is committed to providing consistent support to clients while also constantly evolving based on what our users need.

Our Story

In 2016, while working at his family-run business, Arpit Khandelwal encountered a dilemma. He observed a common organizational issue faced by several businesses when handling certain processes like sending follow-up messages, scheduling appointments, etc. Moreover, the current method being used was inefficient.
After collecting data and doing significant research himself, he discovered there was no solution available at the time. He wanted to change this. So, he thought, why not create the solution himself?
SMBs wish to strengthen and maintain their customer relationships across various channels and drive more conversions. But, how can they do this effectively?
Arpit Khandelwal wanted to design an easy-to-use system that could help optimize various business operations across industries. With this thought, came the realization that an all-in-one platform equipped with unique sales and marketing features was the key.
In January 2020, Arpit Khandelwal, IIT Bombay alumnus and ex-Ola Bike (Core Team), launched an innovative effective sales and marketing solution NeoDove!By combining Neo meaning new with Dove one of the earliest methods of communication, the name NeoDove represents a new way of efficient communication for businesses across industries.
With NeoDove, businesses could easily optimize and streamline several business processes. Equipped with an efficient autodialer, lead management, team monitoring and multichannel engagement capabilities, NeoDove quickly established itself as India s leading telecalling CRM platform and only continues to grow.

NeoDove x Vyapar

In June 2022, NeoDove became a part of Vyapar, India s top GST billing, inventory and accounting software.
This acquisition came into being to meet the growing demand for cutting-edge technologies for the less tech-savvy SMEs. Both NeoDove and Vyapar aim to make life easier for small and medium-sized businesses
Together, we have helped several businesses replace their tedious and inefficient manual processes with a more sustainable system of doing business.

NeoDove x Vyapar

Arpit Khandelwal

Arpit Khandelwal

Founder, NeoDove IIT Bombay Alumnus (2010) Ex-Ola Bike (Core Team) 12+ Years of Strategy Experience

Sumit Agarwal

Founder, Vyapar 15+ Years of  Experience

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Company Culture

  • Hybrid work approac
  • Choose the department that suits you besy
  • Flexible working hour|
  • Time at NeoDove is well-planned and effectively

Team NeoDove

A group of supportive and hardworking passionate people dedicated to giving theirabsolute best effort to make your business goals a reality!

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