6 Types of Reminder Email Templates You Should Know

The Content Promotion Reminder Email


Email outreach is a very popular way of promoting content. This is perfect when you’ve just published a new post and would like to get more eyes on it.

The Late Payment Reminder Email


Late Payment emails can be a bit tricky. The key lies in providing an incentive for your client to follow through with their payment, without sounding pushy.

The Event Reminder Email


In a similar way to meetings, event reminder emails should be sent out before any event. These emails are great for informing contacts about a specific event’s time and location, or thanking them for attending.

The Business Reminder Email


Business reminder emails can relate to all types of work-related messages. This template can be used when your team member/ employee is behind on a task and needs a gentle reminder.

The Sales Follow-Up Reminder Email


Sales follow-ups can sometimes be just as tricky as late payment reminders. You must provide potential customers with a CTA to convert, all without sounding impatient or bossy.

The Meeting Reminder Email


Before any professional meeting, it is quite important to send all participants a reminder email. This ensures that nobody forgets about it and refreshes everyone’s memory about what’s going to be discussed during it.