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How To Write A Perfect Gentle Reminder Email

Published on May 14, 2022
Last modified on July 27, 2023

Have you ever wanted to send a point across to someone, but don’t know how to go about it?

A gentle reminder email could be just what you’ve been looking for. 

In fact, 89% of marketers use email as their main marketing channel for generating leads.

If executed correctly, gentle reminder emails can be a polite, persuasive, and professional way of communicating a point across effectively.

Writing a perfect reminder email can be quite difficult at times. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. By following our tips and tricks, you’ll be able to send a perfect gentle reminder in minutes.

In this article, we will cover what gentle reminder emails are, and the right time to send them alongside their format. We’ll also be examining how to send a reminder email in various situations, sample templates, and some mistakes you should avoid.

What Is A Gentle Reminder Email?

A gentle reminder email is a polite and friendly message sent to remind someone about a particular task, request, or deadline. 

The purpose of a gentle reminder is to nudge the recipient without being too pushy or demanding. It is usually used in professional settings to ensure that important matters are not overlooked or forgotten.

In a gentle reminder email, it’s important to maintain a respectful and considerate tone. You should express appreciation for the recipient’s time and attention while kindly reminding them of the task. 

You must be firm enough to emphasize the importance of the matter while being understanding of the recipient’s busy schedule.

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How To Send A Gentle Reminder Email

Apart from actually sending your gentle reminder email, it’s highly important to maintain a friendly tone. 

Ideally, you would want to strike a balance between understanding alongside an undertone of urgency. In simple terms, the gentler you come across, the better.

Once you’ve finalized your intention and ensured it matches your target’s, it’s time to actually write the email. 

We’ve already gone over several situations where it would be suitable to send a reminder email. Now, let’s focus on the actual gentle reminder email format.

Step 1 – Selecting a great subject line

The importance of a catchy subject line for your gentle reminder email cannot be stressed enough. Remember that this is the first thing your recipient will see. You absolutely have to make it count!

You can use any of a variety of power phrases that will captivate their attention. For example, phrases like “Action Needed” or “Response Required,” etc.

Ensure that you include enough relevant information for your contact to understand what you’re reminding them about. Try to keep your subject lines short, concise, and to the point.

Step 2 – Greeting the recipient

In a similar way to the subject line, a salutation is a necessity when sending a gentle reminder email. It helps your message sound professional but also friendlier at the same time.

You may use the standard “Dear” if you don’t know the person or wish to keep things formal. In addition to this, you can also use “Mr.”, “Ms.” or “Mrs.” in other formal messages. 

If you want to establish a more casual tone, opt for a friendly “Hi” or “Hello”.

Step 3 – Writing the content/body

Once you’ve created a proper greeting, it’s time to get to the main point of your gentle reminder. You could easily divide the body of your gentle reminder message into two distinct parts:

1) Explanation for the reminder email: After the greeting, ensure you are brief yet polite. Whatever event/ issue you’re reminding them about, should be explained in 2-3 short and easy-to-understand sentences.

2) A call-to-action (CTA): Once you’ve conveyed the main reason for your email clearly, you add a CTA. A CTA button or link makes it easier for your contact to respond quickly. 

Remember that one call to action is enough for getting your point across. You need your customer’s undivided attention so they can proceed with the aforementioned action.

Step 4 – Wrap things up and add the finishing touches

Always remember to end your gentle reminder emails by giving your recipient the benefit of the doubt. 

A good closing sentence would be “I look forward to your email.” or “Thank you for prioritizing this matter.”

Furthermore, offering related content can be a good way to show your user base that you care. 

For example, sending a friendly gentle reminder message when an offer’s ending soon. This can help you upsell by showcasing certain flagship products.

Finally, the last thing you must do is sign the email. As with your greeting, consider your relationship with the contact and how you want to come across.

Some appropriate sign-offs include “Kind Regards,” “Sincerely,” “Thanks Again,” “Best Regards,” etc.

6 Gentle Reminder Email Templates You Should Know

Here are some gentle reminder email templates that can be used for a variety of situations:

1) Content Promotion Gentle Reminder Email Template

Email outreach is a very popular way of promoting content. This is the perfect gentle reminder email for when you’ve just published a new post and want to boost it.

Subject Line: Stay in the Loop: Exciting Updates Inside – Don’t Miss Out!

Hey [Name],

Just a quick follow-up. Were you interested in an article on [Topic A]? I understand if you have other commitments. But it made me wonder…

If you enjoyed reading [competitor company’s] article, then you would surely appreciate our unique take on the topic.

Not trying to force you into anything. Just hoping to impress!

[Your Name]

2) Late Payment Gentle Reminder Email Template

Late payment gentle reminder emails can be a bit tricky. The key lies in providing an incentive for your client to follow through with their payment. More importantly, you should do this without sounding pushy.

This gentle reminder template is especially useful for sending out to your client on the due date of their payment. 

Subject Line: Act Now: Resolve Outstanding Payment to Maintain Account Access

Hi [Name],

Just a reminder that payment on invoice [number] (total{sum}), sent on (date), is due today. You can make your payment directly to the bank account specified on the invoice.

