How does 


enhance Marketing and boost Sales?

Here’s the  Role of CRM in Marketing

Inbound Lead Management

A CRM software keeps track of how many leads you have driven in. It can also compare the data from several months and check whether you’ve generated high quality leads.


Data-driven Marketing

If you want to understand your audience and what incentivizes them, a CRM software would be your best bet. through CRM software, you can understand which aspect of your marketing strategy helps drive leads.


Planning Customer Journey

You may not be able to track the full customer journey through a CRM. However, you can still get an insight on what your customers like and what they are engaging with. You can then understand if your marketing strategy is working.


Identifying New Content Opportunities

A simple website form asking your customers what problem they want to solve can create new content opportunities.


Now, How can CRM help boost sales?

Improved Lead Management

Most CRM software enables you to automatically match processes and functions to sales reps and inbound leads. Moreover, to ensure that your sales team has data about all inbound leads, you will need a CRM.


Tracking Leads

The CRM software pulls all the relevant information from that lead and stores it in a database. Thus, your sales team can spend more time in qualifying and attracting more leads.


Effective Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

CRM software contains all data about every single lead. Your sales team can check a lead’s purchase history and understand their likes and dislikes.


Less Manual Tasks

The best part about CRM is that it reduces the administrative workload of your sales team.