If you have any questions, please reply and I’d be more than happy to clarify them.

Thanks, [Your Name]

3) Event Gentle Reminder Email Template

In a similar way to meetings, event reminder emails should be sent out before any event. These are great for informing contacts about a specific event’s time and location, or thanking them for attending.

This particular gentle reminder email template is great to use as a follow-up after someone has registered for your event.

Subject Line: Don’t Miss Out: RSVP Today for [Event Name]

Hi there,

Thank you for registering for [Event Name]. We are really looking forward to seeing you at

Location: [Address]

Doors will open at [Date and Time]

Please RSVP to [X name] by [Date].

Hope to see you there!

[Your Name]

4) Business Gentle Reminder Email Template

Business reminder emails can relate to all types of work-related messages. 

They are used when your team member/ employee is behind on a task and needs a gentle reminder message.

Subject Line: Important: Project Update Needed – We’re Waiting on You

Hi [Name],

Your analysis for [Project X] was very helpful. Thank you for carrying out such thorough work.

However, you’re behind on [specific phase of the project]. It was due on [date], and we need it to be completed as soon as possible. This is necessary so we can move ahead with the next phase of the project.

Please let me know the revised completion date for [phase of the project] by the end of the day. If you’re facing any issues completing this stage, be sure to contact me. I will be happy to answer and resolve any issues you may have.

Thank you so much for giving your prompt attention to this matter.

[Your Name]

5) Sales Gentle Reminder Email Template

Sales follow-ups can sometimes be just as tricky as late payment reminders. You must provide potential customers with a CTA to convert, all without sounding impatient or bossy.

This gentle reminder template works great for reeling in prospects by giving them additional facts about your company.

Subject Line: Just Checking In: A few thing you may not have known about [Your Company Name]

Hi [Name],

I sent you an email some time ago about [Your Company Name] and how I think we’d be a great fit for you and [Their Company].

Did you know that our clients report a [X%] increase in sales when they use our [software]? Additionally, we also offer full training and a 25% discount.

If you’d like to hear about this in greater detail, please let me know. I would be happy to tell you everything you need to know.

I look forward to your response.

[Your Name]

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6) Meeting Gentle Reminder Email Template

Before any professional meeting, it is quite important to send all participants a reminder email. This ensures that nobody forgets about it and refreshes everyone’s memory about what’s to be discussed during it.

This is a gentle reminder email template that can be used for all kinds of meetings, online and offline. It includes additional info to remind participants about its purpose.

Subject Line: Mark Your Calendar: Don’t Miss our Important Meeting

Hello [Name],

Just sending a friendly reminder regarding our upcoming meeting on [date and time].

I’ve made sure to include a copy of all details about the meeting below. Looking forward to talking soon!

[Details about Meeting]

[Your Name]

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Gentle Reminder Emails

Sending a gentle reminder email can be an effective way to communicate important information and keep everyone on the same page. 

However, it’s crucial to approach gentle reminder emails with care and avoid common mistakes that could impact their effectiveness.

Here are five common mistakes you should avoid:

1) Being Too Vague

When crafting a gentle reminder email, it’s important to be specific and clear about the purpose of your message. 

Avoid using generic subject lines like “Gentle Reminder” or “Important Notice.” Instead, provide a concise summary of the subject matter to grab the recipient’s attention and clearly indicate what the email is about.

2) Neglecting Politeness and Respect

Maintaining a polite and respectful tone in your gentle reminder email is crucial to maintain positive relationships. 

Always begin with a friendly greeting and use courteous language throughout the message. Avoid sounding demanding or condescending, even if the recipient has missed a deadline or forgotten a commitment.

3) Overusing Exclamation Marks

While exclamation marks can add emphasis to important points, it’s important to use them sparingly in professional emails. 

Overusing exclamation marks may give the impression of urgency or frustration, which can unintentionally create a negative tone. Instead, rely on clear and concise language to convey the importance of your message.

4) Lack of Clarity on the Next Steps

A gentle reminder email should clearly outline the action or response expected from the recipient. 

Avoid leaving any room for misunderstandings by clearly stating the required steps, deadlines, or any additional information needed. This helps recipients understand what is expected of them and reduces the chances of further confusion or delays.

5) Lengthy and Overcomplicated Messages

In today’s fast-paced world, people often have limited time to read lengthy emails. Avoid overwhelming recipients with excessive details or unnecessary information. 

Keep your gentle reminder emails concise, focused, and to the point. Use bullet points or numbered lists to highlight key information, making it easier for the reader to absorb and take action.

10 Situations Where You Should Send A Reminder Email

As you have seen, reminder emails are quite useful when something important is coming up. Additionally, they’re also required when something should have happened but did not. 

Here are some situations that could benefit from sending reminders:

1) Late Payments

Fulfilling a payment on time is just standard business etiquette. Things may happen, but you still have a right to your owed dues. 

Don’t feel guilty about sending a gentle reminder if a deadline has passed and you haven’t received promised funds.

2) Missed Work Deadlines

In today’s business world, no worker is an island. If someone fails to complete a task in a promised set of time, entire projects can fall behind.

Keeping this in mind, it’s much better to send a gentle reminder email before too much time passes.

3) Important Upcoming Events

Certain events or deadlines are too important to risk missing. So, you can send a gentle reminder email in advance to ensure everyone stays on track.

4) Vendor Issues

At times, you’re the one who must pay but a vendor may have forgotten to send an invoice. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve ordered something and it hasn’t arrived.

Your business could depend on those invoices or products. As such, it is completely fine to get in touch and check in with the person concerned.

5) Pending Interviews or Job Applications

If you’re actively in the running for a job, a follow-up email could increase your chances of success. 

However, do be careful to not flood the hiring manager with messages. But, a well-timed gentle reminder email could definitely help you stand out.

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    6) Lapsed Communication

    Sometimes situations occur where someone promised to do something and get back in touch but didn’t.

    A gentle reminder email can help re-establish contact. Moreover, you discover if the task just slipped their mind or if you can do anything to help.

    7) Meeting Reminders

    When there is an upcoming meeting, you can send a gentle reminder email to ensure all participants are aware of the date, time, and agenda.

    This allows everyone to come prepared and contribute effectively.

    8) Project Updates

    When working on a project, you could send a gentle reminder email to provide updates on the progress or share important information.

    Not only this, it also reminds team members about pending tasks and keeps everyone on track and aligned towards the project goals.

    9) Event RSVPs

    Sending a gentle reminder email to remind recipients to RSVP for an event helps organizers with accurate headcounts.

    Furthermore, it ensures participants don’t miss out on important details and helps maintain effective communication channels.

    10) Subscription Renewals

    If a subscription or membership is about to expire, a gentle reminder email can be sent to inform the recipient.

    In this email, you can also provide instructions for renewal to ensure uninterrupted access to the desired services or benefits.

    5 Examples of ChatGPT Prompts For Gentle Reminder Emails

    In today’s fast-paced world, gentle reminder emails play a crucial role in maintaining effective communication.

    5 Examples of ChatGPT Prompts For Gentle Reminder Emails - NeoDove

    Here are five examples of ChatGPT prompts specifically designed to generate gentle reminder emails:

    1) A gentle reminder email for a meeting

    With this ChatGPT prompt, you can effectively remind your team members or business associates about any upcoming meeting.

    Write a gentle reminder email to remind [name] about the upcoming team meeting on [date] at [time]. Include the meeting agenda and emphasize the importance of their presence and contributions. The meeting agenda is [agenda details].

    2) A gentle reminder email for an RSVP about an upcoming event

    With the help of this ChatGPT prompt, you can ensure you get a timely RSVP for any event.

    Generate a gentle reminder email requesting a response from [name] regarding their attendance at the [event name] on [date]. Mention the fun activities planned and emphasize the need for an accurate headcount for catering arrangements. The fun activities include [activity details]

    3) A gentle reminder email for a late payment 

    With this ChatGPT prompt, you can send a gentle reminder for any delayed payments in a polite manner.

    Create a gentle reminder email asking [name] to settle the outstanding payment of [payment amount] for the [services] provided. Include the original invoice number [mention the invoice number], due date (specify due date), and provide various payment options for his convenience. The payment options to be includes are [payment options]

    4) A gentle reminder email for an approaching project deadline

    With the help of this ChatGPT prompt, you will be able to receive updates or any important information needed for upcoming projects.

    Write a gentle reminder email to follow up with [name] regarding [specific data] for the [project name]. Politely inquire about the status of the data and emphasize the upcoming deadline for the report submission [deadline date].

    5) A gentle reminder email for feedback or review requests

    You can use this ChatGPT prompt to collect feedback or reviews from your customers.

    Generate a gentle reminder email asking [name] to share their feedback on the recent product purchase of [product]. Highlight the benefits of their input and provide a direct link to the customer review platform for their convenience. Express appreciation in advance for their valuable contribution.

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    Overall, a gentle reminder email is a quick easy way of reaching out to contacts to convey various points.

    Remember that the main purpose behind reminder emails is getting a person to act. Be it via emailing back, calling you back, or sending work.

    By the end of the email, they should be well aware of what you want them to do. Alongside this, they should also understand how and when you want them to do it.

    The guidelines, reminder email format, and templates above should be a great reference to help you get started. Soon enough, you’ll be writing reminder emails that bring results in no time at all!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Begin with a friendly greeting and express appreciation. Use a polite tone and focus on the purpose of the email. Frame the reminder as a helpful gesture rather than a demand.

    Instead of using strong language, emphasize the importance of the task or deadline. Highlight the potential benefits or consequences of timely action, while maintaining a considerate and understanding tone.

    If appropriate, providing a brief context or reason can be helpful. However, avoid lengthy explanations. Focus on the essential information and maintain a concise and engaging tone throughout the email.

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